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UK Companies (E to K)
(1160 found)
Contact Name and Email Address
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E D & F Man Holdings✉ Mr Philip Howell, Group Chief Executive Officer (Bio)wwwM 03909548
E-ACT✉ Dr Ann Limb, Chair (Bio)www
e-Giant (iGadgets Recycled)✉ Mr James Ashby, Director📱 MobilewwwM ✉CS 08321525
E-Tek Solutions (E-Tek Retail Solutions)✉📞 Mr Nadeem Akhtar, DirectorM 06928689
E.ON UK (Powergen, eon, e-on, Home Energy Services, HES, Eon Energy)✉📞 Mr Tony Cocker, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠TM
Minicom: 0800 05 66 560
Part of E.ON AG
EADS UK✉📞 Mr Robin Southwell, CEOwwwM
Eaglemoss Publications (Eaglemoss Collections)✉📞 Mr Andrew Jarvis, Chief Executivewww 📠TM 02843872
Easirent✉📞 Mr Paul Hanley, Managing DirectorwwwT
East✉ Mr Clive Pettigrew, Ownerwww 📞CS ✉CS
East Coast Trains (Eastcoast Trains)✉ Ms Karen Boswell, Managing DirectorwwwTM 📞CS 04659708
East India Company (The East India Company)✉ Mr Sanjiv Mehta, CEOwwwT 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trustwww
East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce✉ Mr Mike Damms, Chief Executivewww
East Midlands Trains✉ Mr David Horne, Managing DirectorwwwTM 📞CS ✉CS
East Midlands Trains www
East of England Co-operative Society (East of England Coop)✉📞 Mr Roger Grosvenor, Executive Officer - Retail (Bio)wwwTFY ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
East Riding Theatre✉ Mr Vincent Regan, Director
Eastern Airways (EasternAirways)✉ Mr Richard Lake, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO)
Eastern Western Motor GroupMr Keith Duncan, Managing DirectorwwwTM SC014833
Easy EPC (EasyEPC, Every Property Certificate)✉ Mr Guy Smith, Managing DirectorM 07827776
EasyGroup (Easy Group, EasyBus, Easy Bus,, Easy Hotel)✉ Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, ChairmanwwwM ✉PR 📞PR
Easyjet (Easy Jet)✉ Ms Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR ✉IR EZJ
Easyjet - Lost Property OnlyT
Easylife Group (Easy Life Group)✉ Mr Greg Caplan, CEOwwwTFYP ✉CS
Easynet✉📞 Mr Greg Clarke, CEO (Bio)www 📠T ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR
Jobs website
Easypay ServicesT ✉CS
EATTMr Adrian Johnson, CEOwwwT
Jobs website
Owned by Lyceum Capital
eBay UK (Gumtree UK, e-bay UK)✉📞 Ms Tanya Lawler, VP MarketplaceswwwTM 📞CS ✉PR 03726028
Ebico✉ Mr Phil Levermore, OwnerwwwTM 📞CS ✉CS 03507095
EBuyer UK✉ Mr Stuart Carlisle, Managing Director📱 MobilewwwTM 📞CS 03941136
EC Harris✉📞 Mr Philip Youell, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠
eCards MediaMs Nicole Travers-Wakeford, EditorT
Eckman✉ Mr Melvyn Eden, CEOM 08961160
Eclectic Bar Group (Eclectic Bars, Embargo59, Lola Lo, Sakura, Fez, PoNaNa, Dirty Blonde, Lowlander)✉📞 Mr Reuben Harley, CEO (Bio)wwwTM ✉HR
Jobs website
IR website
Eclectic Hotels CollectionRichard Kwiecien, Managing Director
Eco Plastics✉ Mr Jonathan Short, Managing Director (Bio)
Ecocamel✉ Mr Ofir Neuman, Directorwww
Economy Energy✉ Ms Lubna Khilji, Director📱 MobilewwwM 📞CS 07513319
EcoSpeed Sameday Couriers✉📞 Mr Jason Knight, Managing Directorwww
Ecotricity✉📞 Mr Dale Vince, Chief Executivewww 📠TM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR 03521776
Ecover UK
Eddie Stobart (Stobart Group)✉📞 Mr Andrew Tinkler, Chief Executive (Bio)www
Eddie Wright Car Supermarket✉📞 Mr Bruce Hewitt, DirectorwwwM Edward P Wright Ltd
Ede and Ravenscroft (Ede & Ravenscroft)
Eden Project✉ Mr Tim Smit, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT ✉PR 📞PR
EDF Energy - Hartepool nuclear power station✉📞 Mr Simon Parsons, Station Director
EDF Energy - Heynsham 1 nuclear power station✉ Mr Ian Stewart, Station Director
EDF Energy Nuclear Generation 03076445
EDF Energy UK✉📞 Mr Vincent de Rivaz, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT 📞CS ✉PR 📞PR ✉CFO ✉HR
EDF Energy UK✉ Ms Beatrice Bigois, Managing Director - Customers
EDF Energy UK✉ Mr Stuart Crooks, Managing Director - Generation
EDF Energy UK - Nuclear New Build (Hinkley Point C)✉ Mr Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson, Managing Director
Edinburgh Airport✉📞 Mr George Dewar, CEO (Bio)www 📠M 📞CS
Edinburgh Investment TrustEDIN
Edmund CudeRobert Nichols, Managing DirectorT
EDO MBM✉📞 Mr Paul Hills, Chief ExecutivewwwPart of ITT
Edrington Group (The Edrington Group, Famous Grouse)✉📞 Mr Ian Curle, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwM SC036374
Education Law Association (ELAS)Twww
EE (Everything Everywhere, ee, E E, Orange UK, T-Mobile, EE Broadband, Life Mobile)✉ Mr Olaf Swantee, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM 📞CS 📞PR ✉CFO ✉Legal ✉CMO ✉HR
Jobs website
Egencia UK✉📞 Mr Graham Kingsmill, Managing Directorwww 📠
EggwwwPart of Yorkshire Building Society since 1 Nov 2011
Ei8htball (, Eightball)
Eight Eight Eight Holdings (888 Holdings)TMr Brian Mattingley, Executive Chairman ✉CS
IR website
Einhell UKDavid Hall, Managing Director
EIPCMr Bryan Griffiths, CEO
Elance-oDesk (, ODesk, O-Desk, O Desk)✉ Mr Fabio Rosati, CEO (Bio)www
Elavon Europe✉ Mr Guy Harris, Managing Director
Elddis✉📞 Mr Rob Quine, Managing Director 📠TFYM ✉CS ✉HR
Eldon Insurance Services (GoSkippy, Go Skippy)✉ Ms Liz Bilney, CEO (Bio)wwwTM ✉HR
Jobs website
Electra Private EquityELTA
Electricity North West✉ Mr Steve Johnson, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Electrolux (AEG, Arthur Martin, Dito, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Juno, Molteni, Zanussi, GE Appliances, Service Force, ServiceForce, Megan Technical Services Bolton)✉ Mr Keith McLouglin, CEOwwwM 02331516
Electronic SoundMr Christopher Dawes, EditorwwwTF ✉CS
ElementisM ELM
Elemis✉ Mr Sean Harrington, Managing DirectorwwwT
Eleven Fifty Nine Pictures (11:59 Pictures)✉ Mr Alex Hale, OwnerT
Eley KishimotoMr Mark Eley, CEO
Elite Management (Midlands) www
Elle UK (Hearst)✉ Ms Lorraine Candy, Editor-in-ChiefwwwT
Elpo DevelopmentsM 08214202
Emac Ltd✉📞 Chris Chatfield, Director 📠M
eManualOnline (Data Publishing Ltd)M
EMAP Publishing✉ Mr Duncan Painter, Chief ExecutivewwwM 07880758
Emcor UK✉ Mr Keith Chanter, CEO (Bio)www
Emergency Onewww
EMI Music✉ Mr wwwT
Emirates Airlines UK✉📞 Mr Laurie Berryman, VP 📞CS
EMIS✉📞 Mr Chris Spencer, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT 📞CS ✉CS 📞PR
Jobs website
IR website
Emma Bridgewater✉ Ms Emma Rice, CEOwwwT
Empark (UK) www
Empark UK✉📞 Mr Luis Blanco Santiago, Managing DirectorwwwM
Jobs website
CSR website
Empire Cinemas✉ Mr Justin Ribbons, Chief ExecutivewwwT ✉CS
EMS Internet✉ Mr Jamie Wilson, CEO
Enable Scotland✉ Mr Peter Scott, Chief Executive
EndlessTMr Christopher Clegg, Managing Director (Bio)www 📞CS
Endsleigh✉📞 Mr Tim Holliday, Managing DirectorwwwTM 📞CS Owned by Zurich Insurance
ENER-G (ENER-G Switch2)✉📞 Mr Derek Duffill, Group Managing Director 📠M 03516925
Energy UK (Association of Electricity Producers, AEP)✉📞 Mr Lawrence Slade, Chief ExecutiveM ✉PR 📞PR 02779199 (Energy Helpline)TMr Mark Todd, Director 📠 ✉PR
Energylinx✉ Mr Ken Geddes, CEO ✉CS
Engaged Capital✉📞 Mr Glenn Welling, Managing Director (Bio)www ✉CS
Engineering Development Trust (EDT)✉📞 Dr Gordon Mizner, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR 08879288
England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)✉📞 Mr David Collier, Chief Executive (Bio)📱 MobilewwwTFYG
Enlightenment Economics✉ Ms Diane Coyle, Owner (Bio)www
ENSCO International✉📞 Mr Carl Trowell, CEOwwwM ✉IR ✉HR 07023598
Enterprise Inns✉ Mr Simon Townsend, CEOwwwM ETI
Enterprise Nation (Redbrick Enterprises)✉ Ms Emma Jones, CEO (Bio)📱 MobilewwwM 04676798
Enterprise Rent-a-Car UK (Enterprise Car Hire)✉ Mr Mike Nigro, Managing Directorwww
Entertainer (The Entertainer,✉📞 Mr Gary Grant, Managing Directorwww 📞CS ✉CS
Jobs website
Entertainment OneETO
Ents24 (Ents 24)
Entu Group (St Helens Glass, Entu UK Plc, Zenith, Penicuik, Weatherseal, Staybrite Solar, Energy Hypermarket, Job Worth Doing, Europlas, MyHouseGroup, My House Group)✉📞 Mr Ian Blackhurst, CEOTM ✉CS 08957339
Enviro Technology✉ Mr Mike Webley, Managing Directorwww
Environment Agency Emergency Hotline ✉CS
Environmental Scientifics Group (ESG)✉📞 Mr Ian Sparks, CEO (Bio)wwwM 02880501
EPL Web Solutions (Easy Payday Loans / Neil GriffithsM
Epsom CoachesMr Steve Whiteway, Managing Director (Bio)
Epson UK✉ Mr Tony Petford, Managing DirectorwwwT
Equality Commission Northern Ireland✉📞 Dr Michael Wardlow, Chief Commissionerwww 📠M
Minicom: 028 90 500 589
Equality Council✉ Ms Pauline Rankin, Clerk General
Equifax UK✉ Mr Shawn Holtzclaw, UK General Managerwww
Equine and Livestock Insurance Company✉📞 Mr Brian Martin, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS 00294940
Equiniti Group (Xafinity, Equiniti Paymaster)✉ Mr Guy Wakeley, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwM 📞CS ✉PR
Jobs website
CSR website
EquitaDebt collector
Equity Insurance (Equity Red Star)✉📞 Mr Ian Foy, Chief ExecutivewwwM
Jobs website
Owned by Aquiline Capital Partners
Ercol✉📞 Mr Edward Tadross, ChairmanwwwTM
Ermin Plant Hire✉ Mr Nigel Kelly, Managing Directorwww
Erudio Student Loans (Wilmington Trust, Arrow Global, CarVal)✉📞 Mr Mark Filer, Directorwww 📠M 📞CS ✉CS Owned by CarVal Investors and Arrow Global
Erudio Student Loans (Wilmington Trust, Arrow Global, CarVal)✉ Mr Tom Drury, CEOM 08605918
Erudio Student Loans Customer ServicesMr Simon Dinn, General Manager📱 MobileM
eSpares (E Spares)
ESPN UK✉ Mr Ross Hair, Managing DirectorwwwTM 04620511
Espuma Cleaner SolutionsMr Les Cashmore, Managing Director
Esquire✉📞 Mr Alex Bilmes, Editorwww 📠TM Hearst Magazines
Essar Energy (Essar Oil UK)TM 07071400
EssentraM ESNT
Essex and Suffolk Water✉📞 Ms Heidi Mottram, CEO📱 MobilewwwT
Jobs website
Part of Northumbrian Water
Esso (Exxon Mobil UK, ExxonMobil)✉📞 Mr Brad Corson, UK Chairman 📞CS
