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UK Councils
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Aberdeen City CouncilE T Ms Valerie Watts, Chief ExecutiveT   EFOI  

Jobs website  
Aberdeenshire CouncilE Jim Savege, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EPress Office   EFOI  
Abrochin CouncilE Mr Ian McAllen, Chief Executive
Adur and Worthing CouncilsE T Mr Alex Bailey, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  
Allerdale Borough CouncilT EFOI  
Amber Valley Borough CouncilT www  T  M   EFOI  
Armagh EFOI  
Arun District CouncilE T Mr Nigel Lynn, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Ashfield District CouncilT EFOI  
Ashford Borough CouncilE Mr John Bunnett, Chief Executive EFOI  
Aylesbury Vale District Council EFOI  
Babergh District CouncilE Mrs Charlie Adan, Chief Executive EFOI  
Ballymena EFOI  
Ballymoney Borough Council EFOI  
Banbridge District Council EFOI  
Barking and Dagenham London Borough CouncilE T Ms Graham Farrant, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EFOI  
Barnet London Borough CouncilE T Mr Andrew Travers, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (Barnsley Council)E T Ms Diana Terris, Chief Executive
Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council EFOI  
Basildon Borough CouncilE T Bala Mahendrian, Chief Executivewww  
Basingstoke and Deane Borough CouncilE Mr Tony Curtis, Chief Executive
Bassetlaw District Council EFOI  
Bath & North East Somerset County CouncilE Ms Jo Farrar, Chief Executivewww  T  
Bedford Borough CouncilE Mr Philip Simpkins, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Bexley London Borough CouncilE T Mr Will Tuckley, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Birmingham City CouncilE T Mr Mark Rogers, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Blaby District Council EFOI  
Blackburn with Darwen Borough CouncilE T Mr Harry Catherall, Chief Executivewww   EBlackburn with Darwen Borough Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Blackpool CouncilE T Mr Neil Jack, Chief ExecutiveT   EFOI  
Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
Bolsover District Council EFOI  
Bolton Council
Boston Borough CouncilE T Mr Richard Harbord, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Bournemouth Borough CouncilE Mr Tony Williams, Chief Executivewww  T  F   TCS   EBournemouth Borough Council Customer Service   EFOI   EHR  
Bracknell Forest Borough CouncilT Mr Timothy Wheadon, Chief Executive
Bradford Metropolitan District CouncilE Ms , Suzan Hemingway
Braintree District CouncilE T Mr Allan Reid, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Breckland Council
Brent London Borough CouncilE T Ms Christine Gilbert, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Brentwood Borough CouncilE T Ms Alison Crowe, Chief Executive EFOI  
Bridgend County Borough CouncilE Mr Darren Mepham, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Brighton & Hove City Council (Brighton and Hove City Council)E Ms Penny Thompson, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  
Bristol City CouncilE T Ms Nicola Yates, Directorwww  T   EFOI  
Broadland District Council EFOI  
Bromley London Borough CouncilE T Mr Doug Patterson, Chief Executivewww   TCS   EFOI  
Bromsgrove District Council EFOI  
Broxbourne Borough Council
Broxtowe Borough CouncilT EFOI  
Buckinghamshire County CouncilE Mr Chris Williams, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Burnley Borough CouncilE Mr Steve Rumbelow, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Bury CouncilE T Mr Mike Owen, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  
Bury Metropolitan Borough Council EFOI  
Caerphilly County Borough Council EFOI  
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilT
Cambridge City CouncilE T Ms Antoinette Jackson, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Cambridgeshire County CouncilE Mr Mark Lloyd, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Camden London Borough CouncilE T Mr Mike Cooke, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EFOI  
Cannock Chase District Council EFOI  
Canterbury City Council EFOI  
Cardiff CouncilE T Mr Paul Orders, Chief Executive
www    T  M   TCS   EFOI  
Carlisle City Council EFOI  
Carmarthenshire County Council EFOI  
Castle Point Borough CouncilE T Mr David Marchant, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
