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UK Companies (A to D)
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118 LimitedE T Mr Nik Hole, CEO
www  M   E118 Limited Customer Service  03951948 (Active)
123 Brackets (TV Brackets 4 U, Brackets R Us)E T Mr Peter Hee, OwnerM  
151 ProductsE Mr Richard Shonn, Managing Director
1st Choice Blinds And Nets LtdE T Mr Karl Shannon, DirectorM  06983704 (Active)
1st Credit LimitedE T Mr Eddie Nott, CEO (Bio)www  M   TCS   E1st Credit Limited Customer Service  03752940 (Active)
1st Locate (uk) LimitedE T Mr Andrew Barclay, Directorwww  M  03702599 (Active)
247 Home Furnishings Limited (247 Blinds & Curtains)E T Mr David Maher, Directorwww  M   E247 Home Furnishings Limited Customer Service  05635682 (Active)
38 DegreesE Mr David Babbs, Executive Director (Bio)www  M  06642193 (Active)
3i InfrastructureE Mr Ben Loomes, Head (Bio)www  3IN (FTSE250)
3i PlcE T Mr Simon Borrows, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO   EChairman   EHR  

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00397156 (Active)
7im Holdings LimitedE T Mr Justin Urquhart Stewartwww  M  04092911 (Active)
99p Stores LimitedE T Mr Hussein Lalani, Chief Executivewww    F  M   E99p Stores Limited Customer Service   EHR  

Jobs website  
04058808 (Active)
A F Blakemore (AF Blakemore)Mr Peter Blakemore, Managing Director (Bio)www  
A Spokesman Said LimitedM   EA Spokesman Said Limited Customer Service  08355797 (Active)
A&A Group (,, Broker King, ESInsure, Hyperformance, Allen & Allen, Insure your Motor, Mulsanne, Autofirst)E T Mr Tony Allen, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   EA&A Group Customer Service   EHR  

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03578103 (Active)
A. Levy & Son LimitedE T Mr Steven Cohen, CEOwww  T  F  M  00487019 (Active)
A.p.l.e. (Milton Keynes) Ltd (APLE)E T Mr Simon Bright, Directorwww  M   EA.p.l.e. Customer Service  03556304 (Active)
A.t. Shop LimitedE Mr Alex Theophanous, CEOwww  T  F  Y  P  M   EA.t. Shop Limited Customer Service   EHR  

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05263229 (Active)
A1 National Car and Van RentalE T Mr Paul Harding, Director
A2b Transfer LimitedE Mr Renaldo Scheepers, CEOM  08294709 (Active)
A2Dominion (A2 Dominion, A2 Housing)E T Mr Darrell Mercer, CEO (Bio)www  T  
A4e LtdE T Mr Andrew Dutton, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   EA4e Ltd Customer Service   EPress Office   ECFO  02631340 (Active)
AA Corporation Limited (Automobile Association, The AA)E T Mr Bob Mackenzie, Executive Chairmanwww  T  M  
Minicom: 0800 3282810
03797747 (Active)
Aardhill FoodsE T Mr Adrian Aardhill, Chief Executive TCS   EPress Office  
Abbey Developments LimitedE T Mr Charles Gallagher, Executive Chairmanwww  M  00348843 (Active)
Abbey Life Assurance Company LimitedE T Amish Desai, CEOwww  M  Part of Deutsche Bank
00710383 (Active)
Abbott And Holder LimitedMr Philip Athill, Managing DirectorM   EAbbott And Holder Limited Customer Service  04101849 (Active)
Abbott Laboratories LimitedE T Mr Mike Smith, General Managerwww  M  

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00329102 (Active)
Abel & Cole LimitedT www    T  F  Y  M   TCS   EAbel & Cole Limited Customer Service   EHR  

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Owned by William Jackson Food Group
03926343 (Active)
Abellio Greater Anglia (GreaterAnglia)E T Mr Jamie Burles, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EAbellio Greater Anglia Customer Service  

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Abellio GroupE T Mr Jeff Hoogesteger, CEO (Bio)www   EPress Office   EHR  
Abellio UK (Abellio Greater Anglia, Abellio London, Abellio Surrey)E T Mr Dominic Booth, Managing Director (Bio)www     EPress Office   EHR  
Abercrombie and Kent (Abercrombie & Kent)E Mr Geoffrey Kent, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y  P   EHR  
Aberdeen Airport (Aberdeen International Airport)E Ms Carol Benzie, Chief ExecutiveT  M   EPress Office   TPR  Part of Heathrow Airport Holdings
Aberdeen Asset Management PlcE T Mr Martin Gilbert, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   ECFO   EHR  