Estee Lauder UK (Aramis, Clinique, Prescriptives, Lab Series, Origins, Tommy Hilfiger, MAC, MAC Cosmetics, M.A.C., Kiton, La Mer, Bobbi Brown, BobbiBrown, Donna Karan, Aveda Hair, Jo Malone, Bumble and Bumble, Michael Kors, Micheal Kors, Darphin)✉📞 Mr Chris Good, Presidentwww 📠M 📞CS ✉CS 00659213
Esure Group (Sheila's Wheels, Sheilas Wheels, Sheila Wheels, Go Compare, GoCompare)✉📞 Mr Stuart Vann, Chief ExecutivewwwTFM 📞CS ✉PR
Jobs website
Ethical Consumer MagazineRob Harrison, Editor
Ethical Group (Ethical Parking Management Company)www
Etihad Airways UK✉📞 Mr Clive Wratten, General ManagerwwwT
Etsy UK✉ Ms Nicole Vanderbilt, Managing Director📱 MobileT
eUKhost✉ Mr Robert King, Managing Director (Bio)wwwTFG 📞CS ✉CS
Eurasian Natural Resources (ENRC)✉ Mr Felix Vulis, CEO (Bio)wwwM ✉HR
Jobs website
Eurest (Instore)✉ Mr Andrew Barry, Managing DirectorwwwM
Euro Car Parks www
Euro Car Parks UK (EuroCarParks UK)✉ Mr Barry Tucker, Managing Director
Euro Car Parts (EuroCarParts, ECP)✉ Mr Martin Gray, CEOwwwT
Euro Parking Collection Plcwww
Eurocampwww 📞CS ✉CS
Euroffice✉ Mr Simon Drakeford, CEO
Euromoney Institutional InvestorERM
Euronics UK (Combined Independents (Holdings), CIH)Mr Stuart Cook, DirectorM ✉CS 03029834
Europa Group Limited✉📞 Mr Andy Powell, Managing Directorwww 📠M ✉CS
Jobs website
Europages (Euro Pages, Thompson Local)✉ Mr Paolo Giuri, CEOwww
Europcar / National Car Rental UK✉ Mr Ken McCall, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 00875561
Europe EHIC ServicesM Beware: This company tries to charge customers for the free EHIC card
European Metal Recycling (EMR)✉📞 Mr Chris Sheppard, CEO
European Motor Holdings (EMH)
Eurosport Television✉ Mr Jean-Thierry Augustin, CEOwwwTM ✉PR 02603892
Eurostar✉ Mr Nicolas Petrovic, Chief ExecutivewwwT 📞CS ✉CS
Evans Cycles✉📞 Mr Nick Wilkinson, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 📞CS 02784079
Evenbase (,, londonjobs)✉ Mr Ian Hanson, CEOwwwT ✉HR
Evening Standard✉📞 Ms Sarah Sands, EditorwwwTM
Evening StandardTMr Joe Murphy, Political EditorwwwTM
Evening Standard✉📞 Mr Jack Lefley, News EditorwwwTM
Eventim UK✉ Mr Rob Edwards, Managing DirectorwwwTM ✉CS 06804119
Everards✉📞 Mr Stephen Gould, Managing Directorwww 📠TFYM ✉CS
Jobs website
Everest✉ Mr Roy Saunders, Chief ExecutivewwwM Owned by Better Capital
Everline (Wonga for Business, Orange Money)✉ Mr Russell Gould, Managing DirectorM Part of Wonga (WDFC)
Eversheds✉📞 Mr Bryan Hughes, Chief ExecutivewwwM 📞CS OC304065
Everwarm Group✉📞 Mr Michael McMahon, Managing Director (Bio)wwwT
Jobs website
Everyday Loans✉ Mr Danny Malone, CEO
Everyone Active✉ Mr David Bibby, Managing DirectorwwwT
Everything Everywhere (ee, E E, Orange, T-Mobile, Life Mobile)✉ Ms Deirdre Burns, Retail DirectorM
Everything Parking www
Evolution FoodsM 05848642
Evolution GroupMr Alex Snow, Chief Executive
Evolution Studios✉ Mick Hocking, CEOOwned by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)
Evraz✉ Mr Alexander Frolov, CEO (Bio)wwwM ✉PR ✉HR EVR
Ex Favilla
Exact Abacus✉📞 Mr Lee Gregson, Managing Directorwww 📠TM ✉CS
Jobs website
Exaro News (ExaroNews)✉ Mr Mark Watts, Editor-in-Chief (Bio)wwwTFYM 07524889
Excel Civil Enforcement GroupMike Anderson, DirectorM Debt collector
Excel Parking (Vehicle Security Services, VSS, Vehicle Control Services, VCS, ANPR International)✉📞 Mr Simon Renshaw-Smith, Managing DirectorTM 02878122
Excel Parking Services www
Excel PublishingT
Jobs website
Excess Baggage Company
Exclusive Hotels
Executive GrapevineTM 02789779
Exeter Airport✉ Mr Matt Roach, Managing Director
Expansys✉ Mr Anthony Catterson, Chief ExecutivewwwTF
Expedia UK ( UK)TMr Andy Washington, Managing Director (Bio)www 📠T 📞PR
Jobs website
Experian (Credit Expert, CCN, Experian Experts, Garlik)✉📞 Mr Brian Cassin, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM ✉CFO ✉Chairman ✉IR
Jobs website
IR website
CSR website
Experian (Credit Expert, CCN, Experian Experts, Garlik)✉ Mr Stephen Daniels, Head of Fraud and CorrespondencewwwM
Exponential-eM 📞CS ✉CS 📞PR 04499567
Expotel✉ Mr Ian Sparks, Chief Executivewww
Express Car Parts✉ Mr Mark Hunter, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS 08227414
Exsus Travel✉📞 Mr Habib Rehman, Managing DirectorwwwT ✉CS ✉HR
Exterion Media (CBS Outdoor)✉📞 Mr Shaun Gregory, CEOwww 📠TOwned by Platinum Equity
extraenergy (extra energy)✉ Mr Geoff Childs, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS 08053154
F&C Asset Management (F&C Investments, F and C)✉📞 Mr Richard Wilson, CEOwwwTM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR ✉HR
Jobs website
F&C Commercial Property TrustFCPT
F.Hinds (F. Hinds, F Hinds, FHinds)✉📞 Mr Andrew Hinds, DirectorwwwM ✉CS 00149328
Faber✉ Mr Stephen Page, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Facebook EMEAMs Nicola Mendelsohn, Vice President📱 MobileT
Facebook UK (FB UK, Face Book UK)✉ Ms Joanna Shields, Managing DirectorwwwTF ✉HR
Facts International✉📞 Ms Emily Kettle, Managing Director (Bio)wwwM ✉CS
Faculty of Public Health Mr John Ashton, President ✉CS
FADS (, Davrom Holdings)✉📞 Mr Marcus Gabbie, DirectorM 06736696
Fagor UK (De Dietrich)✉ Mr Greg Teubner, Service DirectorwwwM 📞CS ✉CS
FairFX✉ Mr Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO (Bio)wwwTFM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR
Fairshields (The Casa Hotel)TMr Joe Fernandes, Manager
Fairtrade Foundation (Fair Trade Foundation)✉📞 Ms Harriet Lamb, Executive DirectorM
Fairview New Homes✉ Mr Peter Cobb, Directorwww
Falmouth Art Gallery✉📞 Ms Henrietta Boex, DirectorwwwM ✉CS
Falmouth Oil Services (Azure Oil Services, Falmouth Petroleum)✉📞 Mr Christopher Walters, Managing Directorwww 📠M 07135391
Falmouth Packet✉📞 Mr Paul Armstrong, EditorwwwT
Family Bhive✉📞 Ms Caroline Garhham, Chief Executivewww 📠TM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR
Family Building SocietyMr Mark Bogard, Chief Executive
Family Fund
Family Investments✉📞 Mr John Reeve, Chief Executivewww
Family Mosaic (FamilyMosaic)✉📞 Mr Brendan Sarsfield, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM 📞CS ✉CS ✉HR
FareShare✉ Mr Lindsay Boswell, Chief ExecutiveT
Jobs website
Farfetch✉ Mr José Neves, CEO (Bio)www
Farmer & Carlisle (Farmer and Carlisle)✉📞 Mr John Carlisle, Managing Director
FarmfoodsM 📞CS ✉CS
Jobs website
Farmhouse FareM
Farrers ChasseTM 09023215
Farrow and Ball (Farrow & Ball)✉📞 Mr Don Henshall, Managing Directorwww 📠TFM ✉CS 00999927
Fashion UnionPaul Bacon, Managing DirectorwwwTFP ✉CS ✉PR
Fashion Victim Distribution✉ Alex Dutton, Director ✉CS
Fast Financial Freedom (Coral Pay Day Loan)M ✉CS 08460219
Fasthosts✉📞 Mr Simon Yeoman, General Managerwww 📠TM ✉CS ✉PR
Fat Duck (The Fat Duck)Heston Blumenthal, Ownerwww
Fat Face (Fatface)✉📞 Mr Anthony Thompson, Chief Executivewww 📠TM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR 02954734
Feather & Black (Feather and Black)✉ Mr Daniel Wade, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS 05605548
Federation of Jewish Services (FJS, The Fed)✉📞 Ms Karen Phillips, CEO
Jobs website
Fedex UK (Federal Express UK, Fed Ex UK)✉ Mr Michael Holt, Managing DirectorwwwM 📞CS 01541168
Feelunique ( Chatterley, CEO
FennerM FENR
FENSA✉📞 Mr Chris Mayne, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS 03058561
Fenwick✉📞 Mr Mark Fenwick, ChairmanwwwM
Jobs website
FerrexpoM FXPO
Ferroli UK✉ Mr Flavio Buccianti, Chief Executivewww
Ferrovial Agroman UK✉ Mr Ignacio Clopes, Managing DirectorM
Fetim Group UK (Aqualux)✉📞 Mr Simon Page, Managing Director ✉CS
FHM✉ Mr Joe Barnes, EditorwwwT
Fiat Chrysler UK (Alfa Romeo UK, Chrysler UK, Fiat UK, Jeep UK)✉📞 Mr Steve Zanlunghi, Managing Director (Bio)wwwTM 📞CS 00201514
Fiba Tech Industries UK (Fibatech Industries UK)✉📞 Mr Neil Smallwood, Managing Director📱 MobileM 03088819
Fidelity China Special SituationsFCSS
Fidelity European Values
Fidelity Worldwide Investment✉📞 Mr Thomas Balk, PresidentwwwTM 📞CS ✉PR
Jobs website
Fidessa GroupM FDSA
Fields Data Recovery (Fields Associates)✉📞 Mr Daryl Hamilton-Wallis, Chairman📱 Mobile 📠T ✉CS
FilaMr Andy Burton, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS
FilmFlex Movies (Film Flex Movies)✉ Mr Jeff Henry, CEOwww ✉CS
Finance WalesMs Sian Lloyd Jones, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR
Financial Times (FT)✉📞 Mr Lionel Barber, Editorwww
Findel (Ace, Health and Home Shopping, Studio, 24studio, 24 Studio, Studio Cards, Kitbag, Kleeneze, Express Gifts)✉📞 Mr Roger Siddle, Chief ExecutivewwwM 00549034
Findus✉ Mr Dale Morrison, Chairmanwww 📞CS ✉CS Part of TriPointe Capital Partners
Fineman Ross✉📞 Mr Peter Fineman, Director📱 Mobilewww
Finlux Direct UKwwwM 📞CS ✉CS Part of Vestel
FIPLAB✉ Mr Anirudh Sharma, CEOwww✉ Mr Michael Smith, Chief ExecutivewwwTFM 03874477
Fired Up (Fireplace World, Fireplaceworld, Corby, Adam, Aurora Marble, Endeva, Abel Mobility, Armco Fire & Security)✉ Mr Richard Kaye, CEOwww ✉CS ✉HR
Firefly Studios
Firenet (✉ Mr Mark Baker, CEOwwwT
Firetrap (Fire Trap, WDT)✉ Mr Abdel Hantouli, Managing DirectorT ✉CS
First BathroomswwwM 06897324
First Bus (FirstBus, First Buses)✉ Mr Giles Fearnley, Managing Directorwww
Jobs website
First Call GB (FirstCall GB)✉📞 Mr Rod Dale, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
First Capital Connect (FCC)✉📞 Mr David Statham, Managing Directorwww 📠TM 📞CS ✉CS
First Central Insurance Service (1st Central Insurance)✉ Mr Ken Acott, CEOwww ✉CS ✉HR
First Choice Homes Oldham✉📞 Ms Cath Green, Chief ExecutivewwwM
First DerivativesTMr Brian Conlon, CEO (Bio)www
Jobs website
First Direct✉ Ms Tracy Garrad, Chief ExecutivewwwTM
Minicom: 08 456 100 147
Part of HSBC
First GlasgowT
First Great Western (FGW)✉📞 Mr Mark Hopwood, Managing Director (Bio)www 📠TFM 📞CS ✉PR ✉CFO ✉HR
First Great Western (FGW) - Bristol Parkway✉ Ms Linda Swainger, Station Manager