Castlereagh Borough CouncilE T Mrs Joan McCoy, Chief Executivewww  
Central Bedfordshire CouncilE Mr Richard Carr, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Ceredigion County Council EFOI  
Charnwood Borough CouncilE T Mr Geoff Parkerwww   EFOI  
Chelmsford City CouncilE T Mr Steve Packham, Chief Executive (Bio)www  Y  
Cheltenham Borough CouncilT EFOI  
Cherwell District CouncilT EFOI  
Cheshire East CouncilE Ms Erika Wenzel, Chief Executivewww  T  
Cheshire West and Chester CouncilE Mr Steve Robinson, Chief Executivewww  T  
Chesterfield Borough Council EFOI  
Chichester District Council EFOI  
Chiltern District Council EFOI  
Chorley Borough Council EFOI  
Christchurch Borough CouncilT EFOI  
City of London CorporationE Mr John Barradell, Chief Executive EFOI  
City of London CorporationE Mr Fraser, Chairman Of The Policy And Resources Committee
City of York Council
Clackmannanshire CouncilE T Ms Elaine McPherson, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Colchester Borough CouncilE T Mr Adrian Pritchard, Chief Executive EFOI  
Conwy County Borough CouncilE T Mr Iwan Davies, Chief Executivewww    T  F  Y  M   EConwy County Borough Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Copeland Borough Council EFOI  
Corby Borough CouncilE T Mr Norman Stronach, Chief Executive EFOI  
Cornwall CouncilE T Mr Andrew Kerr, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   EFOI  

Jobs website  
Cotswold District Council EFOI  
Council of the Isles of Scilly EFOI  
Coventry City CouncilE T Dr Martin Reeves, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Craven District Council EFOI  
Crawley Borough Council EFOI  
Croydon London Borough CouncilE T Mr Nathan Elvery, Chief Executivewww    T  M  
Minicom: 020 8760 5797
Cumbria County CouncilE T Diane Wood, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Dacorum Borough CouncilE T Ms Sally Marshall, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  Y  M   EDacorum Borough Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Darlington Borough CouncilE Ms Ada Burns, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Dartford Borough Council EFOI  
Daventry District Council EFOI  
Denbighshire County Council
Derby City CouncilE Mr Adam Wilkinson, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Derbyshire County CouncilE Mr Nick Hodgson, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Derbyshire Dales District Council
Devon County CouncilE Mr Phil Norrey, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough CouncilE T Ms Jo Miller, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  M   TCS   EDoncaster Metropolitan Borough Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Dorset County CouncilE Mr David Jenkins, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Dover District Council EFOI  
Dudley Metropolitan Borough CouncilE Mr John Polychronakis, Chief Executive
Durham City CouncilE Mr George Garlick, Chief Executivewww  
Durham County Council EFOI  
Ealing Council
Ealing London Borough CouncilE T Mr Martin Smith, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
East Cambridgeshire District Council
East Devon District Council (EDDC)E T Mr Mark Williams, Chief Executivewww  
East Dorset District Council EFOI  
East Hampshire District Council EFOI  
East Herts Council
East Lindsey District Council EFOI  
East Northamptonshire Council EFOI  
East Riding of Yorkshire Council EFOI  
East Staffordshire Borough CouncilE Mr Andy O'Brien, Chief Executivewww   EFOI   ELegal  
East Sussex County CouncilE Ms Becky Shaw, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Eastbourne Borough CouncilE T Mr Robert Cottrill, Chief Executivewww  
Eastleigh Borough Council EFOI  
Eden District Council EFOI  
Elmbridge Borough Council EFOI  
Enfield London Borough CouncilE T Mr Rob Leak, Chief Executivewww  M   EFOI  
Epping Forest District CouncilE T Mr Glen Chipp, Chief Executive TCS   EFOI  
Epsom and Ewell Borough CouncilT
Erewash Borough Council
Essex County CouncilE Ms Joanna Killian, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Exeter City CouncilE T Mr Karime Hassan, Chief Executivewww  T  
Falkirk CouncilE Ms Mary Pitcaithly, Chief Executivewww  T  
Fareham Borough CouncilE Mr Peter Grimwood, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Fenland District CouncilE Mr Paul Medd, Chief Executive EFOI  
Fife Council EFOI  
Flintshire County Council EFOI  
Forest Heath District Council