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SC082015 (Active)
Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust PlcT www  M  ASL (FTSE250)
SC126524 (Active)
Able Group (The Able Group)E T Mr Andy Horton, Ownerwww   EAble Group Customer Service  
Abn Amro Commercial Finance PlcE T Mr Peter Ewen, Managing Directorwww  M  02281768 (Active)
Abode Home Products
Abode Hotels (Michael Caines)E T Mr Michael Caines, CEOwww  T  
ABP Food Group (Dalepak, Eatwell, Freshlink, Silvercrest, WA Turner, Wessex)Mr Paul Finnerty, CEO EABP Food Group Customer Service  
Abraaj GroupE T Mr Arif Naqvi, CEO
Abta LimitedE T Mr Mark Tanzer, Chief Executivewww    T  M   TCS   EAbta Limited Customer Service   TPR  00551311 (Active)
Academies Enterprise TrustE T Mr Ian Comfort, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   EAcademies Enterprise Trust Customer Service  06625091 (Active)
Academy Insurance
Academy of Medical SciencesT Prof John Bell, President EAcademy of Medical Sciences Customer Service  
Academy Windows And Conservatories LimitedE T Mr Andrew Smith, Managing Directorwww  M   TCS   EAcademy Windows And Conservatories Limited Customer Service  03983026 (Active)
Acal (Bio)www  
Accent GroupE Mr Gordon Perry, CEO
Accor Hotels UK (Ibis Hotels UK, Mercure Hotels UK, Novotel Hotels UK, Sofitel Hotels UK)E T Mr Thomas Dubaere, Managing Directorwww  T  
Accord GroupE Dr Christopher Handy, Group Chief Executive (Bio)www  
Accord MortgagesE T Mr Ian Bullock, Chairman (Bio)www  Part of Yorkshire Building Society
Ace TV (Ace Trading Supplies, AceTV)E Mr Gary Ashburn, CEOwww   EAce TV Customer Service  
Aceparts LimitedE Mr Alan Friedman, Managing Directorwww  T  M   EAceparts Limited Customer Service  07932221 (Active)
Acer UK (Packard Bell UK)E Mr Gavin Parrish, Managing Directorwww  T  
Achica LimitedE T Mr Quentin Griffiths, Managing DirectorT  M  07039129 (Active)
Achilles Information LimitedT www  M   EAchilles Information Limited Customer Service  SC137975 (Active)
Acorn Stairlifts LimitedE Mr John Jakes, Managing Directorwww  M   EAcorn Stairlifts Limited Customer Service   EHR  03220389 (Active)
Acorne PlcE T Mr Andrew Dent, Director (Bio)
www  M  02409444 (Active)
Acoustic Streams (MCC Systems)M  04597874 (Active)
Acr Renewables LtdE T Mr Adam Roberts, DirectorM   EAcr Renewables Ltd Customer Service  08805855 (Active)
Acromas Holdings LimitedE T Mr Andrew Goodsell, Chief Executivewww  M   EPress Office   TPR  06252766 (Active)
Action for Blind PeopleMr Stephen Remington, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  Y  M  
Active Securities / 247 MoneyboxE Mr Mark Hannay, Chief Executive
Activinstinct Ltd (Millet Sports, Milletsports)M  04478999 (Active)
Activity Superstore (The Activity Superstore, Days of Your Life)E T Mr Shaun Powell, Chief Executivewww  T  M  03319862 (Active)
Acturis LimitedE T Mr Theo Duchen, CEOwww  M  03998084 (Active)
Adactus Housing Group (Adactus HA, Beech HA, Chorley Community Housing, Lune Valley Rural HA, Adactus Miles Platting)E Mr Paul Lees, Group Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F   TCS   EAdactus Housing Group Customer Service  
Adams Foods LimitedE T Mr Ian Toal, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  00362221 (Active)
Adaptis Solutions www  
Adare Group LimitedE T Mr Robert Whiteside, CEOwww  M   EAdare Group Limited Customer Service  
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02387953 (Active)
Adderley Featherstone LimitedT www    M   EAdderley Featherstone Limited Customer Service  

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02628210 (Active)
Addison LeeMr John Griffin, Chairman (Bio)www  T  M   EPress Office  
Addison Lee LimitedE T Mr Daryl Foster, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EPress Office  01205530 (Active)
Adhunter LimitedE Mr Andrew Hunter, Co-Founderwww  M   EAdhunter Limited Customer Service   EPress Office  07301894 (Active)
Adidas UK (Adidas (U.K.) Limited, Adidas U.K.)E T Mr Gil Steyaert, Managing Directorwww    T  M   TCS   EAdidas UK Customer Service  

Jobs website  
01075951 (Active)
Admiral Group PLC (Admiral Insurance, Bell, Diamond, Elephant, Gladiator,,,, Elephant Auto, Le Lynx, L'Olivier, T Mr Henry Engelhardt, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   ECFO   EHR  

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CSR website  
03849958 (Active)
Admiral Taverns LimitedE T Mr Kevin Georgel, CEO (Bio)www  M   EAdmiral Taverns Limited Customer Service  05438628 (Active)
Adnams PlcE T Dr Andy Wood, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EAdnams Plc Customer Service  00031114 (Active)
Adobe Systems Europe LimitedT www  T  M  SC101089 (Active)
Adrian Flux Insurance Services (Flux Direct, Flux Insurance)E Mr David Flux, Chief Executivewww  T  F  Y  M   TCS   EAdrian Flux Insurance Services Customer Service  
Adt Fire And Security PlcE T Mr Jordi Andreu, Presidentwww  T  M   TCS  Part of Tyco International
01161045 (Active)
Advance Vehicle Rental LimitedE Mr Steve Ball, CEOM  04661494 (Active)
Advanced Business Park (ABP)Mr Xu Weiping (Xu Wei Ping, Wei Ping Xu), Chairman
Advanced Digital Dynamics (ADD)E Mr Jonathan Belbin, Managing Director (Bio)www  
Advanced Payment Solutions (APS)E T Mr Rich Wagner, Chief Executivewww    M   EAdvanced Payment Solutions Customer Service   EPress Office  
Advanced Telecoms Debt Collection Services LimitedE Mr Patrick Binchy, DirectorM  Debt collector for Three/Hutchison Mobile
06032605 (Active)
Advantage Designs LimitedT Mr John Roberts, Managing Directorwww    M   EAdvantage Designs Limited Customer Service  04168922 (Liquidation)
Advantage Rent A Car (Simply Wheelz)
Advantis Credit LimitedT www  M  05223252 (Active)
Adventoris LtdT Mr James Clarkson, CEOwww  M   EAdventoris Ltd Customer Service  07918688 (Active)
Adzuna (Adhunter)E Mr Doug Monro, Co-Founderwww  T  M   EAdzuna Customer Service   EPress Office  
AEG Europe (Anschutz Entertainment Group, O2 Arena)E Mr Tom Miserendino, CEOM  
Aegon Uk Corporate Services LimitedE T Mr Adrian Grace, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   EAegon Uk Corporate Services Limited Customer Service  SC170062 (Active)
AEJ Management www  
AeponaE T Mr Allen Snyder, CEO (Bio)www  
Aerial News (AerialNews)E Mr Eddie Mitchell, OwnerT  
Affiliate Window UK (AffiliateWindow UK)E Mr Anthony Clements, Country Manager
Affinity Network LimitedT  M  09323949 (Active)
Affinity Sutton GroupE T Mr Keith Exford, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  M   TCS  