First Great Western (FGW) - Bristol Temple Meads✉ Mr Glyn Beck, Station Manager
First Group (First Group, FirstGroup, Greyhound UK, Truronian Coach, First Bus, FirstBus, First Buses)✉📞 Mr Tim O'Toole (Tim OToole), Chief Executivewww 📠M ✉CFO ✉Chairman
CSR website
First Hull Trains✉ Mr Will Dunnett, Managing Directorwww
First Milk✉ Ms Kate Allum, CEOwww ✉Chairman
First Parking LLPwww
First Transpennine Express✉ Mr Nick Donovan, Managing Directorwww
First Transpennine Express - Hull Station✉ Mr David Hatfield, Station Manager📱 Mobile 📠
First Utility (first:utility)✉ Mr Ian McCaig, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM ✉CFO 05070887
Firstplus Financial GroupwwwM ✉CS Part of Barclays Bank
Firstsource✉ Mr Rajesh Subramaniam, CEO (Bio)wwwT
Fisher (James) & SonsFSJ
Fit for Free (F4F)TMr Ian Kearney, General Manager UK
Jobs website
Fitch Ratings✉ Mr Paul Taylor, CEO (Bio)wwwT
FitFlopSuzie de Rohan Willner, CEOwwwM 06436347
Fitness 4 Less (Fitness4Less)✉ Mr Neil Edwards, Managing DirectorM 06930321
Fitness First✉📞 Mr Andy Cosslett, Chief Executivewww
Fitness First UK✉ Mr Martin Seibold, Managing DirectorT
Fitness Superstore (Bodypower Sports)✉📞 Mr Paul Walker, Ownerwww 📠TF
Five Guys Burgers and Fries UK (FiveGuys)✉ Mr John Eckbert, Managing DirectorwwwTFM 📞CS ✉HR 08185191
Flamingo Land✉ Mr Gordon Gibb, Chief Executive
FleetCor Technologies Europe (AllStar Europe, Arval UK)
Fleetway Travel✉📞 Mr Albere Rouach, Managing DirectorwwwTFM ✉CS
Flight Centre (Flight Center, Flightcentre)✉ Mr Chris Galanty, Managing Directorwww
FlodriveMr Tony Khalastchi, Chief Executive
Floors 2 Go (Floors2Go, Floors-2-Go)✉ Mr David Vizor, Directorwww 📞CS ✉HR
Jobs website
Florence Nightingale School of Nursing ✉ Prof Helen McCutcheon, Head of School
Flow Energy✉ Mr Tony Stiff, Managing DirectorwwwT 📞CS ✉CS Part of the Energetix Group
Fluidata✉ Mr Piers Daniell, Managing Director (Bio)wwwT ✉CS
Flybe✉ Mr Saad Hammad, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR ✉CFO ✉IR ✉HR
IR website
Flying Flowers (Flowers Direct, Flying Brands)✉📞 Mr Stephen Cook, Chief Executivewww
Focusrite (Novation)TMr Dave Froker, Managing DirectorT
FOI Directory✉ Matt, Editor
Foot Locker UK (FootLocker UK)wwwM 📞CS
Footasylum (Foot Asylum)✉ Mr John Wardle, Chief ExecutivewwwTFM ✉CS
Jobs website
Football Association (The FA, The Football Association, English Football Association)✉ Mr Alex Horne, General SecretarywwwT
Football Association of Wales (FA Wales)✉ Mr Jonathan Ford, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Football League (The Football League)www ✉CS
Footman JamesTMr Andy Fairchild, Managing DirectorM 📞CS Part of AON
Forbes Rentals✉📞 Mr Stuart Forbes, Managing DirectorwwwT
Ford Retail UK (Brunel Ford, Dagenham Motors, Heartlands Ford, Polar Ford)✉ Mr Stuart Kerr, Managing DirectorwwwM
Ford UK (Ford Motors UK)✉ Mr Mark Ovenden, Managing Director (Bio)wwwTFY 📞CS
Jobs website
Foreign and Colonial Investment TrustFRCL
Forestry Commission England (Forest Enterprises England)✉ Mr Simon Hodgson, Forestry CommissionwwwTF
Forever Active (Quingo Scooters UK)Mr , ChairmanT
Forever Wedding Rings
Formula One Management (Formula 1, Formula1)✉📞 Mr Bernie Ecclestone, CEOwww 📠TM ✉CS 01545332
Formula One Management (Formula 1, Formula1)Charlie Whiting, Race Director
Formula One Teams Association (FOTA)
Fort Vale Engineering (FortVale Engineering)✉ Mr Andrew Bryce, Directorwww
Fortean Times✉ Mr David Sutton, Editorwww
Fortnum and Mason (Fortnum & Mason)✉ Mr Ewan Venters, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Fossil UK✉ Ms Richard Collins, Operations Directorwww
Jobs website
Four Seasons Health Care (FourSeasons HealthCare)✉ Dr Pete Calveley, CEOwwwTM 📞PR
Jobs website
IR website
Fourchan (4Chan)✉ Mr Christopher Poole, Owner
Fourth Dimension (4th Dimension)✉ Mr Neil Foster, Managing Director (Bio)www
Fowler Welch✉ Mr Nick Hay, Managing Director (Bio)www
Fox's Biscuits✉ Mr Colin Smith, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
Foxtons✉ Mr Nic Budden, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwM ✉CFO FOXT
FP (Francotyp-Postalia, FP Mailing)TMr Philip Myers, CEOwwwTFYM ✉CS 02445645
Fragrance Direct✉📞 Ms Katie Jowle, Director/Ownerwww 📠TFM ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR 04098132
Fragrance Shop✉📞 Mr Sanjay Vadera, Chief ExecutivewwwT 📞CS ✉CS ✉HR
Fraikin✉📞 Mr Peter Backhouse, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠TM ✉CS
FramestoreTMr William Sargent, CEOwwwTF ✉PR 📞PR
Jobs website
Framework Housing Association✉📞 Mr Andrew Redfern, Chief Executive (Bio)www
Frank GouldingTMr Aidan Goulding, Managing DirectorwwwM
Frank PR✉ Mr Andrew Bloch, Chief Executivewww
Franke UK✉📞 Mr Michael Pieper, Chief Executive 📠M ✉CS
Fraser Hart Jewellers (FraserHart Jewellers)
Fred Perry (FredPerry)✉ Mr John Flynn, CEOwww
Freehold Managers (Estates and Management, E and M, E&M, E & M, FM)✉📞 Mr Michael Gaston, Managing Director📱 MobilewwwM 📞CS ✉HR
Jobs website
Freeman Grattan Holdings (Freemans, Grattan, Lookagain, Kaleidoscope, Witt International,,, lookagain)✉📞 Mr John Hinchcliffe, Chief ExecutivewwwM Part of the Otto Group
Freeman Jones✉ Mr Simon Kay, DirectorwwwM 📞CS ✉CS 04348410
Freeview✉ Ms Guy North, Managing Directorwww
Freightliner Group✉📞 Mr Peter Maybury, CEO
French Connection UK (FCUK)✉ Mr Neil Williams, Operations DirectorwwwTM 📞CS ✉CS
French Linen Co (Yves Delorme UK)Mr Richard Boyle, CEOwww ✉CS
French Radio London (FRL)✉📞 Mr Pascal Grierson, CEOwwwT
French Sole✉ Ms Jane Winkworth, OwnerwwwTFYPM ✉CS 03086814
Fresh Channel (Oasis, Warehouse)Liz Evans, CEO
Fresh One Productions (FreshOne Productions)✉📞 Mr Roy Ackerman, Managing DirectorM 04075091
Fresh Student Living (Carlton North Wales)✉📞 Ms Rebecca Hopewell, Managing DirectorM ✉CS 00382988
Fresnillo✉📞 Mr Octavio Alvidrez, CEO (Bio)wwwM ✉IR ✉HR
Jobs website
CSR website
Friends Life (Friends Provident, FriendsLife)✉📞 Mr Andy Briggs, Group Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠TM ✉CFO
Jobs website
IR website
CSR website
Owned by Resolution
Friends Reunited✉ Mr Chris Van Der Kuyl, Chief ExecutivePart of Brightsolid
Frieze Art Fair✉📞 Ms Amanda Sharp, Director (Bio)www ✉CS ✉PR ✉HR
Frontline Club✉ Mr Vaughan Smith, Managing Director (Bio)wwwM 04534376
FrostFrench (Frost French)✉ Ms Sadie Frost, CEOwwwT ✉CS
Frosts Group (Frosts Garden Centres)Mr David Perry, Group Operations Director (Bio)wwwF ✉HR
Jobs website
FT Finley (JC Kitchens)✉ Mr Jay Finley, Managing Directorwww
FTI Consulting UK
Fujitsu UK✉ Mr Duncan Tait, Chief Executive (Bio)www
Fuller's Brewery (Fuller, Smith & Turner, Fullers Brewery)✉📞 Mr Simon Emeny, Chief Executive (Bio)www ✉PR
Fultons Foods (Jack Fulton, Frozen Value)✉📞 Mr Kevin Gunter, Managing Director 📠M ✉CS ✉HR
Fun88 (TGP Europe)✉ Mr Nathan Walker, CEOwww
Funding Circle✉ Mr Samir Desai, CEO (Bio)wwwM ✉PR 📞PR
Jobs website
Funding Corporation (The Funding Corporation)✉📞 Mr David Challinor, Managing Director (Bio)www ✉CS ✉PR
Funky Pigeon✉ Mr Richard Pepper, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Furniture in Fashion (FIF, World of Fashion)✉📞 Mr Asad Shamim, CEOwwwM ✉CS 06279846
Furniture Shop UK✉ Mr Brian Ward, Managing DirectorwwwTFYGM 05035914
Furniture Village✉ Mr Peter Harrison, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Futon CompanyMr Jonathan Harris, Managing DirectorM ✉HR 01848362
Future AcademiesTwww 📠M ✉CS 06543442
Futures Magazine✉ Mr Daniel P. Collins, Editor-in-Chiefwww ✉CS
G Plan Furniture✉📞 Mr Ian Oliver, CEOwww 📠M ✉HR 00149073
G24 Parking Solutions✉ Mr Adrian King, Chief ExecutivewwwM ✉CS 05457196
G4S (Group 4 Securicor)✉📞 Mr Ashley Almanza, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM ✉PR 📞PR ✉CFO ✉HR
Jobs website
IR website
CSR website
G4S Custodial and Detention Services✉ Mr Jerry Petherick, Managing Director
G4S UK (Group 4 Securicor UK)✉ Mr Eddie Aston, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT ✉PR
Jobs website
GAB Robins✉ Mr Kieran Rigby, Chief ExecutiveT
GAK ( 04578270
Gala Coral Group (Gala Bingo)✉ Mr Carl Leaver, Chief Executivewww
Galaxy Stores✉ Mr Blair Geddes, Directorwww
Gallagher Heath (Heath Lambert)TwwwM Part of Arthur J. Gallagher
Gallan Parking www
Galliard HomesT
GallifordTry (Galliford Try, Linden Homes, Morrison Construction, Rock & Alluvium, Pentland Estate Management)✉📞 Mr Greg Fitzgerald, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM GFRD
Gambado✉ Mr Iain Westwater, Managing Director
GAME Group PLC (Gamestation, Game Retail)✉📞 Mr Martyn Gibbs, Chief ExecutivewwwTFYGPM 07837246
Games Workshop✉📞 Mr Mark Wells, Chief ExecutiveT
Gamesys✉📞 Mr Noel Hayden, Managing Director (Bio)www 📠T ✉CS ✉PR
Jobs website
Gamma International (Gamma Group)TMr Louthean Nelson, CEO 📠M ✉CS
GANT UK✉ Mr Fergus Patterson, Managing DirectorwwwTM 📞CS ✉CS
Garage Shoes✉ Mr Simon Wayne, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Garden Centre Group (Blooms, Country Gardens, Bridgemere, Heighley Gate, Jack's Patch, Old Barn, Sanders, Woodlands, Wyevale, GardenCentre Group)✉ Mr Kevin Bradshaw, CEO (Bio)wwwT ✉Chairman Owned by Terra Firma (Surflink Systems)✉ Mr Robert Osborne, DirectorwwwM 03959066
Gardening Express✉ Mr Chris Bonnett, CEOwwwT
Gardners BooksTwwwM 02010127
Garfield Weston Foundation (Garfield Weston Trust)✉📞 Ms Grace Da Rocha, Admistratorwww
Garmin UK✉ Ms Dawn Ramsay, General ManagerwwwTPlease see also Garmin under 'EU Companies'
Garwyn Group✉📞 Mr Artur Niemczewski, CEO (Bio)www 📠T ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
Gas Trading CompanyTM ✉CS 03088754
Gatecrasher✉ Mr Simon Raine, Managing DirectorwwwT ✉CS
Gatehouse Source & Supply (Gatehouse Source and Supply)Twww 📠 ✉CS
Gates Group (Frank G Gates, Gates Ford)Mr Heath Greenall, Managing DirectorwwwTG