Forest of Dean District Council EFOI  
Fylde Borough Council EFOI  
Gateshead CouncilE Ms Jane Robinson, Chief ExecutiveT  
Gedling Borough Council EFOI  
Glasgow City CouncilE T Mr George Black, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Gloucester City Councilwww   EFOI  
Gloucestershire County CouncilE T Mr Peter Bungard, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Gosport Borough Council EFOI  
Gravesham Borough CouncilE T David Hughes, Chief Executive EFOI  
Great Yarmouth Borough CouncilE Mr Gordon Mitchell, Chief Executive EFOI  
Greenwich (Royal Borough of Greenwich)E T Ms Mary Ney, Chief Executivewww  T   TCS  
Guildford Borough CouncilE T Ms Sue Sturgeon, Chief Executive (Bio)www   TCS   EGuildford Borough Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Gwynedd Council EFOI  
Hackney London Borough CouncilE T Mr Tim Shields, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Halton Borough CouncilE T Mr David Parr, Chief Executive TCS   EFOI  
Hambleton District CouncilE T Mr Peter Simpson, Chief Executivewww  
Hammersmith and Fulham London Borough CouncilE T Mr Nicholas Holgate, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI   ELegal  
Hampshire County CouncilE Mr Andrew Smith, Chief Executivewww  T   TCS   EFOI  
Hampshire County Council
Harborough District Council EFOI  
Haringey London Borough CouncilE T Mr Nick Walkley, Chief Executivewww  M   EFOI  
Harlow CouncilE T Mr Malcolm Morley, Chief Executive   TCS   EHarlow Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Harrogate Borough Council EFOI  
Harrow London Borough CouncilE Mr Michael Lockwood, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Hart District Council EFOI  
Hartlepool Borough Council EFOI  
Hastings Borough Council EFOI  
Havant Borough Council
Havering London Borough CouncilE T Ms Cheryl Coppell, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Herefordshire Council EFOI  
Hertfordshire County Council (Herts County Council)E T Mr John Wood, Chief ExecutiveT  
Hertsmere Borough CouncilE Dr Donald Graham, Chief Executive EFOI  
High Peak Borough Council
Hillingdon London Borough CouncilE T Ms Fran Beasley, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   EFOI  
Hinckley and Bosworth Borough CouncilE T Mr Steve Atkinson, Chief Executivewww  
Horsham District Council EFOI  
Hounslow London Borough Council (Hounslow Council)E Ms Mary Harpley, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Hull City CouncilE Mr Darryl Stephenson, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Hull City CouncilE Ms Diane Darvell, Growth Hub Business Advisor
Huntingdonshire District CouncilE Mr Terry Parker, Chief Executive EFOI  
Hyndburn Borough CouncilE Mr David Welsby, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Ipswich Borough CouncilE Mr Russell Williams, Chief Executive EFOI  
Isle of Anglesey County CouncilE T Mr Richard Parry Jones, Interim Chief Executivewww  
Isle of Wight CouncilE Mr Steve Beynon, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Isles of Scilly Council
Islington London Borough CouncilE T Ms Lesley Seary, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Kensington and Chelsea Royal Borough CouncilE Mr Nicholas Holgate, Chief Executivewww  
Kent County Councilwww  T   EFOI  
Kettering Borough CouncilE T Mr David Cook, Chief Executive EFOI  
King's Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council
Kingston upon Thames Royal Borough CouncilE T Mr Bruce McDonald, Chief Executivewww  
Kirklees Metropolitan CouncilE T Mr Adrian Lythgo, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council EFOI  
Lambeth London Borough CouncilE T Mr Sean Harriss, Chief Executivewww  T   ELambeth London Borough Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Lancashire County CouncilE T Mrs Jo Turton, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Lancaster City Council EFOI  
Leeds City CouncilE Mr Tom Riordan, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EPress Office   EFOI  
Leicester City CouncilE Sir Peter Soulsby, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Leicestershire County CouncilE T Mr John Sinnott, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EFOI  
Lewes District CouncilE Ms Jenny Rowlands, Chief Executive EFOI  
Lewisham London Borough CouncilE T Mr Barry Quirk, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Lichfield District CouncilT EFOI  
Lincoln City Council EFOI  