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Affinity Trade And Oil Services "atos" LimitedM  09387547 (Active)
Affinity Water LimitedE T Mr Simon Cocks, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   EPress Office   TPR  Owned by Morgan Stanley and M&G Investments
02546950 (Active)
Affordable MobilesMr Paul Sisson, Chief ExecutiveT  
Afren Mena LimitedM  AFR (FTSE250)
07604769 (Active)
Aga Rangemaster Group PlcE T Mr William McGrath, Chief Executivewww    M   TCS  

Jobs website  
00354715 (Active)
Age Concern Sandwich Centre For The RetiredE T Mr Paul Gordon Graemewww  M  04969814 (Active)
Ageas (uk) LimitedE T Mr Andy Watson, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   EPress Office   TPR  Previously Fortis Group
01093301 (Active)
Agent Provocateur LimitedE T Mr Garry Hogarth, CEOwww  M  Owned by 3i
02896508 (Active)
Aggregate IndustriesE Mr Alain Bourguignon, CEO (Bio)www  T  
Aggreko PlcE T Mr Ken Hanna, Executive Chairman (Bio)www    T  M   ECFO   EIR  

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CSR website  
SC177553 (Active)
Agria Pet Insurance UK (Halifax Pet Insurance)E T Mr Jonas Derninger, Country Manager
AGS Airports (Aberdeen Airport, Glasgow Airport, Southampton Airport)Amanda McMillan, Chief Executive
AgustaWestlandE T Mr Bruno Spagnolini, Chief Executivewww  M  
Ahuja HoldingsE T Mr Ajay Ahuja, Owner
Aidan J ReedE T Mr Aidan Reed, Chief Executive
AIG UKE Ms Jacqueline McNamee, Managing Directorwww  
Aimia FoodsT Mr Rob Unsworth, Managing DirectorM  
Ainscough Industrial Group LimitedE Mr Matthew Ainscough, DirectorM   EAinscough Industrial Group Limited Customer Service  08447836 (Active)
Aintree Racecourse Company LimitedE T Mr Paul Fisher, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  01612616 (Active)
Air Charter ServiceTony Bauckham, CEOwww   EHR  

Jobs website  
Air France/KLM UK (AirFrance UK)E Mr Warner Rootliep, General Managerwww  T  
Air MaltaE Mr Peter Davies, Chief Executivewww  
Air Partner
Airbnb UK LimitedM  07797907 (Active)
Airdrie Savings BankE T Mr Rod Ashley, Chief Executivewww    M   EAirdrie Savings Bank Customer Service  
Airport Parking And Hotels LimitedE T Mr Nick Caunter, CEOwww  M  01539777 (Active)
Airspace Export Services LimitedE T Mr Colin Baillie, Operations Manager  M   EAirspace Export Services Limited Customer Service  01945190 (Active)
Akbuk Resort Group (Ramada Resort Akbuk, Harmony Bay, Unity Bay Resort)E Mr Lee Harley, Owner EAkbuk Resort Group Customer Service  
Akinika UK (iQor UK)E Mr John Ricketts, General Manager UKwww  

Jobs website  
Part of Capita
AktivKapital UK (Aktiv Kapital UK)E T Mr David Sheridan, Country Managerwww  M  Debt collector
04267803 (Active)
Akzo Nobel UK (Dulux UK)E Mr Matt Pullen, Managing DirectorT  
Al Jazeera EnglishE Mr Al Anstey
Al Noor HospitalsANH (FTSE250)
Al Rayan Bank (Islamic Bank of Britain)E T Mr Sultan Choudhury, CEO (Bio)www  T   TCS  
IR website  
Alago Heated GlovesT www  T  M   EAlago Heated Gloves Customer Service  
Alba ResidentialE Mr Callum MacGregor, Directorwww  T  F  M  

Jobs website  
Albany Assistance LimitedE T Mr Martin Ward, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   EIR   EHR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
02948256 (Active)
Albourne Property Public Limited CompanyE Mr Andrew Johnson, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   EAlbourne Property Public Limited Company Customer Service  05472491 (Active)
AldermoreE T Mr Phillip Monks, CEO (Bio)
www  T  F  Y  M   TCS   ECFO  

Jobs website  
Aldersgate GroupMr Andrew Raingold, Executive Director (Bio)www  
Aldersgate Investment Managers (Aldersgate Escrow)E Mr David Bamber, Partner (Bio)www  
Aldi Stores LimitedE T Mr Matthew Barnes and Roman Heini, Joint MDswww  T  M   TCS   EAldi Stores Limited Customer Service  

Jobs website  
Aldi Stores Limited Store Locator

02321869 (Active)
Aldwyck Housing GroupE T Mr Harj Singh, Chief Executive (Bio)www    M   TCS   EAldwyck Housing Group Customer Service  

Jobs website  
AlentALNT (FTSE250)
Alere LimitedE T Mr David Horne, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS  

Jobs website  
01716581 (Active)
Alert Data (Alert Research)E T Mr Ray Murphy, Managing Director (Bio)
www  M   TCS   EAlert Data Customer Service  
Alex Neil (Hillgate Investments)E T Mr Neil King, CEOwww  T  M  05068239 (Active)
Alexon (Alexon, Ann Harvey, Dash Fashion, Eastex, Kaliko, Minuet Petite)E T Ms Jane McNally, Chief Executivewww  Part of the Irisa Group / Owned by Sun Capital Partners
Alfa Chemicals
Alfred Dunhill LimitedE Mr Fabrizio Cardinali, CEOT  M  00191031 (Active)
Alison Mansell LimitedT  M   TCS   EAlison Mansell Limited Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  05450518 (Active)
All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC)
All Leisure GroupE T Mr Ian Smith, Chief Executive (Bio)www     EAll Leisure Group Customer Service  