Gateshead Housing CompanyJon Mallen-Beadle, Managing Directorwww
Gatwick Airport (London Gatwick Airport)✉📞 Mr Stewart Wingate, Chief Executivewww 📠T ✉PR
Jobs website
CSR website
No longer part of BAA
Gaucho Grill
GB Group (TMG CRB, Ltd, GBGroup)✉📞 Mr Richard Law, Chief ExecutiveTM ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
GB Underwriting (Bio)www
GBA Services✉📞 Mr David Birkbeck, Directorwww
GBM Services (Scotland) www
GE Money Home Lending UK (GE Money Consumer Lending UK, GE Money Home Finance UK)✉ Mr Bernard van Bunnik, CEO
GE UK✉📞 Mr Mark Elborne, Chief Executive📱 Mobile
Gee 7Mr Jon Pardoe, Managing Director
Gemini Consultants (Gemini Funding)✉ Mr Clifford Ranson, Chief Executive
Gemini DevicesMr Philip Mark Jordan, Chief Executivewww
Gemini Parking Solutions London www
Gemserv (Microgeneration Certification Scheme, MCS)✉📞 Mr David Thorne, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠M ✉CS
Jobs website
CSR website
General Dental Council (GDC)✉📞 Ms Evlynne Gilvarry, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTFYM 📞CS
General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)✉ Mr Duncan Rudkin, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT
Genesis Emerging Markets FundGSS
Genesis Housing Association (Paddington Churches HA, Springboard HA, Pathmeads HA)✉ Mr Neil Hadden, Chief Executivewww
Genetrack Biolabs✉ Dr June Wong, CEO ✉CS ✉HR
Genix Healthcare✉ Mustafa Mohammed, CEOT
Gentoo Group✉📞 Mr Peter Walls, CEOT
GEO Amey PCS (GEOAmey PCS)TwwwM ✉CS ✉PR 07556404
GeochronT ✉CS
George BancoMr Marc Howells, Managing Director
Geronimo Inns✉📞 Mr Ed Turner, Managing Director (Bio)www✉📞 Mr John Smith, Managing Director 📠TFPM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR Owned by Card Factory
Getty Images UK 📞CS
Gi Group✉📞 Mr Jess Watts, CEO (Bio)www
Giant Bicycles✉📞 Mr Ian Beasant, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 📞CS ✉CS
Gieves and Hawkes (Gieves & Hawkes)✉ Mr Roy Clacher, Managing DirectorT
Jobs website
giffgaff (giff gaff)✉📞 Mr Mike Fairman, Chief ExecutivewwwTFM ✉CS Part of Telefonica O2
GinstersTM ✉CS Part of Samworth Brothers
GiottosTwwwM 📞CS ✉CS DayMen International
GiraffeTwww 📠TM ✉CS Owned by Tesco
GizmodowwwTFM Future Publishing Ltd
GKN✉📞 Mr Nigel Stein, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠M ✉PR 📞PR ✉HR
Jobs website
Glamorous (Kacoo Fashion)✉ Mrs Huanhuan Jin, DirectorwwwTFPM 📞CS ✉CS ✉HR 06236314
Glasgow 2014✉ Mr Robert Smith, ChairmanT
Glasgow Airport✉📞 Ms Amanda McMillan, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTPart of Heathrow Airport Holdings
Glasgow LifeT
Glasgow Prestwick AirportTwwwTM 📞PR Part of Infratil Airports Europe
Glasses 123✉ Mr Gavin Winstanley, Managing DirectorwwwT ✉CS
Glasses Direct✉ Mr Kevin Cornils, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR Prescription Eyewear Ltd
Glasswells✉📞 Mr Paul Glasswell, Managing Directorwww 📠 ✉CS
Glastonbury Festivals✉ Ms Emily Eavis, OrganiserwwwTF
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK, Glaxo Smith Kline) (Aquafresh, Beechams, Horlicks, Lucozade, Macleans, Nicorette, Ribena, Sensodyne)✉📞 Sir Andrew Witty, Chief ExecutivewwwTM ✉HR
Jobs website
Gledhill Building Products✉ Mr Jason Hobson, Managing Director (Bio)www
Gledhill Response (Gledhill Spares)✉📞 Mr John Reynolds, Managing Director (Bio)📱 MobilewwwM 06714703
Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA, Belling, Burco, Carmen, Creda, Dimplex, Faber, Glen, Goblin, LEC, Morphy Richards, New World Appliances, NOBO, Robinson Willey, Stoves, Sunhouse, Unidare, Valor, Winterwarm, Wonderfire, Redring Xpelair Group)✉ Mr Denver Hewlett, Chief Executivewww ✉CS
Jobs website
Glencore Xstrata (GlencoreXstrata)✉ Mr Ivan Glasenberg, Chief ExecutivewwwM
Jobs website
Registered office in Switzerland
Glendola Leisure Group (Glendola Leisure Holdings)✉ Mr Alexander Salussolia, Managing DirectorM ✉CS 04324211
Glennmont Partners (BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners)✉📞 Mr Joost Bergsma, CEO (Bio)www ✉CS
GLL (Greenwich Leisure Limited)✉ Mr Mark Sesnan, Managing Director
Global Counsel LLP✉📞 Mr Peter Mandelson, Chairmanwww
Global Debt Recovery (JB Debt Recovery, Global DR, Absolute Locate)✉ Mr Jack Bunyer, DirectorM ✉CS Debt collector
Global Enforcement Solutions www
Global Gold✉📞 Ms Debra Hastings-Henry, Chief Executivewww
Global Open✉ Mr Rod Leeming, CEO
Global Pay Solutions ✉CS
Global Personals (Dating Republic, Dating Agency, Love2Meet, Just Singles, justsingleparent)✉ Mr Ross Williams, CEO (Bio)wwwTFG
Global Radio (Global Group, Heart Radio, Heart FM)✉ Mr Ashley Tabor, Presidentwww
GlocalNumber (Glocal Number)TChristopher Richardson, CEO (Bio)www 📠
Jobs website
IR website
GlosCon✉📞 Mr Jan Rowe, DirectorM Badger killing in Gloucestershire
GlosCon✉📞 Mr Carl Gray, DirectorM Badger killing in Gloucestershire
Glossop CaravansTwwwTM ✉CS
Glossybox✉ Ms Kate Cornell, CEOwwwTF ✉CS
Glyn Hopkin Group (Glyn Hopkins)✉ Mr Fraser Cohen, Managing Directorwww ✉CS ✉HR
GMAC Financial Services UK✉ Mr Erhard Paulat, CEOwww 📞CS ✉CS
GMWatchMr Jonathan Matthews, EditorwwwTF
Go Modern✉📞 Mr Tiny Mahony, Managing Directorwww
Go North East (GoNorthEast)✉📞 Mr Kevin Carr, Managing Director (Bio)wwwT ✉CS Part of Go-Ahead Group
Go Outdoors✉ Mr Paul Caplan, President and OwnerwwwTFM ✉CS
Go-Ahead Group (Go Ahead Group, GoAhead Group, Southern, Southern Railway, Southern Trains, Govia)✉📞 Mr David Brown, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM ✉CS
Jobs website
IR website
CSR website
Go-Ahead LondonMr John Trayner, Managing Director
Goals Soccer Centres✉📞 Mr Keith Rogers, Managing DirectorwwwT
Goddard Veterinary Group✉ Mr Philip Goddard, Principalwww
Godolphin ✉ Mr Mahmood Al Zarooni, TrainerwwwT
GoGroopie✉ Mr Jonathan Mackey, DirectorT ✉CS
Going on Holiday✉📞 Ms Lesley Fidell, OwnerM
Golden Acres Nurseries✉ Mr Paul Richards, Managing DirectorM 03875158
Gondola Group (ASK Restaurants, BYRON, Zizzi, Zizi, Zizzis)✉📞 Mr Harvey Smyth, Chief ExecutivewwwM 05953163
GoNutrition✉ Mr Oliver Cookson, CEO
Good Energy (GoodEnergy)✉📞 Ms Juliet Davenport, CEO (Bio)www 📠TFM 📞CS ✉CS 04000623
Good Governance Group (GGG, G3)✉📞 Mr Andre Pienaar, CEO (Bio)www 📠M ✉CS ✉HR
Good Hair Day (GHD, Jemella)✉ Mr Anthony Davey, CEOTOwned by Lion Capital
Good Housekeeping (GoodHousekeeping, Hearst)✉📞 Ms Lindsay Nicholson, Editor-in-Chiefwww
Good TechnologyTMs Christy Wyatt, CEO (Bio)wwwTFY
Jobs website
Goodfella's Pizza✉ Mr Ranjit Singh, CEO (Bio)www ✉CS Part of 2 Sisters Food Group
goodtoknow✉ Ms Jolene Akehurst, Editor (Bio)wwwTM ✉CS
Goodwood✉📞 Mr Richard Sutton, Director 📠
Google EMEA✉📞 Mr Dan Cobley 📠
Google Europe✉ Mr Matt Brittin, VP Northern and Central Europe
Google UK (Blogger, Blogspot, GMail UK, Android, Adsense, AdWords,✉📞 Ms Eileen Naughton, Managing Directorwww 📠M ✉PR 03977902
Goonhilly Earth StationIan Jones, Managing Director
Gordon Ramsay HoldingsTMr Gordon Ramsay, Owner (Bio)www 📠M
Jobs website
Gorenje UK✉ Mr Jernej Hren, Managing DirectorM 02331682
Gorkana (Durrants Press Cuttings)✉📞 Mr Jeremy Thompson, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTFGM 📞CS ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
Gourmet Society (Gourmet Card)✉ Mr Simon Leonard, Managing DirectorwwwTM Simard Limited
GovernmentPlease see the UK Government section
Govia Thameslink Railway (Thameslink, Great Northern, GTR)✉ Mr Charles Horton, CEOwwwTM 07934306
GovtodayTM 06708985
Gowland White ✉HR
Jobs website
GPT Special Project ManagementM 02984211
Grace Foods UK (Enco Products, Chadha Oriental, Funnybones)✉📞 Mr Ryan Mack, Managing Directorwww 📠M ✉CS
Jobs website
Graco✉ Ms Lisa Whitfield, DirectorTM ✉CS
Gradus✉ Mr Steve Watt, Managing Directorwww
Graham Engineering
Gramophone magazineMr Martin Cullingford, Editor
Granary Wholefoods (Granary Whole Foods, Matchproud)TJim Thomas, Owner 📠M ✉CS 02595939
Grand Central Hotel, GlasgowTwww 📠 ✉CS
Grand Central Rail✉📞 Mr Tom Clift, Managing Directorwww 📠M
Grant Thornton International✉📞 Mr Ed Nusbaum, CEOwwwT
Grant Thornton UK✉📞 Ms Sacha Romanovitch, CEO📱 Mobilewww 📠TM
Jobs website
Grant UKTwww 📠TM ✉CS
Grass Roots Group✉📞 Mr Richard Bandell, CEO (Bio)wwwT ✉CFO
Gratte Brothers✉📞 Mr Ian Gratte, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
Gray and Osbourn (Gray & Osbourn)✉ Ms Fiona Holmes, Managing Director📱 MobilewwwM 03539270
Grayling✉ Mr Pete Pedersen, CEO (Bio)www
Graze (✉ Mr Graham Bosher, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Great ClipsMs Rhoda Olsen, CEOwww
Great Hotels of the World (GHOTW)✉ Mr Peter Gould, CEOwww
Great Northern ✉CS
Great Portland EstatesM GPOR
Great Rail Journeys (GreatRail Journeys)✉ Mr Peter Liney, CEOT
Greater London Keyholding www
Green Alliance✉📞 Mr Matthew Spencer, Director (Bio)www
Green Alliance✉📞 Mr Julian Morgan, Chief Economist📱 Mobile
Green Energy✉📞 Mr Douglas Stewart, Chief ExecutivewwwM 📞CS ✉CS ✉HR 04194006
Green Flag
Minicom: 0800 800 610
Part of RBS Insurance
Green Insurance✉ Ms Gaynor Wood, Chief Executivewww
Green Lane Capital✉ Mr Andy Preston, CEOwww
Green Parking www
Green Star Energy (Greenstar Energy, Hudson Energy Supply UK)✉📞 Ms Joanne Thornton, General Manager (Bio)wwwTM 📞CS ✉CS
Jobs website
Green Swan PharmaceuticalsM 04979305
Green Tomato Cars✉ Mr Jonny Goldstone, Ownerwww
Greenbelt Group✉ Mr Alex Middleton, Chief ExecutivewwwM 📞CS ✉CS SC192378
Greencore Group UK (Greencore Foods UK)TM 📞PR
Jobs website
IR website
Greene King (Eating Inn, Hungry Horse, Loch Fyne, Old English Inns, GreeneKing, Spirit Pub Company)✉📞 Mr Rooney Anand, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠TM ✉HR
Jobs website
00024511 (Greenfingers, Green Fingers)✉ Mr Kevin Hague, CEOT
Greenhous Group
Greenpeace InternationalKumi Naidoo, Executive Director
Greenpeace UKM 01314381