Lincolnshire County CouncilE Mr Tony McArdle, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Liverpool City CouncilE Mr Ged Fitzgerald, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
LondonE Mr Boris Johnson, Mayorwww  T  
Luton Borough CouncilE Mr Trevor Holden, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Maidstone Borough Council EFOI  
Maldon District CouncilE T Fiona Marshall, Chief Executive EFOI  
Malvern Hills District Council EFOI  
Manchester City CouncilE T Mr Howard Bernstein, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Mansfield District Council EFOI  
Medway CouncilE T Mr Neil Davies, Chief Executive (Bio)www   TCS   EMedway Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Melton Borough CouncilE Ms Lynn Aisbett, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Mendip District Council EFOI  
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council
Merton London Borough CouncilE T Mr Ged Curran, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Mid Devon District CouncilE Mr Kevin Finan, Chief Executive EFOI  
Mid Suffolk District Council EFOI  
Mid Sussex District CouncilE T Ms Kathryn Hall, Chief Executive EFOI   ECFO   ELegal  
Middlesbrough Council
Midlothian CouncilE Mr Kenneth Lawrie, Chief Executive
Milton Keynes CouncilE T Ms Carole Mills, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Mole Valley District Council EFOI  
Monmouthshire County Council
Moray CouncilE T Mr Roddy Burns, Chief Executivewww  M   TCS   EFOI  
Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council
New Forest District Council (NFDC)E T Mr Dave Yates, Chief Executive (Bio)www     TCS   ENew Forest District Council Customer Service  
Newark & Sherwood District CouncilE T Mr Andrew Muter, Chief Executivewww  T  F  Y   TCS   ENewark & Sherwood District Council Customer Service  
Newcastle upon Tyne City CouncilE Ms Pat Ritchie, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
Newham London Borough CouncilE T Mr Kim Bromley-Derry, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI   ECFO  
Newport City CouncilE Ms Tracey Lee, Chief Executivewww  T  
Norfolk County CouncilE Mr David White, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
North Devon Council
North Dorset District Council EFOI  
North East Derbyshire District Council
North East Lincolnshire Council EFOI  
North Hertfordshire District Council EFOI  
North Kesteven District Council EFOI  
North Lincolnshire Council EFOI  
North Norfolk District Council EFOI  
North Somerset CouncilE T Mr Mike Jackson, Chief Executivewww  M   EFOI  

Jobs website  
North Tyneside CouncilE Mr Patrick Melia, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
North Warwickshire Borough Council EFOI  
North West Leicestershire District Council
North Yorkshire County CouncilE Mr Richard Flinton, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Northampton Borough CouncilE T David Kennedy, Chief Executive EFOI  
Northamptonshire County CouncilE T Mr Paul Blantern, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Northumberland CouncilE Mr Steve Stewart, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Norwich City Council EFOI  
Nottingham City CouncilE T Mr Ian Curryer, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Nottingham City Council
Nottinghamshire County CouncilE Mr Michael Burrows, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council
Oadby and Wigston Borough Council
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council EFOI  
Oxford City CouncilE Mr Peter Sloman, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Oxfordshire County CouncilE Ms Joanna Simons, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Pembrokeshire County CouncilE T Mr Ian Westley, Acting Chief Executivewww  T  F  M   EPembrokeshire County Council Customer Service  
Pendle Borough CouncilE Mr Stephen Barnes, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Perth and Kinross Council EFOI  
Peterborough City Council EFOI  
Plymouth City Council EFOI  
Poole Borough CouncilE T Mr John McBride, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  M   EFOI  
Portsmouth City Council EFOI  
Powys County CouncilT   EFOI  
Powys County Council
Preston City Council EFOI  
Purbeck District Council EFOI  
Reading Borough Council EFOI  
Redbridge London Borough CouncilE Mr Roger Hampson, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council
Redditch Borough Council EFOI  