Jobs website  
All Parking Services UK www  
All Points North Publications Limited (APN, Fling)Mr Michael Rothwell, DirectorM   EAll Points North Publications Limited Customer Service  02524607 (Active)
All Source AnalysisMr Stephen Wood, CEO
Allaboutdebt LimitedE Eric Grant, DirectorM  08825488 (Active)
Allclear Insurance Services LimitedE T Mr Chris Wacey, CEOwww  T  M   EAllclear Insurance Services Limited Customer Service   EPress Office  04255112 (Active)
Allegis GroupT www    M   EAllegis Group Customer Service  
Allen & Overy LlpT www  M  OC306763 (Active)
Allen FordE Mr Mike Phillips, Managing Directorwww  
Allergy UKE Ms Carla Jones, Chief Executive
Alliance & LeicesterT See Santanderwww  Part of Santander Group
Alliance Boots - Pharmaceutical Wholesale and BrandsE T Ms Ornella Barra, CEOwww  T  
Alliance TrustE T Ms Katherine Garrett-Cox, CEO (Bio)www     EIR   TIR  ATST (FTSE250)
Alliance Trust SavingsE Mr Patrick Mills, CEO
Allianz Insurance UK (Your Cover Insurance, Allianze)E T Mr Jon Dye, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   EAllianz Insurance UK Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
Allied Bakeries (Allied Milling and Baking)E Mr Mark Fairweather, CEO
Allied Carpetswww  M   TCS   EAllied Carpets Customer Service   EHR  07710842 (Active)
Allied Protek EngineeringMr Paul Wilson, Managing Director
AllSaints (All Saints)E Mr William Kim, CEOwww  T  F  Y  P   EAllSaints Customer Service  
Allsopp Helikites LimitedE T Mr Sandy Allsopp, Ownerwww    M  03466204 (Active)
Alno KitchensE Mr Jonathon Wagstaff, Managing Directorwww  
Alpha 360 Digital Ltd (Order Flowers, Thomas Bennett, OwnerM  07151968 (Active)
Alphabet (gb) LimitedE T Mr Richard Schooling, CEO (Bio)www    M  03282075 (Active)
AlphadexE Mr Matthew Smith, CEO
Alpharooms (Alpha International Accommodation, Vacanza, Alpha Rooms)E T Mr Jamie Shuker, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M   EPress Office   TPR  
Alpine Elements LimitedE T Mr James Hardiman, Managing Directorwww  M   EAlpine Elements Limited Customer Service  04782131 (Active)
Alpine-iQMr Graeme Bodys, CEOwww  T   EAlpine-iQ Customer Service  
Altajective LimitedE Mr Alan Jasper, DirectorT  M  07702946 (Active)
Alternative FlooringE T Mr Chris Brammall, Chief Executivewww    T  
Altran Uk LimitedE T Mr Keith Williams, Executive Directorwww  M  03302507 (Active)
Altro Group Plc(the)E T Mr Richard Kahn, CEOwww  M  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
01493087 (Active)
Aluline Group LimitedT www  M  07167751 (Active)
AM Parking Services www  
Amazon UK ( Ltd, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Prime, Amazon Studios, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Fire Tablet, Twitch TV, T Mr Christopher North, Chief Executivewww  T  F  M   TCS   EPress Office   TPR  

Jobs website  
03223028 (Active)
Ambrose Evans-PritchardE Mr Daily Telegraph, International Business Editor
Amec Foster Wheeler PlcE T Mr Samir Brikho, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
01675285 (Active)
American Express Global Business Travel UKChampa Magesh, General Manager
American Express Services Europe LimitedE T Mr Rafa Marquez, Country Managerwww  T  M  01833139 (Active)
American Golf UK (AmericanGolf UK)E Mr Alan Fort, CEOwww  T  
American Institute For Foreign Study (u.k.) LimitedE T Mr William Gertz, CEO (Bio)www  T  M  American Institute for Foreign Study
00939488 (Active)
Amey (Amey Plc)E T Mr Mel Ewell, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   EAmey Customer Service   EPress Office   EHR  

Jobs website  
Part of Ferrovial
Amg Consultancy Services LimitedE T Mr Roger Trippett, Directorwww  M  

Jobs website  
01894875 (Active)
AmicusHorizon (Amicus Horizon)E T Mr Paul Hackett, CEO (Bio)www  
AmlinE Mr Charles Philipps, CEO (Bio)www  AML (FTSE250)
AMPL LabsE T Mr Mike Patton, CEOT  
AMS Holdings (Amstrad, AMS Trading)Lord Alan Sugar, Chairmanwww   EAMS Holdings Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR   EIR  
AMS Holdings (Amstrad, AMS Trading)Mark Wright, Business Partner
Amscreen Public Limited CompanyE T Mr Simon Sugar, Chief Executivewww  M  Part of AMS Holdings
06618670 (Active)
Anchor (Anchor Trust, Anchor Care Homes)E T Ms Jane Ashcroft, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  F  Y  M   TCS   ECFO  