GreenThumb✉📞 Mr Jeff Williams, Managing DirectorwwwT
Gregg's TableTMr Gregg Wallace, Chief Executive
Greggs✉📞 Mr Roger Whiteside, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM 📞CS ✉IR ✉HR 00502851
GrencarDebt collector
Greybull Capital
Greyhound Board of Great Britain✉ Mr Barry Faulkner, Chief Executivewww 📞PR
Greyhound Racing Association (GRA, Love the Dogs)✉ Mr Clive Feltham, Managing DirectorTOwned by Risk Capital Partners
Groom Hire (Groomhire, Groom, Wedding House)✉ Mr Neil Shaw, Managing Directorwww
Grosvenor✉📞 Mr Mark Preston, Group Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠M ✉CFO
Jobs website
Grosvenor Group✉📞 Mr Mark Preston, CEO (Bio)wwwM 03219943
Grosvenor Services Group✉📞 Mr David Birkhead, Chairmanwww
Group First✉📞 Mr Toby Whittaker, Managing Directorwww 📠M ✉CS
Groupama UK✉ Mr Francois-Xavier Boisseau, Chief Executivewww
Groupe SEB UK (Tefal UK, Rowenta UK, Moulinex UK, Krups UK)✉ Mr Thierry Gee, Managing Directorwww
Grouphomesafe (ERA)✉📞 Mr Darren Waters, CEO (Bio)wwwTM
Jobs website
Groupon UK (MyCityDeal UK)✉📞 Mr Roy Blanga, Managing DirectorwwwTM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR 07112363
Grove & Dean (Grove and Dean, Performance Direct Insurance)✉📞 Mr Paul Collett, Managing DirectorM 01167043
GSF Car Parts✉ Mr Jonny West, Managing DirectorwwwM 03598646
GSTS Pathology✉ Mr Richard Jones, Chief Executive (Bio)
GTC✉ Mr Clive Linsdell, Managing Directorwww
GTech (Grey Technology)Mr Nick Grey, OwnerwwwM 📞CS ✉CS 00908396
GTECH UK Interactive (Probability, Fruity King, FruityKing)✉📞 Mr Charles Cohen, CEO (Bio)www ✉CS
Guardian Financial Services✉📞 Mr Jonathan Yates, Chief Executive📱 MobilewwwM
Guardian Media GroupMr Neil BerkettwwwT
Guardsman UK✉📞 Mr Phil Griffin, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS Part of Valspar
Guernsey AirportTwww
Guernsey TelecomsT 📠
Guildhall Art Gallery
Guinness Hermitage✉📞 Mr Robert Stronge, Managing Director ✉PR
Guinness Northern Counties✉📞 Mr Paul Roberts, Managing DirectorM ✉PR
Guinness South✉📞 Ms Margaret Dodwell, Managing Director ✉PR
Gullivers Theme Parks✉ Ms Julie Dalton, Managing DirectorwwwTF
Gumtree UKM Part of EBay
Guoman / Thistle Hotels✉📞 Mr Mike DeNoma, Chief Executivewww 📠TM 📞PR Owned by Guocoleisure
Gym 24 Seven (Gym24Seven)✉ Mr Simon Rawson, Managing Directorwww
Gym Group (The Gym Group)✉ Mr John Treharne, CEOwwwT
GymboxMr Richard Hilton, Managing Directorwww
H.M.T. Shipping (HMT Shipping)✉📞 Jarlath Magee, Directorwww 📠M ✉CS
Hab Housing (Haboakus, Hab Oakus)✉ Mr Kevin McCloud, Ownerwww ✉PR
Habinteg Housing Association✉📞 Mr Paul Gamble, CEOwww
HabitatM ✉CS Part of Home Retail Group
Habitat for Humanity✉📞 Mr Gareth Hepworth, Chief Executive📱 MobileTFY
Hachette UK✉📞 Mr Tim Hely Hutchinson, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT ✉CS
Jobs website
Hackett LondonMr Vicente Castellano, CEO
Hackney HomesM ALMO
Haier UKM 📞CS ✉PR
Hailo✉ Mr Jay Bregman, CEOwwwTFM ✉CS was 07780 707628
Hainsworth✉📞 Mr Thomas Hainsworth, Managing Director📱 Mobilewww 📠TFM ✉CS
Jobs website
Hakluyt & Company (Hakluyt and Company)T
Hale Construction✉ Mr Jonathan Hale, Managing Director
Halfords Group (Halford's, Halfords Autocentre)✉📞 Mr Matt Davies, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠TM 📞CS ✉CS ✉CFO ✉Chairman ✉HR
Jobs website
IR website
Halifax Bank (Halifax Building Society, Intelligent Finance, IWeb Share Dealing, Halifax Community Bank)✉ Mr David Nicholson, Managing DirectorwwwTM Part of Lloyds Banking Group
Hall for Cornwall
HalleMr John Summers, CEO
Hallmark Cards UKMr Steve Wright, Managing DirectorwwwTFY 📞CS ✉CS
Hallmark Hotels✉ Mr Arnold Schnegg, CEO📱 Mobilewww
Halton House ManagementM 03351920
Hamilton Bradshaw Private EquityMr James Caan, CEO
Hamilton Fraser Insurance (MyDeposits, My Deposits)✉ Mr Eddie Hooker, CEOwww 📞CS ✉CS
Hamleys (Hamley's)✉ Mr Guojon Reynisson, CEOwwwT
Hammerson✉📞 Mr David Atkins, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTFYM ✉CS
Jobs website
Hammonds Furniture✉📞 Mr Richard Hammonds, ChairmanwwwTM ✉CS
Jobs website
Hand in Hand for Syria
Hand Picked Hotels (Handpicked Hotels)✉ Ms Julia Hands, CEO (Bio)www 📞CS ✉CS ✉CFO
Jobs website
CSR website
Handelsbanken UK✉ Mr Anders Bouvin, Chief Executivewww ✉PR 📞PR
Handepay✉ Mr Nigel Hyslop, Managing DirectorwwwT ✉CS ✉HR
Hanover Housing Association✉📞 Dame Clare Tickell, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT ✉PR 📞PR ✉HR
Hansgrohe UK✉ Mr Martin Mongan, Managing Director
Hanson✉📞 Mr Patrick O'Shea, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT ✉CS 📞PR
Hansteen HoldingsM HSTN
Happli✉📞 Dave Raywood, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
Happy Beds (Click to Tick)Mr Mubarak Isap, OwnerM 08546696
Hard Days Night Hotel✉📞 Mr Mike Dewey, General ManagerwwwM ✉CS
Hardwicke✉📞 Ms Barbara Hewson, Senior BarristerwwwTM
Jobs website
Hardwicke✉📞 Ms Amanda Illing, Chief ExecutivewwwTM
Jobs website
Hargreaves Lansdown (Hargreaves Lansdowne)✉ Mr Ian Gorham, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwM ✉PR
Jobs website
Hargreaves Services✉ Mr Gordon Banham, Chief Executive (Bio)www
Jobs website
IR website
Haribo UK✉ Mr Herwig Vennekens, Managing DirectorwwwTM ✉HR
Jobs website
Harlands GroupMr Kevin Scott, DirectorwwwM Debt collector
Harlequin Property (Harlequin Management Services)✉📞 Mr Dave Ames, CEOM ✉CS In administration
Harlequins Rugby UnionwwwT
Harley Medical Group (Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery Limited)✉ Mr Peter Boddy, ChairmanT
Harman Technology (Ilford Photo)✉ Mr Phil Harris, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
Harmoni✉ Mr David Lloyd, DirectorwwwPart of Care UK
Harper's Bazaar UKT
HarperCollins UK✉ Ms Victoria Barnsley, CEO (Bio)wwwT ✉CS
Harratts GroupTMr Shaun Harratt, Managing DirectorwwwTM
Jobs website
Harrington Brooks (Castle Keep Law)✉ Mr Matthew Cheetham, CEOwww
Harris + Hoole (Harris & Hoole, Harris and Hoole)✉📞 Mr Nick Tolley, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTFM ✉CS ✉PR ✉HR Part-owned by Tesco
Harris Federation✉📞 Sir Daniel Moynihan, Chief Executivewww 📠TM ✉CS
Harris FederationTSir Daniel Moynihan, Chief Executive 📠M ✉CS
Jobs website
Harrods (Harrods Bank)✉ Mr Michael Ward, Chief ExecutivewwwM 📞CS
Harry Ramsden's (Harry Ramsdens)TMr Joe Teixeira, CEOwww 📠F ✉CS Part of Boparan Ventures Limited (BVL)
Harvard International PLC (Goodmans, Grundig, iLuv)✉ Mr Mike Ashley, Chief Executivewww
Harvey Nichols✉📞 Ms Stacey Cartwright, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT
Harveys Brewery✉ Mr Hamish Elder, Chairman (Bio)www
Hasbro UK✉ Mr Foye Pascoe, Country Manager
Hastings Insurance (Likewise Insurance, Hastings Direct, HastingsDirect)✉ Mr Edward Fitzmaurice, Chief Executive (Bio)www ✉PR
Haulfryn✉ Mr Bobby McGhee, CEOwww
Havas Worldwide London (Havas London)✉📞 Mr Russ Lidstone, CEOwww ✉CS
Hawes and Curtis (Hawes & Curtis)✉ Mr Touker Suleyman, OwnerwwwT ✉CS
Hawkins Motors✉ Mr Jeremy Hawkins, DirectorwwwTM 00586621
HawksmoorMr Will Beckett, CEO
Hay FestivalMr Peter Florence, Director
Hayes & Jarvis✉ Ms Clare Tobin, Chief Executivewww
Haymarket Media Group (Haymarket Publishing)✉ Mr Kevin Costello, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT
Hays Recruitment✉📞 Mr Alistair Cox, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠TYM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR
Jobs website
CSR website
Hays Travel (Imagine Cruising)✉ Mr John Hays, CEO (Bio)wwwTM 📞CS ✉CS 01990682
HCR Group✉ Mr Rob Dolbear, Managing Directorwww
Headmasters Hair✉📞 Mr John Sanders, ChairmanwwwTM 📞CS ✉HR
Headset SalesM 04132021
Headway✉ Mr Peter McCabe, Chief ExecutivewwwF 📞CS ✉CS
Heal's Furniture (Heals Furniture)Ms Andrea Warden, CEOwwwT
Health Insurance Group (Independent Sales Force Solutions, Insured Health, Secure Health Holdings, Essential Healthcare)✉ Mr Iain McMillan, Managing DirectorM 📞CS Part of Venture Preference / AXA
Health Lottery (The Health Lottery)Mr Dominic Mansour, Chief ExecutivewwwT ✉CS
Healthcare at Home (HAH)✉📞 Mr Natalie Douglas, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠 ✉CS ✉CFO ✉Chairman
Jobs website
HealthspanMr Derek Coates, Ownerwww ✉CS
HealthspanMr Graham Case, CEO
Hearst Magazines International (HMI)Duncan Edwards, CEO
Hearst Magazines UK (best, Company, Cosmopolitan, Country Living, Elle, Esquire, Prima, Red, Reveal, ZEST)✉ Mr Anna Jones, CEO (Bio)wwwTM ✉CS
Jobs website
Heart of the South West Local Enterprise PartnershipTMr Chris Garcia, Chief Executive📱 MobilewwwF ✉CS
Heatherwick Studio✉ Mr Thomas Heatherwick, Ownerwww
Heathrow Airport Holdings (Heathrow Airports)✉ Mr Colin Matthews, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM
Minicom: 0844 571 7410
Part of Heathrow Airport Holdings
Heathrow Express✉📞 Mr Keith Greenfield, Managing Directorwww 📠T 📞CS
Heathrow Secure Park✉ Mr Yasir Ahmed, Executive Director ✉CS
Heatmiser✉📞 Mr Martyn Kay, Director
Heineken UK (Bulmers, Foster's, Heineken, John Smith's, Kronenbourg 1664, Strongbow)✉📞 Mr David Forde, Managing Director (Bio)wwwTM
Heinz Europe (Heinz UK, Heinz Ireland, Farley's, Tiny Tums, Weight Watchers, Lea & Perrins, HP Sauce, Daddies, Amoy, Ross)✉📞 Mr Matt Hill, PresidentwwwM ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR ✉HR
Jobs website
Owned by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital
Hellix✉ Mr Ardalan Ebrahimi, CEOwwwM 📞CS ✉CS Debt Collector
Help to BuywwwT
Help-Link✉ Mr Mel Butler, Managing Director📱 MobilewwwM ✉CS
Helston Garages Group (Helston Motor Group)Mr Andy Barrett, Managing Directorwww
Jobs website
Hempstead House HotelTMr Henry Holdstock, Ownerwww 📠 ✉CS
Henderson Group (Henderson Global Investors)✉ Mr Andrew Formica, Chief ExecutivewwwM HGG
Herald Investment TrustHRI
Heritage OilHOIL
