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UK Police Chiefs and PCCs
(114 found)
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ACPO Criminal Records Office (ACRO)E Philip Winchester, Superintendent
www   EACPO Criminal Records Office Customer Service  
Avon and Somerset PoliceE Mr John Long, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T  
Avon and Somerset Police - PCCE T Sue Mountstevens, PCC
Bedfordshire PoliceE T Ms Colette Paul, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EFOI  
Bedfordshire Police - PCCE T Olly Martins, PCC
British Transport PoliceE T Mr Paul Crowther, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EFOI  
Cambridgeshire PoliceE Mr Simon Parr, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EFOI  
Cambridgeshire Police - PCCE T Sir Graham Bright, PCC
Cheshire Police (Cheshire Constabulary)E Mr Simon Byrne, Chief Constable (Bio)
Cheshire Police - PCCE T John Dwyer, PCC
Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) CentreE Mr Peter Davies, Chief Executive (Bio)
www  T   EPress Office  
City of London PoliceE Adrian Leppard, Commissioner (Chief Constable) (Bio)
www   EFOI  
Civil Nuclear ConstabularyE T Mr Michael Griffiths, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  M   EPress Office   EFOI   EHR  
Cleveland PoliceE Ms Jacqui Cheer, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EFOI  

Jobs website  
Cleveland Police - PCCE Barry Coppinger, PCC
College Of Policing LimitedE T Mr Alex Marshall, Chief Executive
www  M   TCS   ECollege Of Policing Limited Customer Service   EPress Office  
Cumbria Police (Cumbria Constabulary)E Mr Jeremy Graham, Chief Constable (Bio)
Cumbria Police - PCCE T Richard Rhodes, PCC
Derbyshire PoliceMr Mick Creedon, Chief Constable
Derbyshire Police - PCCE T Alan Charles, PCC
Devon and Cornwall PoliceE T Mr Shaun Sawyer, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EPress Office   EFOI  
Devon and Cornwall Police - PCCE T Mr Tony Hogg, PCC
www  T   EDevon and Cornwall Police - PCC Customer Service  
Dorset PoliceE T Ms Debbie Simpson, Chief Constable (Bio)
www    T  M   EFOI  
Dorset Police - PCCE Martyn Underhill, PCC
EDorset Police - PCC Customer Service  
Durham Police (Durham Constabulary)E Mr Michael Barton, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  M   TCS   EDurham Police Customer Service   EFOI  
Durham Police - PCCE T Ron Hogg, PCC
www  T  F  M   TCS   EDurham Police - PCC Customer Service  
Dyfed-Powys PoliceE Mr Simon Prince, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EFOI  
Dyfed-Powys Police - PCCE T Mr Christopher Salmon, PCC
Essex PoliceE Mr Stephen Kavanagh, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EFOI  
Essex Police - PCCE T Nick Alston, PCC
Gloucestershire Police (Gloucestershire Constabulary)E Ms Suzette Davenport, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T  
Gloucestershire Police - PCCE Mr Martin Surl, PCC
Greater Manchester Police (GMP)E T Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Constable
www  T  
Greater Manchester Police (GMP)E Mr Terry Sweeney, Assistant Chief Constable
Greater Manchester Police - PCCE T Tony Lloyd, PCC
Gwent PoliceE Mr Jeff Farrar, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EGwent Police Customer Service   EPress Office   EFOI  
Gwent Police - PCCE T Ian Johnston, PCC
EGwent Police - PCC Customer Service  
Hampshire Police (Hampshire Constabulary)E Mr Andy Marsh, Chief Constable (Bio)

Jobs website  
Hampshire Police - PCCE T Simon Hayes, PCC
www  T  
Hertfordshire Police (Hertfordshire Constabulary)E Mr Andy Bliss, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EPress Office   TPR   EFOI  
Hertfordshire Police - PCCE T Mr David Lloyd, PCC
T   EPress Office   TPR  
Humberside PoliceE Ms Justine Curran, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EFOI  
Humberside Police - PCCE T Matthew Grove, PCC
T   EHumberside Police - PCC Customer Service  
Kent PoliceE Mr Alan Pughsley, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EKent Police Customer Service   EFOI  
Kent Police - PCCE Ann Barnes, PCC
Lancashire Police (Lancashire Constabulary)E Mr Steve Finnigan, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EFOI  
Lancashire Police - PCCE T Clive Grunshaw, PCC
Leicestershire Police (Leicestershire Constabulary)E T Mr Simon Cole, Chief Constable
www   EFOI  
Leicestershire Police - PCCE T Sir Clive Loader, PCC (Bio)
Lincolnshire PoliceE Mr Neil Rhodes, Chief Constable
www   EFOI  
Lincolnshire Police - PCCE T Alan Hardwick, PCC
Merseyside PoliceE Sir Jon Murphy, Chief Constable
www   EFOI  
Merseyside Police - PCCE Ms Jane Kennedy, PCC
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police)E T Mr Craig Mackey, Deputy Commissioner (Bio)
www  T  
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police)T Mr Clive Driscoll, Detective Chief Inspector
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - Counter-Terrorism Command (CTC, SO 15, SO15, Special Branch (SO12), Anti-Terrorist Branch (SO13), Bomb Squad)E T Mr Keith Surtees, Temporary Commander
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - CroydonE Mr Andy Tarrant, Chief Superintendent
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - Directorate of Professional StandardsE Mr
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - MPS response to the public inquiry on undercover policingE T Mr Martin Hewitt, Assistant Commissioner
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - Paedophile UnitE T Mr Paul Settle, Detective Chief Inspector
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - Security Command Palace of Westminster (SO17)
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - SouthE T Mr Neil Basu, Commander
www  T  
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - Specialist Crime and OperationsE T Mr Mark Rowley, Assistant Commissioner
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - Specialist Operations DirectorateE T Ms Cressida Dick, Assistant Commissioner (Bio)
www  T  
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police) - Territorial PolicingE T Ms Helen King, Assistant Commissioner (Bio)
Metropolitan Police (London, Met Police, Scotland Yard)E T Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner (Chief Constable) (Bio)
www  T   EFOI   EHR  
National Crime Agency (NCA)E T Mr Keith Bristow, Director General (Bio)
www  T  F   TCS   ENational Crime Agency Customer Service   TPR  