Jobs website  
Anchor Security Services (Care Parking)www  
Ancile Insurance GroupMr Graham Linney, Managing Director
And So To Bed LimitedT www  M  01828671 (Active)
Anderson Business Holdings Limitedwww  M   EAnderson Business Holdings Limited Customer Service  08056730 (Active)
Andrew James EnforcementT
Andrew James Worldwide (Andrew James UK)E T Mr Andrew Tomlinson, Managing Directorwww   EAndrew James Worldwide Customer Service  
Andrew MartinMartin Waller, CEOT  F  P  
Andrews Estate Agents (Andrews Lettings)E T Mr Michael Robson, Group Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  
Anesco LimitedE Mr Adrian Pike, CEO (Bio)www  M  07443091 (Active)
Anglia Home Furnishings LimitedE T Mr Matt Hesketh, Directorwww    M   EAnglia Home Furnishings Limited Customer Service  07599341 (Active)
Anglian Home Improvements (Anglian Windows)E Mr Martin Kellett, Chief Executivewww  T   TCS  
Anglian Water Services LimitedE T Mr Peter Simpson, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M  
Minicom: 0800 91 75 901
TCS   EAnglian Water Services Limited Customer Service   ECFO   EHR  
Part of Osprey consortium
02366656 (Active)
Anglo American PlcE T Mr Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
03564138 (Active)
Anglo Pacific Trading LimitedE T Mr Mark Lewis, Directorwww  M   EAnglo Pacific Trading Limited Customer Service  05332832 (Active)
Anglo-pacific International Public Limited CompanyE T Mr Stephen Gray, Managing Directorwww    M   TCS   EAnglo-pacific International Public Limited Company Customer Service  

Jobs website  
01342357 (Active)
Angry BritainE Mr Dom Bradbury
Ann Summers (Knickerbox, Gold Group)E T Ms Jacqueline Gold, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   EAnn Summers Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  01034349 (Active)
Anne Street Partners
AnobiiE Mr Matteo Berlucchi, Chief Executivewww  M  Owned by Sainsbury's
07282115 (Active)
ANOVOE Mr Kevin Coleman, CEO (Bio)www  

Jobs website  
ANPRT EANPR Customer Service  
ANPR www  
ANPR Parking Services www  
ANPR PC www  
ANST www  T  F  Y  

Jobs website  
Anscombe and Ringland (Anscombes)E Mr Robert Scott-Lee, Managing Director
Antique Wine CompanyE T Mr Stephen Williams, Chief Executivewww  
Antofagasta PlcE T Mr Andrew Lindsay, Director (Bio)www  M   EAntofagasta Plc Customer Service   ECFO  ANTO (FTSE100)
01627889 (Active)
Anya HindmarchMs Anya Hindmarch, Owner
AonixE Mr Graham Burton, Managing Director
AOS Heating LimitedE Mr Tony Owen, Managing Directorwww  M   TCS   EAOS Heating Limited Customer Service  07319958 (Active)
Ap Rental Inc LimitedE T Mr Ananda Paul, Owner
M  08575829 (Active)
APC Overnight (APC Couriers, Pass the Parcel Overnight)E T Mr Jonathan Smith, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  02855735 (Active)
APCOA Parking (UK) www  
Apcoa Parking (uk) LimitedE T Mr Henk de Bruin, Managing Directorwww  M   EApcoa Parking Customer Service   EPress Office  

Jobs website  
02572947 (Active)
Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Uk LimitedT www  M  02166291 (Active)
Apex Hotels LimitedE T Mr Norman Springford, Executive Chairmanwww  M  SC073489 (Active)
APlan Insurance (A Plan Insurance, A-Plan Insurance, Motor Direct)E Mr Carl Shuker, CEOwww  

Jobs website  
ApostropheT Mr Amir Chen, Former ownerwww  T  
ApplauseStore (Applause Store)E Mr Mathew Firsht, Managing Directorwww  T   EHR  

Jobs website  
Apple UK (iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Mac, Macintosh)E T Mr Mark Rogers, Managing Directorwww    M   TCS   EApple UK Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  

Jobs website  
Appliances Online ( Mr John Roberts, CEOwww  T   EAppliances Online Customer Service  
Applied Language Solutions
Applus Velosi UK
Approved Parking Solutions www  
ApricotE Mr Philip Chaimo, CEOT  
Aqua Restaurant Group (Aqua London)Mr David Yeo, CEOwww  
Aquability (uk) LimitedE T Mr Andrew Lodge, Directorwww  M  02928564 (Active)
AquAid Franchising
Aqualisa Products Limited (Aqua Lisa, Aqualiser, Aqua Liser)E T Mr David Hollander, Chief Executivewww    T  M   EAqualisa Products Limited Customer Service  01281596 (Active)
Aquamarine Power
Aquascutum (1851) Limitedwww  M  08025103 (Active)
Aramark LimitedE T Mr Andrew Main, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  00983951 (Active)
Arbuthnot Banking Group PlcE T Mr Henry Angest, Chief Executivewww  M  01954085 (Active)
Arc (europe) LimitedE T Mr Dewi Fox, Managing Directorwww  M  Debt collector
04214145 (Active)
Arcadia Group Limited (British Home Stores (BHS), BHS Direct, BHS Furniture, Burton Menswear, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Mazsk, Outfit, Topman, Top man, Topshop, Top Shop,Wallis)E T Mr Ian Grabiner, Chief Executivewww  M   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
00237511 (Active)
Archers SleepcentreMr Ian Archibald, Managing DirectorT  M   TCS  04198553 (Liquidation)
Archimedes PharmaE Mr Jeff Buchalter, Chief Executivewww  
Archos UKMr Chris Leigh, Managing Directorwww    M   EArchos UK Customer Service  
Ardenham Energy LimitedT www  M  04521734 (Active)
Area Estates LimitedMark Pears, Chief ExecutiveM  04730589 (Active)
Arena Digital Productions LimitedE T Mr Carl Rogers, Directorwww  M   EArena Digital Productions Limited Customer Service   EHR  05138538 (Active)
Arena MediaE Mr Pedro Avery, Managing Directorwww  T  
Argos Home DeliveryM   TCS  Argos Home Delivery Store Locator

Argos Limited (Argos UK)E T Mr David Robinson, COOwww  T  F  M   TCS   EArgos Limited Customer Service   EPress Office   EHR  