Hermes Parcelnet UK (myHermes, Hermes UK)✉📞 Ms Carole Woodhead, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM Part of Parcelnet
Hermes Real Estate (Tandem Centre)M 02466189
Hertz International (Hertz Europe)✉ Mr Michel Taride, President
Hertz UK✉ Mr Neil Cunningham, General Managerwww
Hewlett Packard UK (HP UK, Compaq UK, HPUK, Snapfish)✉ Mr Andy Isherwood, Managing DirectorwwwT
Hexstone (Owlett Jaton, Unifix, STF, JCP, Galaxy Fasteners, Icon Fasteners)
HFC Bank✉📞 Ms Carmel Armstrong, Chief ExecutivewwwM 📞CS
Hi-Tec Sports✉ Mr Edward van Wezel, Chief Executive
Hiatt Hardware✉ Mr Ankesh Agrawal, Director
Hibu (Yell Group,, Yellow Pages)✉ Mr Mike Pocock, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT
HICL Infrastructure CompanyHICL
HiFX✉ Mr Laurence Butcher, Group CEOwww
High Street TV (HighStreetTV)✉📞 Mr Jim Coleman, Chief Executivewww 📠TM 📞CS 06577510
Highland Spring Group✉📞 Mr Les Montgomery, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwM ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
CSR website
Highland Wildlife ParkTwwwM
Highview Parking www
Hikma PharmaceuticalsM HIK
Hilco UK (HPRS)✉📞 Mr Paul McGowan, Managing Director (Bio)wwwM
Hillarys Blinds✉ Mr John Risman, Chief Executivewww
Hillesden Securities (dlc, Direct Legal & Collections, Direct Auto Finance)✉ Mr Tony Locke, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS Part of Faccenda Group
Hillsborough Family Support Group
Hilton Hotels (LivingWell Health Clubs, Gyms & Spas, HiltonHotels)✉📞 Mr Christopher Nassetta, CEOTM ✉PR
Hiscox✉📞 Mr Bronek Masojada, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT
Hitachi Capital UK✉ Mr Simon Oliphant, Managing Directorwww
Hitachi Rail EuropeMr Alistair Dormer, CEO
Hitachi UK / Hitachi Europe✉ Mr Stephen Gomersall, ChairmanM 02210686
Hitchcock & King
Hitchingbrooke Healthcare Trust (Hitchingbrooke Hospital)✉ Mr Hisham Abdel-Rahman, CEO
HMV UK✉📞 Mr Paul McGowan, Chairmanwww 📠TM ✉CS 03944915
HNV Associates✉📞 Mr Rupert Dod, Director📱 MobileM Badger killing in Somerset
HNV Associates✉📞 Mr Viv Sellick, Director📱 MobileM Badger killing in Somerset
Hoare Lea
Jobs website
CSR website
Hobbs✉📞 Ms Nicky Dulieu, Chief ExecutivewwwTFPM 📞CS ✉CS
Jobs website
CSR website
Hobby Warehouse (The Hobby Warehouse, F&W Media International)✉📞 Mr David Nussbaum, CEOTM 04003207
Hobby Warehouse UK✉ Mr James Woollam, Managing Director
Hobbycraft (Hobby Craft)✉ Ms Catriona Marshall, CEOwwwTM 07216034
Hoburne Holiday Parks✉ Mr James Lapage, Chief Executivewww
Hogarth Group✉📞 Mr Daniel White, Managing Directorwww 📠M ✉CS
Hogarth Worldwide
Hoist Finance
Holdcroft Car Dealers
Holiday Discount Centre (HDC Travel)✉ Mr Steve Campion, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS 07849867
Holiday Extras✉ Mr Matthew Pack, CEO (Bio)📱 MobilewwwTM ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR
Holiday Genie (✉📞 Mr Alex Carter, General ManagerwwwT
Holiday Lettings (✉📞 Mr Ross Elder, Managing Director (Bio)wwwTFGM ✉CFO 05282912
Holiday Place (The Holiday Place)✉ Mr Nilesh Shah, CEOwwwTM
Holiday Taxis✉ Mr Peter Hilton, Chief ExecutiveT
Holidaybreak✉ Mr Martin Davies, Chief Executivewww
Holidayline (Directline Holidays)✉ Ms Maria Whiteman, CEOwwwM ✉PR 02762020
Holidays 4 U✉ Mr Ian Oakley-Smith, Administrator (PWC)www
Holidays PleaseT 📞CS
Holland America Line✉ Mr Stein Kruse, CEO (Bio)wwwTFY 📞CS
Jobs website
Holland and Barrett (Holland & Barrett)✉ Mr Peter Aldis, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Home Bargains (TJ Morris, Homebargains, Home Bargins)✉ Mr Joe Morris, Operations DirectorwwwT ✉HR
Jobs website
Home Energy ServicesMr Chris McLain, CEOwwwM 08419975
Home Glow (Homeglow, H G Property Solutions)✉📞 Mr Kevin Moran, DirectorM
Home Group (HomeGroup)✉📞 Mr Mark Henderson, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTFM 📞CS ✉CS
Jobs website
Home Retail Group (Argos, Homebase, Habitat, HRG, Chad Valley, ChadValley, HomeRetailGroup)✉📞 Mr John Walden, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠M ✉CFO ✉Chairman ✉IR ✉HR
Jobs website
Home Shopping Direct (JD Williams, J D Williams, Marisota, N Brown Group, NBrown, Ambrose Wilson, Viva La Diva, Special Collection, JDWilliams, Jacamo)✉📞 Ms Angela Spindler, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM
Jobs website
Part of N Brown Group
Homebase (Home Base)✉ Mr Paul Loft, Managing Director (Bio)wwwTF ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR
Jobs website
Homebase Store Locator

Part of Home Retail Group
HoMedics / Salter Housewares✉📞 Mr Simon Bluring, Managing Director 📞CS ✉CS
Homefair Blinds✉📞 Mr Jonathan Fitton, OwnerwwwM
HomeSense (Home Sense)Louise Koser, Managing Director
Homeserve✉ Mr Richard Harpin, Chief Executivewww
Hometech UK
Honda UK✉📞 Mr Philip Crossman, Managing DirectorwwwT 📞CS
Hoopers Department Store✉📞 Ms Debra Angus, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
Hoover Candy Group UK (HooverCandy)✉ Mr David Meyerowitz, Chief Executivewww
Hope not Hate✉📞 Mr Nick Lowles, Chief ExecutivewwwTFYGM 08188502
Horizon Nuclear PowerM 06660388
Horizon Parking www
Hornby Hobbies (Airfix, Breyer, Corgi, Humbrol, Meccano, Scalextric, Electrotren, Rivarossi, Jouef, Arnold)✉ Mr Frank Martin, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 📞CS ✉CS
Horney Media✉ Mr Tony Horne, OwnerwwwTUK's most in demand ghostwriter
Horse and Hound✉📞 Ms Lucy Higginson, Editor (Bio)wwwTFY
Hoseasons✉📞 Mr Richard Carrick, CEOwww
Hoseasons Holidays✉ Mr Simon Altham, Managing Director📱 MobilewwwPart of Wyndham (WVRUK)
Hospedia✉ Mr Tim Weil, CEOwwwT ✉CS
Host Europe Group (Mesh Digital, 123-reg, Webfusion,,, RedCoruna, Heart Internet)✉ Daniel Bromley, International Contact Centre Manager
Host Europe Group (Mesh Digital, 123-reg, Webfusion,,, RedCoruna, Heart Internet)✉ Mr Matt Mansell, Group Managing Director
Host Global (Easyhost)
Hotcourses✉ Mr Jeremy Hunt, Chief ExecutiveT
Hotel Chocolat✉ Mr Angus Thirlwell, CEOwwwTFYGP ✉PR
Jobs website
Hotel Rafayel✉ Mr Chris De Saram, General Managerwww
House of Fraser (House of Frazer, Jenners, Frasers, HouseOfFraser)✉ Mr John King, Chief ExecutivewwwT
HouseTripGeorge Hadjigeorgiou, CEO
Housing 21 (Housing21)✉ Mr Bruce Moore, Chief Executive (Bio)www ✉PR 📞PR
Jobs website
How To Corp✉ Mr Grant Shapps (Michael Green, Sebastian Fox), Chief Executive
Howard Basford✉📞 Mr Neil Kirk, Managing Directorwww
Howard Tenens✉ Mr Paul Morris, Chief Executivewww
Howden Joinery Group (Galiform, MFI, Howdens Joinery)✉ Mr Matthew Ingle, CEOwwwM HWDN
Howes BailiffsDebt collector
HowiesM 📞CS ✉CS ✉PR
Hoxton Gin✉ Mr Gerry Calabrese, CEOT
Hoxton HotelOwned by Ennismore Capital
Hozelock✉📞 Mr Martin Wood, Finance DirectorwwwM ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
HR Owen (H R Owen)www
Jobs website
IR website
HR WallingfordTwww 📠M ✉CS 02562099
HS2 (High Speed Two)✉📞 Ms Alison Munro, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTFYM ✉CS 📞PR ✉HR 06791686
HSBC Holdings (HSBC Bank)✉ Mr Stuart Gulliver, Group Chief ExecutivewwwTM 📞PR ✉CFO ✉Chairman ✉Legal ✉HR
Jobs website
HSBC Holdings (HSBC Bank)✉ Mr Stephen King, Chief Economist
HSBC UKMr Dave Hartnett, Member of Financial System Vulnerabilities CommitteeFormer Permanent Secretary at HMRC!
HSBC UK (includes HFC Bank UK, HSBC Bank UK)✉📞 Mr Alan Keir, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM
Minicom: 0845 71 25 563
HSS✉ Mr Chris Davies, Chief Executivewww
HTC UK✉ Mr Philip Blair, Executive DirectorwwwT
Hub WestminsterAlex Soskin, CEO
Hudson Shoes (Hudson Shoe Agencies)✉ Mr Ian Cartwright, Managing DirectorM 📞CS
Huffington Post UK✉ Ms Carla Buzasi, EditorwwwT
Huffington Post UK✉ Mr Mehdi Hasan, Political Director
Hugh Rice Jewellers✉ Mr Paul Rice, Managing DirectorwwwTM 📞CS ✉CS 02065159
Hughes Electrical (Apollo Direct)✉ Mr Robert Hughes, Managing DirectorM ✉HR 00406069
Hughes Europe
Hugo Boss UK✉ Mr Stephan Born, Managing DirectorwwwT
Humane Society International✉ Mr Mark Jones, Executive Directorwww
Humax UK✉📞 Mr Graham North, Commercial DirectorwwwTM 02479436
Hunter Boots✉📞 Mr James Seuss, Chief Executivewww 📠TM Owned by Searchlight Capital Partners
HuntingDennis Proctor, CEOHTG
Husqvarna Group UK (Flymo, Gardena, McCulloch, Diamant Boart)✉ Mr Clive Middlebrook, Managing Director
Hutton CollinsMr Graham Hutton (Bio)www
Hyco Manufacturing✉📞 Mr Mike McHugh, Managing Directorwww
Hyde Housing Association (Roundshaw Homes, HydeHousing)✉ Ms Elaine Bailey, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT ✉CS
Jobs website
Hype Clothing (JustHype, Just Hype)T ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
Hyper Recruitment SolutionsTM 07747824
Hypercross (JustLendCash)M 📞CS ✉CS 07720400
Hyundai UK✉ Mr Tony Whitehorn, Managing Directorwww
i newspaper✉ Mr Oliver Duff, Editor
I-Paye✉📞 Ms Gaynor McGrail, Managing DirectorwwwT ✉CS
I.M. Group (IM Group, IMGroup)✉📞 Mr Andrew Edmiston, Managing Director (Bio)wwwM
Ian Tonge Property Serviceswww
IBM UK✉📞 Mr Stephen Leonard, Managing DirectorM
ICAEW✉📞 Mr Michael Izza, Chief ExecutiveT 📞CS ✉CS
iCandy World✉ Mr Warren Appel, Chief ExecutiveTM ✉CS 00282792
ICAP Europe✉ Mr Michael Spencer, Chief ExecutivewwwM IAP
Iceland (Cooltrader, Iceland Bingo, Iceland Foods)✉📞 Mr Malcolm Walker, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠TFYM 📞CS ✉HR
Jobs website
CSR website
01107406✉📞 Mr Adrian Walton, ChairmanwwwM
iceQ (Level Products)M ✉CS 08773407
ICICI Bank UK✉ Mr Sudhir Dole, Managing Director (Bio)wwwM 📞CS ✉CS
iDatawwwTFYGM 📞CS ✉CS
Ideal Carehomes✉📞 Mr Mark Greaves, Managing Director📱 Mobilewww 📞CS ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
Ideal Heating / Ideal Boilers✉📞 Mr Shaun Edwards, Chief Executive 📠M 📞CS ✉CS
Ideal Standard✉ Mr Keith Boad, Managing DirectorwwwTM ✉CS 📞PR 00091891
Ideal World TV (Ideal Extra, Ideal and More, Create and Craft)✉📞 Mr Mike Hancox, Chief Executivewww
