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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about

Thank you for using Here are some frequently asked questions about the service provided by this website.

Q. What is this website?
A. This website is - It provides email addresses for the CEOs of many companies and other organisations worldwide.

Q. Who can use this site?
A. This site is intended for use by people wishing to contact CEOs by email. It can be used by anyone who has Internet access.

Q. For what purposes can I use this site?
A. We recommend contacting CEOs to escalate consumer issues which have not been resolved through the usual channels. You may also wish to contact CEOs for sales and marketing in connection with your business. If you are using the site for commercial purposes you must pay. Please do not contact CEOs about job hunting. Charity requests should be directed to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department of a company.

Q. Are the email addresses on this website real and do they work?
A. Yes, the email addresses are real and you should receive a response from the CEO or one of her/his close staff, if it's a consumer issue.

Q. How can I find what I am looking for?
A. Browse the site or type what you are looking for into the search box. Just type one word of the company or organisation name. Do not use words such as "Limited", "Corp" or "Inc".

Q. Why email the CEO?
A. The CEO is the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation. She/he is ultimately responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation and the people who comprise it. He/she can make a difference by making decisions that others, in customer services, often cannot make because they are not empowered to do so. She/he also knows the best person to whom issues should be delegated, if necessary.

The key is to establish who is the most senior person within the organisation who has executive power: The power to execute actions and to ensure that they are correctly performed. These are the people who can make a difference to your consumer issue. A direct approach to the CEO, when necessary, can bypass "customer service" and the unwieldy procedures and processes that prevent your issue from being dealt with effectively.

It is worth remembering that top person in an organisation may have a title other than Chief Executive Officer, depending on the type of organisation and its geographical location.

Q. What titles might be used?
A. Here are some of the titles that might be used for the Chief Executive function:

CompanyChief Executive Officer (CEO)
CompanyManaging Director or General Manager
CompanyExecutive Chairman
TV/Radio stationController
UniversityVice Chancellor or Principal
SchoolHeadteacher or Principal
Hospital TrustChief Executive
UnionGeneral Secretary
ChurchArchbishop/Pope/Chief Rabbi/Imam
HotelGeneral Manager
Museum or GalleryDirector or Curator

Q. Who are the people who report directly to the CEO?
A. This depends upon the structure of the company but they will often include one or more of the following:

Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer (CFO)Money
Sales Director/Commercial DirectorSales
Marketing Director/Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)Marketing
Operations Director/Chief Operating Officer (COO)Day-to-day running
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)Technical strategy
Chief Information Officer (CIO)Internal technical architecture
HR Director/Chief People OfficerStaff
Legal Counsel/General CounselLegal matters
Company SecretaryRegulatory administration

Q. I have not found the CEO I'm looking for. What can I do?
A. Please contact us, including details of the company, its business and its location, if you know it. We will then endeavour to find the email address for you.

Q. How should I word my email to the CEO?
A. Please see the Hints and Tips page.

Q. Do I have to pay?
A. Access to the site is free for non-commercial use. But there is a daily access limit to ensure fair use.

Q. Can I use this information for commercial purposes?
A. If you are using this information for commercial purposes, please be aware that we require payment. "Commercial" means that you, or your organisation, would expect to gain commercially from the contact you are making. This includes activities such as sales, marketing, commercial research, job hunting or requesting internships. Your payment helps to support the hosting and maintenance of the site.

Q. How does the payment system work?
A. You can buy 10, 20, 50, 100 credits at a cost of one pound per credit. You can then use them to view the email addresses in which you are interested, at one credit for each email address viewed.

Q. I am not using the website commercially and I urgently need another email address today. What can I do?
A. Please contact us, including full details of your enquiry.

Q. What must I not do?
A. You must not use this website for illegal purposes, such as spamming or phishing. You must not use any kind of "scraping" or "robot" software on this website.
You must not write to CEOs asking for money, sponsorship or a job.
We will deny access to anyone abusing our website.

Q. Can I use this website for job hunting or requesting internships?
For job enquiries please see our UK HR Contacts or European HR Contacts or US HR Contacts or African HR Contacts pages.

Q. Can you help me to find the email address for someone who is not a CEO?
A. It may be possible, as long as they are associated with an organisation of some kind. Please contact us. We will then endeavour to find the email address for you.

Q. I have written to the CEO but not yet received a reply. What can I do?
A. Send a copy of the email again, with the same subject, followed by " - reply requested" and a note asking the CEO to reply.

Q. What has been the reaction to the site?
A. You can read some of the comments from users and from the press.

Q. How is the website funded?
A. The website is funded through a combination of donations, paid subscriptions and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Q. Can I contact you with an idea to improve the site?
A. We welcome all constructive input about the site and its contents. Please contact us for further information.

Q. Does this site use cookies?
A. Yes, this site uses cookies for operational purposes.

Q. Who is the company running the site?
A. The site is run by Connectotel Ltd (Company number 03188992), a British company founded in 1996.

Q. Who is the Editor?
A. The Editor of this site is Marcus Williamson.

Q. Whom can I contact if I have further questions?
A. Please contact us for further information.

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