Jobs website  
Argos Limited Store Locator

Part of Home Retail Group
01081551 (Active)
Aria TechnologyE Mr Aria Taheri, CEO (Bio)www  M   TCS   EAria Technology Customer Service   EHR  
Ark Clothing (Rett Retail)E Mr Tom Edge, Managing Director
Arla Foods LimitedE T Mr Peter Giortz-Carlsen, Chief Executive
www    T  M   TCS   TPR  02143253 (Active)
Arm Holdings PlcE T Mr Simon Segars, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
02548782 (Active)
Armstrong WatsonE T Mr Alan Johnston, Senior Partnerwww   TCS  
Arnold Clark (ArnoldClark)E Mr Eddie Hawthorne, Chief Executivewww   TCS   EArnold Clark Customer Service  
Arora Hotels
ArqivaE T Mr John Cresswell, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  02487597 (Active)
Arriva BusesE Mr Mike Cooper, Managing Directorwww  Owned by Deutsche Bahn
Arriva TrainsE Mr David Martin, Chief Executivewww   TCS  Owned by Deutsche Bahn
Arriva Trains WalesE Mr Ian Bullock, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EArriva Trains Wales Customer Service  Owned by Deutsche Bahn
Arrow GlobalE T Mr Tom Drury, CEO (Bio)www  M   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  Debt collector
05606545 (Active)
Arrow GlobalE Mr Zachary Lewy, Founder (Bio)www  
Arrow XL (Yodel XL, ArrowXL)E T Mr Ian Howell, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   EPress Office  04358875 (Active)
Art Fund (ArtFund)E T Dr Stephen Deuchar, Director (Bio)www    T  M   TCS   EArt Fund Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  
Artemis Investment Management (Artemis Fund Managers)E T Mr Lindsay Whitelaw, CEOwww  M  01988106 (Active)
Artes MundiE Ms Karen MacKinnon, Director
Artists Without a Label Radio (AWAL)E Mr Denzyl Feigelson, CEOwww  
Arun EstatesE T Mr David Lench, Managing Directorwww    
Arup (Ove Arup)E T Mr Philip Dilley, Chairmanwww  T   EPress Office  

Jobs website  
Arvato Financial Solutions (Buchanan Clark & Wells, BCW Group, Power 2 Contact, Power2Contact, Power To Contact, Credit Solutions, Arvato Credit Solutions, CSL, Cougar Financial Services)E T Mr Bryan Mouat, CEO (Bio)
www  M   EArvato Financial Solutions Customer Service  Debt collector - Part of Gothia Financial Group
SC223606 (Active)
AS Watson Group UK (Superdrug, Super drug, Perfume Shop, Perfumeshop, The Perfume Shop)E T Mr Peter Macnab, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EPress Office  Part of AS Watson
Ascent Consortium (Ascent Flight Training, UKMFTS)Mr Paul Livingston, Managing Director (Bio)www  

Jobs website  
Ascham HomesE T Ms Madeleine Forster, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   TCS   EAscham Homes Customer Service  

Jobs website  
ASDA Financial Services (ASDA Money, ASDA Bank)E Ms Kirsty Ward, Directorwww  
ASDA MagazineE Hannah McDermott, Editorwww  
ASDA UK (ASDA Direct, ASDA Supermarket)E T Mr Andy Clarke, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  F  Y  P  M   TCS   EASDA UK Customer Service   EHR  

Jobs website  
ASDA UK Store Locator

01396513 (Active)
Ashfield HomesT www  M  04294485 (Active)
Ashgate Publishing (Ashgate, Gower, Lund Humphries)E Ms Rachel Lynch, Managing Directorwww  T  
Ashmore GroupT www  M  ASHM (FTSE250)
03675683 (Active)
Ashtead GroupE T Mr Geoff Drabble, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
01807982 (Active)
Ask.comDoug Leeds, CEOM  06022095 (Active)
Aska Professional (LegalCare)E Mr Paul Careless, CEOwww  M   EAska Professional Customer Service  06672529 (Active)
ASOS (ASOS Plc)E T Mr Nick Robertson, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  

Jobs website  
IR website  
04006623 (Active)
Aspinal of LondonE T Mr Iain Burton, Founderwww  T  M   TCS   EAspinal of London Customer Service  05081390 (Active)
Aspray24 (Aspray 24, Aspray Transport, Aspray Logistics)E Mr Gavin Shannon, Head of Logistics
www   EAspray24 Customer Service  
AspreaE Mr Neil Gribbin, Managing Directorwww  M  Part of Aviva
04044446 (Dissolved 09/10/2001)
Assa Abloy UKE T Mr John Middleton, Managing Director (Bio)www  M  02096505 (Active)
Associated British Foods Plc (ABF)E T Mr George Weston, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   ECFO  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
00293262 (Active)
Associated British Ports (ABP Ports)E Mr James Cooper, CEO
Associated Newspapers LimitedT M  00084121 (Active)
Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen (ASLEF)T www  M   EAssociated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen Customer Service  
Association of Ambulance Chief Executives
Association of British Insurers (ABI)E T Mr Otto Thoresen, Director Generalwww   TCS  
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)E Ms Helen Brand, CEOwww  T  
Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO)E T Sir Stephen Bubb, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  