iDebtPlanM 06373576
IDG UK✉ Mr Kit Gould, CEOwwwT
Idis✉📞 Mr Tony Dutta, Managing Director (Bio)www
iFlorist✉📞 Mr David Price, Managing DirectorwwwTM 📞CS ✉CS
Ifonic Claims (Cerys-Angharad)✉ Mr Cliff Stanford, CEOwwwTM ✉CS 07073557
Ig Index (IG Group)✉ Tim Howkins, CEOM 01190902
IGas Energy✉📞 Mr Andrew Austin, CEO (Bio)wwwM ✉CS ✉CFO Fracking company
Iimage Retrieval UK ✉CS
IJT Direct ✉📞 Ms Liz Rendall, Managing DirectorwwwT 📞CS
IKEA UK✉📞 Ms Gillian Drakeford, Country ManagerwwwM
Ilika ✉PR ✉HR
Imagination Technologies Group (PURE DAB, Imgtec)✉📞 Sir Hossein Yassaie, CEOwwwTF ✉CS IMG
IMI✉ Mr Mark Selway, Chief ExecutivewwwM IMI
IMIMobile (IMI Mobile)✉ Mr Jayesh Patel, CEO (Bio)wwwT ✉CS
Impact Services (Northern) (Impact Security Solutions)www
Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions (Open Parking)www
Imperial Tobacco Group✉ Ms Alison Cooper, Chief ExecutivewwwTM ✉Chairman ✉HR
Jobs website
Imperial War MuseumsT
Imperial War Museums (IWM)✉ Ms Diane Lees, DirectorwwwT
IMS Lettings✉ Mr Chris Griffin, Managing DirectorM 04593879
In 'n' Out ServicesIn liquidation
In Practice Systems (INPS, Vision Online Services, VisionOnline)TM 01788577
Inchcape UK (Smith Knight Fay)✉📞 Mr Connor McCormack, CEO (Bio)www 📠M ✉CS ✉IR ✉HR INCH
Incisive Media✉📞 Mr Tim Weller, CEO (Bio)wwwTFYM
Jobs website
CSR website
Independent Betting Arbitration Service (IBAS)
Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso)✉ Sir Alan Moses, Chairmanwww 📠T ✉CS ✉PR
Independent Radio NewsTMr Tim Molloy, Managing Director
Indesit UK (Hotpoint-Ariston, Indesit, Cannon, Creda, Hot Point)✉ Mr Maurizio Pettorino, Chief ExecutivewwwTM
INEOS✉ Mr Jim Ratcliffe, CEOwww ✉PR 📞PR Fracking company
INEOS Upstream✉ Gary Haywood, CEOFracking company
Infinis EnergyEric Machiels, CEOINFI
Infinite Kind (The Infinite Kind, InfiniteKind)✉ Mr Sean Reilly, Director📱 MobileM SC404282
Infinities Retail Group (IRG)✉ Mr Andrew Scott, DirectorwwwM ✉HR 07751522
Information Compliance ServicesBrian Vettraino, OwnerM 07302274
ING Direct UK✉ Mr Richard Doe, Chief Executivewww
Ingeus✉ Mr Dean James, CEO (Bio)www ✉CS
Inghams (Hotelplan UK, Inntravel, Enigma Travel Group, Esprit Holidays, Ski Total)✉📞 Mr Andy Perrin, CEOwwwTM ✉CS 00350786
Ingram Motoring Group✉ Mr Malcolm Ingram, Managing Directorwww
Ingrams Solicitors✉ Mr Paul Stott, Managing Partner📱 Mobile
Injectorseal✉ Mrs Frances Livesey, DirectorwwwM ✉CS 04610882
Inmarsat✉ Mr Andrew Sukawaty, Chairman & Chief ExecutivewwwM ISAT
Innocent Drinks✉📞 Mr Richard Reed, CEOTM ✉CS
Inox GroupMr Rob Saltmarsh, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
Inspira Media Group✉📞 Mr Oliver Nash, Chief ExecutivewwwTM ✉CS
Inspiration Trust
Inspiration Trust✉ Ms Rachel de Souza, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTFY
Inspired Capital (Renovo Group)Brian Cole, CEO (Bio)www
IR website
Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
Institute of Customer Service✉📞 Jo Causon, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 03316394
Institute of Directors (IoD)✉📞 Simon Walker, Director 📞CS
Institute of Economic Affairs✉📞 Mr Mark Littlewood, Director GeneralT
Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)✉📞 Mr Mark Littlewood, Director General (Bio)wwwT ✉PR
Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC)T
Insurance Database Services (Claims and Underwriting Exchange, CUE)www ✉CS
Insurance2go (Loyal Insurance Services, Insurance 2 Go, Citymain Administrators, Go Mobile)✉ Mr Duncan Spencer, Managing Director (Bio)wwwM 📞CS ✉CS 05350177
Insure and Go (Insure & Go, InsureAndGo)✉ Mr Jose Manuel Martinez, Chief ExecutivewwwPart of MAPFRE
Insure4retirement (Insurance Dialogue)✉ Mr David Holden, Managing Directorwww 📞CS ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
Intasure (Blenheim Park)✉ Mr Mike Farley, Managing DirectorwwwM 04990061
Intelligent Advisory Services✉ Mr David Holden, Managing DirectorM 07839423
Intelligent Business Transfer (IBT)✉ Mr Sean Mallon, Managing Director📱 MobilewwwTFM
Inter Defence Security✉ Mr Nima Rastegar, Director📱 MobilewwwM 📞CS ✉CS 06016964
Inter-Credit InternationalTM Debt Collector
Interactive Investor Trading (iii)M 03699618
Interactive Media Communications (IMC)✉ Mr Grant Hardy, Managing DirectorM ✉CS 06169289
InterContinental Hotel Group UK (Intercontinental Hotels, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge, Candlewood, IHG Hotels)✉📞 Mr Richard Solomons, CEO (Bio)wwwM
Jobs website
IR website
Interflora (Inter Flora)✉ Ms Helen Quinn, Commercial DirectorwwwT
Intermediate Capital GroupChristophe Evain, CEOICP
International Airlines Group (IAG, International Airline Group)✉ Mr Willie Walsh, Chief Executivewww ✉IR
IR website
International Hydropower Associationwww ✉HR
International Personal Finance (IPF, IPFin)✉ Mr Gerard Ryan, CEO (Bio)wwwTF ✉CS ✉PR ✉IR
Jobs website
International Public PartnershipsINPP
Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA)TM ✉CS 03155681
Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
Interparcel (Inter Parcel)✉ Mr Mark Walters, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 05243074
Intertain (Walkabout)✉📞 Mr John Leslie, CEO (Bio)www
Jobs website
Part owned by Better Capital
Intertek Group✉📞 Mr Wolfhart Hauser, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠M ✉CFO ✉IR
Jobs website
Intu Properties✉ Mr David Fischel, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwM ✉PR 📞PR
Jobs website
Intuit UKPernille Bruun-Jensen, Managing Director
intY✉📞 Mr Chris Baldock, CEOwww 📠TM Owned by Weather Investments II
Invacio✉ Mr Billijay West, CEOM 08928794
Invensys✉📞 Mr Wayne Edmunds, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwM 📞CS ✉PR ✉CFO ✉HR
Invesco Perpetual✉📞 Mr James Robertson, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM
Investec Asset Management UK✉📞 Mr David Aird, Managing Director UK (Bio)wwwM INVP
Investment Seekers (Mortgage Seekers)Michael Wilkinson, Managing DirectorM In liquidation
Investors in SportAndrew Hosie, CEO
Invoke CapitalMike Lynch, CEO
Iomart (iomart Cloud, iomart Hosting, Backup Technology, Easyspace, Melbourne Hosting, Redstation)✉ Mr Angus Macsween, CEOwwwT
IP Nav✉📞 Mr Erich Spangenberg, ChairmanwwwTFG 📞CS
iPadio✉ Dr Mark Smith, CEO📱 MobilewwwT ✉CS
IPC Connect (Now, Chat, Woman, Woman's Own, Woman's Weekly, What's on TV, TV Times, TV & Satellite Week)✉ Ms Fiona Dent, Managing Director
IPC MediaTMs Sylvia Auton, former Chief ExecutivewwwT ✉HR
iPlatform✉📞 Mr Dan Lester, CTO📱 MobilewwwM
Ipsos MORI✉📞 Mr Ben Page, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT
Ipswich Building Society✉📞 Mr Paul Winter, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠TFY ✉CS
Iraq Inquiry (The Iraq Inquiry, Chilcot Inquiry, Chilcot Report)wwwM
IRCAS (Independent Revenue Collection & Support, Independent Appeals Service, IAS, Independent Transport Associates, ITAL)✉ Mr Derrick Bilsby, Managing DirectorM 04784751
iRoC PR✉ Ms Ruth O'Donoghue, Director (Bio)wwwTF
Irwin Mitchell✉ Mr Andrew Tucker, Group Chief Executive (Bio)wwwM OC343897
Islamic Bank of Britain✉📞 Mr Sultan Choudhury, CEO (Bio)wwwT 📞CS
IR website
Isle of Man Steam Packet Company✉ Mr Mark Woodward, CEOwww 📠 📞CS
Isle of Wight Festival✉ Mr John GiddingsT
ISP Review✉ Mr Mark Jackson, EditorwwwT
istylemyself.comMs Diana Tkhamadokova, CEOwww
iSupply Energy (iSupplyEnergy)✉📞 Mr Roy Richmond, Managing DirectorwwwT 📞CS ✉CS
IT Luggage (ITLuggage)✉ Mr Paul Richardson, OwnerwwwM ✉CS 01967787
ITE GroupRussell Taylor, CEOM ITE
iTech Logic (iTechLogic)✉ Mr Ravi Metta, CEOwwwM ✉HR 06702336
ITH Pharma✉📞 Ms Karen Hamling, Managing Directorwww 📠TM ✉CS 06569105
iThink GadgetsMr Norbert Adam, DirectorM ✉CS 08154199
ITV✉ Mr Adam Crozier, Chief ExecutivewwwM ✉CS
Jobs website
ITV✉ Mr Phillip Schofield, Presenterwww
ITV✉ Mr Peter Fincham, Director of Televisionwww
ITV Commercial and Online✉ Ms Fru Hazlitt, Managing Director
ITV Coronation StreetMr Stuart Blackburn, Producer
ITV Digital (ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, CITV)✉ Ms Angela Jain, Director
ITV News
ITV Sport✉ Mr Niall Sloane, Controller of Sport
ITV This Morningwww ✉CS
IV AssureM
Ivy (The Ivy)✉📞 Mr Fernando Peire, Director (Bio)wwwM ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR
Ivy Market Grill (The Ivy Market Grill)✉ Mr Yishay Malkov, General ManagerT ✉HR
J D Wetherspoon (J D Wetherspoons, Wetherspoon's, JD Wetherspoons, JD Weatherspoons)✉📞 Mr John Hutson, Chief Executivewww 📠TYM 📞CS ✉Chairman ✉HR
Jobs website
IR website
J S Peters and Son (Peters Bookselling Services, Peters Educational Books)
J&J WilsonMr Derrick Lloyd, Managing Director
J.A.S. Parking Solutions (JAS Parking Solutions)www
Jack Petchey Foundationwww
Jack Wills✉ Mr Peter Williams, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 📞CS ✉CS ✉HR 03504842
Jackpot Cafe (Daub Alderney, Liner UK)Zak Jacobs
Jackson Lift Group (Jackson Lifts)Mr George Jackson, Managing Director
Jacobs Enforcement Agents (Jacobs Certificated Bailiffs)✉📞 Mr Simon Jacobs, Partner (Bio)wwwDebt collector
Jacques Vert Group✉ Ms Teresa Tideman, CEO (Bio)www ✉CS ✉CFO ✉HR
Jobs website
Jacquie Lawson (, Microcourt)TMs Jacqui Lawson, CEOwww
Jaeger UK✉ Mr Colin Henry, CEOwww ✉CS ✉PR Owned by Better Capital
Jaguar Land Rover (Range Rover, RangeRover, Landrover, Tata Motors, JLR)✉ Dr Ralf Speth, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM ✉HR 01672070
Jaguar Land Rover UK (Range Rover, RangeRover, Landrover, JLR UK)Mr Jeremy Hicks, Managing DirectorwwwTM
Jai Kudo
Jamaica National Building Society UK (JNBS UK)T
James Andrew InternationalMr Harvey Soning, CEOwww
James ArthurJames ArthurT
James Chase Solutions
James Grace Bespoke Staircase Renovations✉📞 Mr Scott Storey, CEO📱 Mobilewww ✉CS
James Halsted (Polyflor)✉ Mr Mark Halstead, CEO ✉CS