Reigate and Banstead Borough Council EFOI  
Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council EFOI  
Ribble Valley Borough CouncilT EFOI  
Richmond upon Thames London Borough CouncilE T Ms Gillian Norton, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T   EFOI  
Richmondshire District Council
Rochdale Borough Council EFOI  
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council EFOI  
Rochford District CouncilE T Mr Amar Dave, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Rossendale Borough CouncilE T Ms Helen Lockwood, Chief Executivewww   ERossendale Borough Council Customer Service  
Rother District Council EFOI  
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough CouncilE T Mr Jan Ormondroyd, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Royal Borough of Greenwich
Rugby Borough Council EFOI  
Runnymede Borough CouncilE T Mr Paul Turrell, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  
Minicom: 01932 838386
ERunnymede Borough Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Rushcliffe Borough Council
Rushmoor Borough Council EFOI  
Rutland County CouncilE Ms Helen Briggs, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Ryedale District Council EFOI  
Salford City CouncilE Ms Barbara Spicer, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Sandwell CouncilE T Mr Jan Britton, Chief Executivewww  T  
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council EFOI  
Scarborough Borough Council EFOI  
Sedgemoor District Council EFOI  
Sefton Metropolitan Borough CouncilE Ms Margaret Carney, Chief Executive EFOI  
Selby District Council
Sevenoaks District Council EFOI  
Sheffield City CouncilE Mr John Mothersole, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Shepway District Council EFOI  
Shropshire CouncilE T Mr Clive Wright, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council EFOI  
Somerset County CouncilE T Ms Patrick Flaherty, Chief Executivewww   EPress Office   TPR   EFOI  
South Bucks District Council EFOI  
South Cambridgeshire District Council
South Derbyshire District Council
South Gloucestershire CouncilE T Ms Amanda Deeks, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M  

Jobs website  
South Hams District Council EFOI  
South Holland District Council
South Kesteven District Council
South Lakeland District Council EFOI  
South Norfolk District CouncilE T Ms Sandra Dinneen, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
South Northamptonshire District Council
South Oxfordshire District Council EFOI  
South Ribble Borough Council EFOI  
South Somerset District Council EFOI  
South Staffordshire District Council
South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council EFOI  
Southampton City Council EFOI  
Southend-on-Sea Borough CouncilE T Mr Rob Tinlin, Chief Executive
Southwark London Borough CouncilE Ms Eleanor Kelly, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Spelthorne Borough CouncilE Mr Roberto Tambini, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
St Albans City and District Council
St Edmundsbury Borough Council EFOI  
St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council
Stafford Borough Council EFOI  
Staffordshire County CouncilE T Mr Nick Bell, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EFOI  
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council EFOI  
Stevenage Borough CouncilE Mr Nick Parry, Chief Executive EFOI  
Stirling CouncilT   EFOI  
Stockport Metropolitan Borough CouncilE T Mr Eamonn Boylan, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (Stockton Council)E T Mr Neil Schneider, Chief Executivewww  
Stoke on Trent City CouncilT www  T   EStoke on Trent City Council Customer Service  
Stoke-on-Trent City Council EFOI  
Stratford-on-Avon District Council
Stroud District CouncilE T Mr David Hagg, Chief Executive EFOI  
Suffolk Coastal District Council EFOI  
Suffolk County CouncilE Ms Deborah Cadman, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Sunderland City Council EFOI  
Surrey County CouncilE Mr David McNulty, Chief Executivewww    T  
Minicom: 020 8541 9698
Surrey Heath Borough CouncilE Ms Karen Whelan, Chief Executive EFOI  
Sutton London Borough CouncilE T Mr Niall Bolger, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EFOI  
Swale Borough Council EFOI  
Swansea City and County CouncilE Mr Jack Straw, Chief Executive
Swindon Borough Council EFOI  
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council EFOI  