Jobs website  
03514635 (Active)
Association Of Conservative Clubs Limited(the)T M  00457188 (Active)
Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA)Susan Fitz-Gibbon, PresidentM  00897907 (Active)
Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL)Mr Brian Lightman, General Secretary
Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL)T www   EAssociation of Teachers and Lecturers Customer Service  
Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC, National Rail)E T Mr Michael Roberts, Chief Executive (Bio)www   TCS   EAssociation of Train Operating Companies Customer Service  
Assurant Solutions (Protect Your Bubble, ProtectYourBubble)E Mr Mike Balsley, CEO Europe
Astley Dye And Chemical Company LimitedE T Mr Brandon Pilling, Managing Directorwww  M  00239373 (Active)
Aston Hall SolutionsMr Mark Aston
Aston Manor Brewing Company E T Mr Peter Ellis, Managing Directorwww  M  
Aston MartinE Mr Ulrich Bez, Chief Executivewww  T  M  06067176 (Active)
Astraeus Collective Limitedwww  T  F  M  09601666 (Active)
AstraZeneca (Astra Zeneca)E T Mr Pascal Soriot, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
02723534 (Active)
AstroGaming UKE T Mr Chris Smith, Directorwww  M  
Asurion EuropeE Mr Andrew Cole, CEOwww  T  
ASUS UKE Mr Benjamin Yeh, Managing Directorwww  T  
Atelier M LondonE Ms Meeta Patel, Owner
www  M  
ATG Media (The Saleroom,,, ibidder, i bidder, T Ms Anne Somers, CEO (Bio)www     EPress Office   TPR  
ATG Tickets (Ambassador Theatre Group)E T Ms Helen Enright, Commercial DirectorT  Part of Ambassadors Theatre Group
Athena ANPR www  
Athens Security Services (A S Parking)www  
Atlas Editions Uk LimitedE Mr Guy Stainthorpe, Managing DirectorM  02161709 (Active)
Atlas Enforcement www  
AtlasChoice (Atlas Direct, Atlas Insurance, Atlas Choice Corporation)E Mr Mohammad Jawed Karim, Directorwww    M   TCS  Part of Atlas Choice Corporation (USA)
Atom BankE Mr Mark Mullen, CEOwww   EPress Office  
Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)E T Mr Bill Haight, Managing Directorwww  
ATOS Origin UK (ATOS Healthcare, OH Assist, OHAssist)E T Ms Ursula Morgenstern, Chief Executivewww    M   EATOS Origin UK Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  01245534 (Active)
ATS Distribution ( T Mr Andrew Harrison, Managing DirectorM  03334757 (Active)
ATS EuromasterE T Mr Peter Allen, Chief Executivewww  M  04303731 (Active)
AttendaT Mr Paul Howard, CEOT   EAttenda Customer Service  
Attitude MagazineE T Mr Matthew Todd, Editorwww  T  Vitality Publishing
Auden MckenzieE T Mr Amit Patel, CEOwww  M  03835531 (Active)
Audi UKE T Mr André Konsbruck, Managing Director (Bio)www    T  F  Y  M   TCS   EAudi UK Customer Service  

Jobs website  
AudibleE Mr Chris McKee, CEOwww  T   TCS   EAudible Customer Service  
Augere (Qubee)Mr David Venn, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  
Augustus Martin LimitedT www  M  00950118 (Active)
Aurigny Air ServicesE Mr Mark Darby, CEO
Aurora Fashions (Coast, Oasis, Warehouse, Karen Millen)E Mr Mike Shearwood, Chief Executive
Aurum Holdings (Goldsmiths, Mappin and Webb, Watches of Switzerland, Hallmark Claims Service)E Mr Brian Duffy, Chief Executivewww  
Austin ReedE Mr Nick Hollingworth, CEOwww   EAustin Reed Customer Service   EHR  
Autel Intelligent Technology Co (uk) LimitedE T Kevin Brown, Directorwww  M   EAutel Intelligent Technology Co Customer Service  07495702 (Active)
Authors' Licensing and Collection Society (ALCS)Owen Atkinson, CEO
Auto Personnel UK (Boom Recruitment)E T Ms Sheniz Suleiman, CEOT  F  M   EAuto Personnel UK Customer Service  08431444 (Dissolved 14/10/2014)
Auto Windscreenswww  
Autofil Worldwide LimitedE Sir Anthony Ullman, CEOM  03091869 (Active)
AutoglassE T Mr Andrew Wilkes-Lilley, Customer Service Managerwww  T  M   TCS  Part of Belron/D'Ieteren
00494648 (Active)
Autogrill Catering UKE T Mr Andrew Parton, Brand & Hospitality Manager
Autogrill Leon UKE Mr Andrew Clover, General Manager
Automobile Association (the AA, SAGA)E Mr Edmund King, Presidentwww  M  
Minicom: 0800 3282810
Autonet Insurance Services LimitedE T Ian Donaldson, Managing Directorwww  M  03642372 (Active)
AutonomyE T Mr Mike Lynch, Chief Executivewww  Owned by HP
Autosec (Auto Security)Parking tickets
Autosecurity trading as Autosecwww  
Avanti Insurance (Avanti Group Solutions, Avanti Travel Insurance, Health Connections Direct)E T Mr Glen Smith, Chief Executivewww    M   TCS   EAvanti Insurance Customer Service  03882026 (Active)
Avantia (Home Protect)E Mr Robin Sapherson, COO
AvantigasE Mr Neil Murphy, CEOwww  
Avention UK (OneSource Information Services, SalesQuest CRUSH)T TCS  
Aventom (Stylfile, Stylefile)Tom Pellereauwww  T  
Avery Healthcare (Avery Care Homes)E Mr John Strowbridge, Managing Directorwww  T  F  Y  M  

Jobs website  
AVG UK (AVG Nation)  
AvicennaE T Mr Salim Jetha, CEOwww  M  02961880 (Active)
Avios Group (Air Miles, Airmiles, AGL)E T Mr Gavin Halliday, Managing Directorwww  T  F  Y  M   EPress Office  
CSR website  
02260073 (Active)
Avis Budget Group EuropeE T Mr Larry De Shon, President (Bio)www  
Avis UK (Budget UK)E T Ms Mark Servodidio, Chief Executivewww    T  M   TCS  00802486 (Active)
Aviva (, Quote me happy, Aviva Insurance, CGU, Norwich Union, General Accident)E T Mr Mark Wilson, CEO (Bio)www  T  Y  M   EPress Office   TPR   ECFO   EChairman   ECMO   EHR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
AV. (FTSE100)
02468686 (Active)
Avocet MiningT Mr David Cather, CEOwww  M  03036214 (Active)
Avon UK Holdings Limited (Avon UK and Ireland)E Ms Anna Segatti, PresidentM  05226607 (Active)
Axa Insurance Uk PlcE T Mr Paul Evans, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  F  M  00078950 (Active)
Axle Group (National Tyres, Autocare, National Fleet)E Mr Tony Neill, CEOwww  
Axminster CarpetsE T Mr Josh Dutfield, Managing Directorwww    T  F  P  M  08463187 (Active)
Axminster Power Tool CentreE T Mr Ian Styles, Managing Directorwww  T  F  Y  M  03326979 (Active)
AXS EuropeE Mr Dean DeWulf, Vice Presidentwww  Ticketing for the O2 - Part of AEG
Ayton Global Research (Clicks Research, Ask Eve)E T Ms Susan Ayton, Managing DirectorM  05259427 (Active)
AZ Electronic Materials
B and Q (B&Q, B & Q, BandQ, T Mr Michael Loeve, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   TCS   EB and Q Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  