James Villa Holidays (James Villas)
Jane Shilton✉📞 Mr David Shilton, Managing DirectorwwwM ✉CS 00103078
Jane's Defence Weekly (Janes Defence Weekly, IHS)✉ Mr Peter Felstead, Editor
Jarden Consumer Solutions (Pulse Home Products UK, Breville, Bush, Dirt Devil, Hinari, JCB, Nicky Clarke, Power Devil)✉ Mr David Allen, Managing Director ✉CS
Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group (JLT)✉📞 Mr Dominic Burke, Group Chief Executive (Bio)wwwTM
Jobs website
IR website
Jardine Motors GroupM 02470318
Jark GroupM 03224862
JAS Parking Solutions (J.A.S Parking Solutions)Mr Jehanzaib Arshad Dara, DirectorM ✉CS 07602707
Javelin Group✉ Mr Tony Stockil, CEO (Bio)www
Jawbone UKT 📞CS ✉CS
Jay Z
JB Leadbitter
JBB Entertainment SolutionsJay Birch, Owner
JBW Judicial Services Group (JBW Group)✉📞 Mr Jamie Waller, CEO (Bio)wwwTM 📞CS ✉CS ✉HR Debt collector / Bailiff
JCB✉ Mr Graeme Macdonald, CEOwww
JCT600✉📞 Mr John Tordoff, Chief ExecutivewwwT ✉CFO
JD Parking Consultants www
JD Sports Fashion (Blacks, Blacks Outdoor Retail, Blacks Leisure Group, Topgrade Sportswear,, Bank Fashion)✉ Mr Peter Cowgill, Executive Chairman (Bio)wwwTM ✉CS ✉HR JD
Jean-Patrique (Jean Patrique, Direct Response Marketing)TMs Nicola Kent, OwnerTM ✉CS 06333962
Jennings Group✉ Mr Nas Khan, Chief Executive
Jersey Airport
Jersey Plants Direct (Jersey Choice, Jersey Direct)✉📞 Mr Tim Dunningham, Managing DirectorwwwT 📞CS ✉CS
Jersey Telecom (JT)✉📞 Mr Graeme Millar, CEO (Bio)www 📠T ✉HR
Jobs website
CSR website
Jessops✉📞 Mr Neil Old, Chief Operating OfficerwwwTM 📞CS Part of Snap Equity
Jet Cleaning GroupTGeorge Gittins, Managing Directorwww 📠TM ✉CS 01400995 (Jet 2, Dart Group)✉📞 Mr Philip Meeson, Chief Executive📱 Mobilewww 📠M ✉CFO ✉HR Part of Dart Group
Jetline Travel Ltd (Jetline Holidays, Jetline Cruise)✉📞 Mr Steven Roberts, Managing Director📱 MobileM ATOL: 6153
Jewish Chronicle✉ Mr Stephen Pollard, Chief ExecutiveT
Jewson (Jewsons, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution)✉📞 Mr Peter Stringer, Chief ExecutivewwwTFM
Jobs website
Jigsaw Systems (Jigsaw24)✉ Mr Roger Whittle, Managing Director (Bio)wwwTFYM
Jobs website
Jigsaw UKMr Peter Ruis, CEO ✉CS ✉PR 📞PR
Jobs website
Jimmy Choo✉ Mr Pierre Denis, CEO
JJ Food Service✉ Mr Mustafa Kiamil, Managing Director
Jobs website
JJB SportswwwTPlease see Sports Direct
JLT Specialty
JML Group (JML Home Shopping, JML Direct, JMLDirect, John Mills Ltd)✉📞 Mr Ken Daly, Chief Executive📱 Mobile
JO Hambro
Jo Malone UK 📞CS ✉CS
Jockey Club (The Jockey Club)✉📞 Mr Simon Bazalgette, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT ✉PR 📞PR
John Clark Motor Group✉📞 Mr John Clark, Managing DirectorwwwTFYPM
Jobs website
John Laing Infrastructure FundJLIF
John Lewis (Retail and✉📞 Mr Andy Street, Managing Director (Bio)www 📠TM ✉CS ✉CFO ✉HR
Jobs website
John Lewis Store Locator

John Lewis Partnership (JLP)✉📞 Sir Charlie Mayfield, Chairmanwww 📠TM ✉CS ✉CFO ✉HR
Jobs website
John Menzies✉ Mr Iain Napier, Chairman (Bio)wwwM SC034970
John Pye Auctions (John Pye & Sons)✉ Mr Adam Pye, Managing Director ✉CS
John Rocha FashionTwww
John West UK✉ Mr Paul Reenan, Managing Director
Johnson & Johnson UKM 02175750
Johnson Matthey✉ Mr Robert MacLeod, CEO (Bio)wwwM ✉PR ✉CFO
Jobs website
Johnson Tiles✉📞 Mr Stephen Dixon, Managing DirectorwwwM 📞CS ✉CS Part of Norcros Group Holdings
Johnsons Cars✉ Mr Mike Berwick, Operations DirectorwwwTFGM 03716766
Johnsons Dry Cleaning✉ Mr Paul Ogle, CEOwwwT ✉CS
Johnston Press✉ Mr Ashley Highfield, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT
Jobs website
IR website
JoJo Maman✉ Ms Laura Tenison, Managing Director (Bio)wwwTF ✉CS ✉PR ✉HR
Jomast✉📞 Mr Stuart Monk, Managing Director (Bio)www
Jones & Chapman
Jobs website
Jordans CerealsBill Jordan, CEOT
Joules Clothing✉ Mr Tom Joule, CEOwwwT ✉CS✉📞 Ms Rachel McAthy, EditorwwwTM Mousetrap Media
Journey Solutions Partnership (PLUSBUS)✉ Mr Jonathan Radley, Directorwww
JournlTMr Karl Schweppe, Managing DirectorTM ✉CS ✉HR 07897255
JP Morgan UKT
JPMorgan American Investment TrustJAM
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Investment TrustJMG
JTF Mega Discount Warehouse (JTF Wholesale)✉📞 Mr Chris Clegg, Managing Director📱 MobileTM Owned by Endless private equity
Jukedeck✉ Mr Ed Rex, CEOwwwT
Junction18T 📠M ✉CS
Jupiter Asset Management (Jupiter Fund Management)✉ Mr Edward Bonham Carter, CEOwwwJUP
Just Eat (JustEat)✉📞 Mr David Buttress, CEOwwwTFM 04656315
Just Giving (JustGiving)✉📞 Zarine Kharas, CEO
Just Go Holidays (Just Go!)✉ Mr Luis Arteaga, CEOwwwTM 📞CS 04553601
Just RetirementRodney Cook, CEOJRG
Just TraysMr Paul Crossley, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
Kaia Global Networks✉📞 Mr Andy Omeany, CEOwwwM ✉CS 08257877
Kall Kwik UK (KallKwik UK)✉ Mr Nigel Toplis, CEOwwwM 01396406
Kalplas UKM 02944426
Kama Games✉ Mr Danny Hammett, CEOwww ✉CS
Kames Capital✉ Mr Martin Davis, CEO (Bio)www
Kantar✉📞 Mr Eric Salama, Chief Executivewww 📠TM Part of WPP
Kao Brands (John Frieda)TMr Michael Keech, General Manager 📠 📞CS
Karcher UK✉📞 Mr Simon Keeping, Managing Director📱 MobilewwwM 📞CS ✉CS
Kaspersky✉📞 Mr Malcolm Tuck, Managing Director📱 MobilewwwTM ✉PR
Kaspersky✉ Mr Eugene Kaspersky, CEOwwwT
Jobs website
Kate Adie✉ Ms Kate Adie
Kawasaki Motors UK✉ Mr Howard Dale, General Manager/CEOwwwT 📞CS ✉CS
Kazakhmys✉📞 Mr Oleg Novachuk, CEO (Bio)wwwM ✉CS ✉HR
Jobs website
KBBC Kitchens✉ Mr Chris Jay, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 05344894
KBT Cornwall (Armtrac Security Services)www
KCOM Group (Kingston Communications)✉ Mr Bill Halbert, Executive Chairmanwww
Jobs website
IR website
KD Products (K D Products)T
Keepmoat Homes✉📞 Mr Mike Edwards, Managing Directorwww ✉PR 📞PR
Keith Williams ArchitectsTwwwM ✉CS
Kelkoo✉ Mr Richard Stables, CEOwwwTM 03844739
Keller GroupKLR
Kelloggs UK (All-Bran, Coco Pops, Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut, Frosties, Pop Tarts, Pringles UK, Rice Krispies, Special K)✉📞 Mr Jonathan Myers, Regional Vice PresidentwwwT 📞CS
Kelly Hoppen Interiors✉📞 Ms Kelly Hoppen, Ownerwww 📠FYP ✉PR ✉HR
Kennel Club (KC, Petlog)✉ Ms Rosemary Smart, Chief Executive (Bio)www ✉PR
Kensington Close Hotel✉ Mr Mustafa Abdelkader, General Managerwww
Kent Reliance Building Society✉ Mr Andy Golding, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwT
KentzMr Christian Brown, CEOKENZ
Kenwood UK✉ Mr Nigel Wainwright, Managing Directorwww
Keolis Group UKMr Alistair Gordon, CEO
Kernow Parking Solutions (KPS)www
Kerrang! ✉ Mr James McMahon, EditorwwwTBauer Media
Keter UK ✉CS
Kettler GB (Kettler's Classic Garden)✉ Mr Paul Bevington, Managing DirectorM 01937415
Key20 Media
KFC UK (Kentucky Fried Chicken UK, Kentucky Chicken UK)✉📞 Mr Martin Shuker, Managing Directorwww 📠 📞CS
KG Drain Services (KG Drains)✉📞 Mr Mark Goodyear, CEOwww 📠
KGB Deals✉📞 Mr Brian Harrison, CEO 📠TM 04400979
Kia Motors UK✉ Mr Paul Philpott, Chief ExecutivewwwTM 📞CS ✉HR 04415807
Kiddicare✉📞 Mr Nigel Robertson, Chief ExecutivewwwT 📞CS ✉CS Part of Morrisons
Kiddisave (Kiddi Save)Ms Julie Smith, Managing DirectorwwwTM ✉CS 03244439
Kiehl's UK (Kiehls UK)✉ Mr James Rickards, General ManagerwwwT ✉PR Part of L'Oreal
Kier Group (May Gurney)✉📞 Mr Haydn Mursell, Chief Executive (Bio)www 📠TM ✉CS
Jobs website
CSR website
Kimberly-Clark UK (Kleenex)✉ Mr Tristram Wilkinson, Chief Executivewww
Kindertons Accident Management✉ Mr Shaun Ellison, Managing Directorwww
Kinesis Gym
King's FundProf Chris Ham, Chief Executive (Midasplayer, King Games, Candy Crush, CandyCrush)✉ Mr Riccardo Zacconi, Managing DirectorwwwM 04534247
Kingfisher (B&Q, Screwfix, Screw Fix)✉ Sir Ian Cheshire, Chief Executive (Bio)wwwM 📞PR ✉CFO ✉HR
Jobs website
IR website
CSR website
Kingspan Environmental✉ Mr Ralph Mannion, Managing Directorwww
Kingspan Group✉ Mr Gene Murtagh, Chief Executivewww ✉CFO
Kingstown Associates (Healthy Living Direct, Foot Friendly, Gardenability, Housewares Direct, Inspired Choices)✉ Mr Nigel Mellor, Director
Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward (KFH)www ✉PR 📞PR
Jobs website
Kitbag✉📞 Mr Andy Anson, CEOwww 📠TFM 📞CS 05933624
Kitchen MagicAlan Pullinger, Managing DirectorwwwM 📞CS ✉CS 02151704
Kitchen Warehouse Leicester✉📞 Mr Bobby Singh, Managing Directorwww ✉CS
Kiwa✉ Mr Brian Austin, CEO
Kiwi Appliance Direct (Kiwi Appliance Rescue)✉📞 Mr Mark Delamare, OwnerM 04323762
Kleinwort Benson✉📞 Ms Martha Boeckenfeld, CEOwww ✉CS
Knight Frank✉📞 Mr Nick Thomlinson, ChairmanwwwTY
Jobs website
Knightshield Security (National Parking Enforcement)www
Knightstone Housing Association✉📞 Mr Nick Horne, Managing Director (Bio)wwwT 📞CS
Know Group (The Know Group, Know Hospitality, Know Hotels)✉ Steven Hesketh, Owner
Know-How AccountancywwwM 06703205
Kodak UK✉ Mr Philip Ball, Managing DirectorwwwT
Konica Minolta UK✉ Mr Neil Dingley, Managing DirectorwwwT
Kookai UKTy Edwards, Managing DirectorT 📞CS
Kotaku UK✉ Ms Keza MacDonald, Editor (Bio)wwwT
KP Snacks (KP Foods)✉ Mr Nick Bunker, Chief Executive
KPMG UK✉ Mr Simon Collins, Senior Partner (Bio)wwwT
CSR website
Kraft Foods UK (Mondelez UK, Cadbury UK, Tassimo, belVita)✉📞 Ms Mary Barnard, Presidentwww 📠M ✉PR 00203663
Krispy Kreme UK✉📞 Mr Rob Hunt, Joint Managing DirectorwwwTM 04532445
Kroll UK
KTC Edibles✉📞 Mr Mike Baldrey, Directorwww 📠
KTM-Sportmotorcycle UK✉ Mr Shaun Sisterson, Managing DirectorwwwTM ✉CS
Kurt Geiger (Shoeaholics)✉ Mr Neil Clifford, Chief ExecutivewwwT
Kwik Fit Insurance Services (Kwikfit Insurance, Kwik-Fit Insurance)✉ Mr Jason Banwell, Managing DirectorTM ✉CS Owned by Ageas
Kwik Move✉ Mr Richard Davey, Managing Director (Bio)wwwM ✉CS 04421869
Kwik-Fit (Kwikfit, Kwik Fit, Kwick Fit)✉ Mr Kenji Murai, Chief ExecutivewwwTFYM 01009184
Kybotech✉ Mr Charles Walton, CEOwwwM 📞CS ✉CS
Kyocera UK
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