Tamworth Borough Council EFOI  
Tandridge District CouncilChief Executive EFOI  
Taunton Deane Borough Council EFOI  
Teignbridge District Council EFOI  
Telford and Wreakin CouncilE T Mr Richard Partington, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M  
Tendring District CouncilE T Mr Ian Davidson, Chief Executive EFOI  
Test Valley Borough Council EFOI  
Tewkesbury Borough CouncilE T Mr Mike Dawson, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Thanet District Council EFOI  
Three Rivers District CouncilE Mr Steven Halls, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Thurrock CouncilE T Mr Graham Farrant, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council
Torbay Council EFOI  
Torfaen County Borough Council
Torridge District Council EFOI  
Tower Hamlets London Borough Council E T Mr Stephen Halsey, acting Chief Executivewww  T   EPress Office   TPR  
Trafford Metropolitan Borough CouncilE Ms Theresa Grant, Chief Executive
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council EFOI  
Uttlesford District CouncilE T Mr John Mitchell, Chief ExecutiveM   EFOI  
Vale of Glamorgan County Borough Council
Vale of White Horse District Council EFOI  
Wakefield Metropolitan District CouncilE T Mr Joanne Roney, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  
Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council (WMBC)E T Mr Paul Sheehan, Chief Executive EFOI   EHR  
Waltham Forest London Borough CouncilE T Mr Martin Esom, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Wandsworth London Borough CouncilE Mr Paul Martin, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Warrington Borough CouncilE Mr Steven Broomhead, Chief Executive
Warrington Council EFOI  
Warwick District CouncilE T Mr Chris Elliott, Chief Executivewww     EWarwick District Council Customer Service   EFOI  
Warwickshire County CouncilE Mr Jim Graham, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Watford Borough Council EFOI  
Waveney District Council EFOI  
Waverley Borough CouncilE T Mr Paul Wenham, Executive Director (Bio)www   EFOI  
Wealden District Council EFOI  
Wellingborough Borough Council
Welwyn Hatfield Council EFOI  
West Berkshire CouncilE Mr Nick Carter, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
West Devon Borough CouncilE T Mr Richard Sheard, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
West Dorset District Council EFOI  
West Dunbarton CouncilE Ms Joyce White, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
West Lancashire Borough Council
West Lindsey District Council
West Lindsey District CouncilE Mr Keimach, Chair
West Mercia Supplies Joint CommitteeE Mr Evans, Director
West Oxfordshire District Council
West Somerset District CouncilE T Ms Penny James, Chief Executive (Bio)www   TCS   EWest Somerset District Council Customer Service  
West Sussex County CouncilE Mr Kieran Stigant, Chief Executivewww   EFOI  
Westminster City Council (Westminster Council)E T Mr Charlie Parker, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   EWestminster City Council Customer Service  
Weymouth & Portland Borough Council EFOI  
Wigan Metropolitan Borough CouncilE Mr Terry Dunn, Chief Executive
Wiltshire CouncilE Dr Carlton Brand, Corporate Directorwww  M   EFOI  
Winchester City CouncilE Mr Simon Eden, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Windsor & Maidenhead Royal Borough
Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council
Woking Borough CouncilE T Mr Ray Morgan, Chief Executive (Bio)www   TCS   EFOI  
Wokingham Borough CouncilE Mr Andy Couldrick, Chief Executive
Wolverhampton City CouncilE Mr Keith Ireland, Managing Directorwww  T  F  Y   EFOI  
Worcester City CouncilE T Ms Clare Marchant, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EFOI  
Worcestershire County CouncilE Ms Clare Marchant, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Worthing Borough Council EFOI  
Wrexham County Borough CouncilE Dr Helen Paterson, Chief ExecutiveT   EFOI  
Wychavon District Council EFOI  
Wycombe District CouncilE Ms Karen Satterford, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EFOI  
Wyre Borough CouncilE T Mr Garry Payne, Chief Executivewww  T   EFOI  
Wyre Forest District CouncilMr Ian Miller, Chief Executive EFOI  
York Council (York City Council, City of York Council)E T Ms Kersten England, Chief Executive
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