Jobs website  
Formerly SOCA
National Crime Agency (NCA)E Mr Phil Gormley, Deputy Director General (Bio)
National Crime Agency (NCA) - CEOP CommandE Mr Johnny Gwynne, Director
National Domestic Extremism UnitE Richard May, Detective Chief Inspector
Norfolk Police (Norfolk Constabulary)E Mr Simon Bailey, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EFOI  
Norfolk Police - PCCT Mr Stephen Bett, PCC (Bio)
North Wales PoliceE T Mr Mark Polin, Chief Constable
www   EFOI  
North Wales Police - PCCE Winston Roddick, PCC
North Yorkshire PoliceE Dave Jones, Chief Constable
www   EFOI  
North Yorkshire Police - PCCE T Julia Mulligan, PCC
T   ENorth Yorkshire Police - PCC Customer Service  
Northamptonshire PoliceE Mr Adrian Lee, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EFOI  
Northamptonshire Police - PCCE T Adam Simmonds, PCC
Northern Ireland Police (Police Service of Northern Ireland, PSNI)E Mr Matt Baggott, Chief Constable (Bio)
Northumbria PoliceE Mr Steve Ashman, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EFOI  
Northumbria Police - PCCE Vera Baird, PCC
Nottinghamshire PoliceE Chris Eyre, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EFOI  
Nottinghamshire Police - PCCE T Paddy Tipping, PCC
ENottinghamshire Police - PCC Customer Service  
Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)Mr Oliver Shaw, Detective Chief Superintendent
Police Scotland (Scotland Police)E T Sir Stephen House, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T  F  M   EFOI  

Jobs website  
Police Scotland (Scotland Police)E T Mr Bernard Higgins, Assistant Chief Constable - Operational Support (Bio)
www  T  F  
Police Scotland (Scotland Police)E T Mr Neil Richardson, Deputy Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T  F  
South Wales PoliceE Mr Peter Vaughan, Chief Constable
www   EFOI  
South Wales Police - PCCE Alun Michael, PCC
South Yorkshire PoliceE T Mr David Crompton, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T  M   EFOI  
South Yorkshire Police - PCCE T Mr Shaun Wright, PCC
Staffordshire PoliceE Mr Jane Sawyers, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EFOI  
Staffordshire Police - PCCE T Matthew Ellis, PCC
T  M   EStaffordshire Police - PCC Customer Service  
States of Jersey PoliceE Mr Mike Bowron, Chief Officer (Bio)
Suffolk Police (Suffolk Constabulary)E Mr Douglas Paxton, Chief Constable (Bio)
Suffolk Police - PCCE T Tim Passmore, PCC
ESuffolk Police - PCC Customer Service  
Surrey PoliceE T Ms Lynne Owens, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T  F  Y  P  M   EFOI  
Surrey Police - PCCT Mr Kevin Hurley, PCC (Bio)
www     ESurrey Police - PCC Customer Service  
Sussex PoliceE Mr Giles York, Chief Constable
www   EFOI  
Sussex Police - PCCE Katy Bourne, PCC
Thames Valley PoliceE Ms Sara Thornton, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T  M   TCS   EFOI  
Thames Valley Police - PCCE T Anthony Stansfeld, PCC
EThames Valley Police - PCC Customer Service  
The Association Of Chief Police Officers Of The United KingdomE T Sir Hugh Orde, President
www  T  M   TCS   EThe Association Of Chief Police Officers Of The United Kingdom Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  Limited Company
Warwickshire PoliceE Mr Martin Jelley, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EFOI  
Warwickshire Police - PCCE Ronald Ball, PCC
T   EWarwickshire Police - PCC Customer Service  
West Mercia PoliceE Mr David Shaw, Chief Constable (Bio)
www   EFOI  
West Mercia Police - PCCE T Bill Longmore, PCC
West Midlands PoliceE Mr Chris Sims, Chief Constable
www  T   TCS   EFOI  
West Midlands PoliceE T Marcus Beale, Assistant Chief Constable
West Midlands Police - PCCE T Bob Jones, PCC
West Yorkshire PoliceE Sir Mark Gilmore, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EFOI  
West Yorkshire Police - PCCE T Mark Burns-Williamson, PCC
T   EWest Yorkshire Police - PCC Customer Service  
Wiltshire PoliceE Mr Patrick Geenty, Chief Constable (Bio)
www  T   EFOI  
Wiltshire Police - PCCE T Angus Macpherson, PCC
M   TCS   EWiltshire Police - PCC Customer Service  
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