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1-President✉📞 Mr Barack Obama, President (Bio)www 📠M
2-Vice President✉📞 Mr Joe Biden, Vice President (Bio)wwwM
Agriculture (USDA)✉📞 Mr Thomas Vilsack, Secretary (Bio)wwwM
Commerce (DOC)✉📞 Ms Rebecca Blank, Secretary (Bio)wwwM
Defense (DOD)TMr Chuck Hagel, Secretary (Bio)wwwM
Education✉📞 Mr Arne Duncan, Secretary (Bio)wwwTM
Jobs website
Energy (DOE)✉📞 Dr Ernest Moniz, Secretary (Bio)wwwTM
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)TMs Gina McCarthy, Administrator (Bio)www
Health and Human Services✉📞 Ms Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary (Bio)wwwM
Homeland SecurityTMs Janet Napolitano, Secretary (Bio)wwwM
Housing and Urban Development✉📞 Mr Shaun Donovan, Secretary (Bio)wwwM
InteriorTMs Sally Jewell, Secretary (Bio)wwwM ✉CS
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)John Koskinen, Commissioner
JusticeTMr Eric Holder, Attorney General (Bio)wwwM ✉CS
Labor✉📞 Mr Seth Harris, Secretary (Bio)wwwM
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)Mr Charles Bolden, Administrator (Bio)www
Jobs website
State✉📞 Mr John Kerry, Secretary of State (Bio)wwwM
Transportation✉📞 Mr Ray LaHood, Secretary (Bio)wwwM
TreasuryTMr Jacob Lew, Secretary (Bio)wwwM
Veterans Affairs✉📞 Mr Eric Shinseki, Secretary (Bio)wwwTFYM ✉PR 📞PR
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