Jobs website  
B and Q Store Locator

00973387 (Active)
B&K Universal (Yorkshire Evergreen)T Mr Roy Sutcliffe, General Managerwww    M   EB&K Universal Customer Service  Owned by Marshall BioResources
B&M Stores (B&M Bargains, B&M Retail, BM Stores)E T Mr Simon Arora, CEOwww    T  M   EB&M Stores Customer Service   EPress Office   EHR  01357507 (Active)
BAAE Mr Colin Matthews, Chief Executivewww  
Babcock International (Cavendish Nuclear, Cavendish Fluor)E T Mr Peter Rogers, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   ECFO   ELegal   EIR   EHR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
02342138 (Active)
Baby Travel Ltd ( Mr Tenad Muriqi, OwnerM  07720317 (Active)
Babyliss (Conair UK)E Mr Ian Nuttall, Chief Executivewww  
BabylonAli Parsa, CEO
BabyStyle (Oyster Max, Zing)E T Mr Andy Crane, Managing Directorwww    T  F  M   EBabyStyle Customer Service  03714347 (Active)
Bacardi-Martini UK
Badger BuildingT www  M  02407008 (Active)
Badger TrustDominic Dyer, Chief Executive
BadooE Mr Andrey Ogandzhanyants, CEOwww  
BAE Systems (British Aerospace)E T Mr Ian King, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   EHR  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
BA. (FTSE100)
01996687 (Active)
BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)E T Ms Amanda Berry, CEOwww  
Bags Etc LimitedE T Mr Paul Richardson, Directorwww  M  04773542 (Active)
Bailey Caravans (Bailey of Bristol)E T Mr Nick Howard, Chief Executivewww    T  M   EBailey Caravans Customer Service  
Bakers Coaches Limited (Bakers Dolphin Coach Travel)E T Mr Max Fletcher, Managing Directorwww  M  03635902 (Active)
Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU)T
Balderton CapitalMr Bernard Liautaud, Partner
Balderton CapitalE T Mr Harry Briggs, Principal
BaldwinsE Mr Steve Warner, Managing Directorwww  
Balfour Beatty PlcE T Mr Leo Quinn, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
00395826 (Active)
Ballgar IndustriesE Mr Mike Ballgar, Chief Executive
Balsam HillE Mr Thomas Harman, CEOT  M   TCS   EBalsam Hill Customer Service  
Baltimore Parking Solutions www  
BAMMr Graham Cash, CEO (Bio)www  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
BAM Construct UKT Mr Graham Cash, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y  P  
Bamford Contract ServicesE T Steve Berry, Directorwww  M  02560711 (Active)
Banana Republic UK

Jobs website  
Banham Alarms (Banham Security)E T Mr Martin Herbert, Managing Directorwww  T  M  03047021 (Active)
Bank FashionE T Ms Gwynn Milligan, Managing Directorwww  M  

Jobs website  
Owned by Hilco Capital
02585072 (In Administration)
Bank of China UKE T Mr Stephen Hinds, Deputy GMM   EBank of China UK Customer Service  06193060 (Active)
Bank of Cyprus UK
Bank of EnglandE T Mr Mark Carney, Governor (Bio)www    T   EPress Office   TPR  RC000042 (Active)
Bank of EnglandE T Dr Ben Broadbent, Deputy Governor - Monetary Policy (Bio)www    T  M   EPress Office   TPR  
Bank of EnglandE T Ms Charlotte Hogg, Chief Operating Officer (Bio)www    T  M   EPress Office   TPR  
Bank of EnglandE T Sir Jon Cunliffe, Deputy Governor - Financial Stability (Bio)www    
Bank of Georgia HoldingsBGEO (FTSE250)
Bank of Ireland UKT Desmond Crowley, CEO (Bio)www  M  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
FC007248 (Active)
Bank Workers Charitywww  
Bank-Smart / Symmetric Systems
Bankers Investment TrustBNKR (FTSE250)
Banking Standards Review Council (BSRC)Ms Colette Bowe, Chief Executivewww   EBanking Standards Review Council Customer Service  
Bankside Group LtdE Charles Style, DirectorM  08161494 (Active)
Bannatyne Group (Bannatyne Hotels, Bannatyne Health Clubs, Bannatyne Fitness, Bannatyne Trust, Bannatynes)E T Mr Duncan Bannatyne, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M  

Jobs website  
03287770 (Active)
Banners Broker UKE T Mr Paul Cooper, Liquidatorwww  T  
Bantree GroupE Mr Bernard Bantree, Managing Director
BAP GroupE T Mr Phil Bass, Commercial Directorwww  M   EBAP Group Customer Service  
Barbican CentreE T Sir Nicholas Kenyon, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M  

Jobs website  
Barbon Insurance Group (HomeLet, Home Let)E T Mr Martin Totty, CEOwww  M  03135797 (Active)
BarbourE T Mr Steve Buck, Chief Executivewww    T  M   EBarbour Customer Service  00124201 (Active)
Barchester HealthcareE Dr Pete Calveley, CEO

Jobs website  
BarclaycardE Ms Valerie Soranno Keating, CEO (Bio)www  T   EHR  
Barclaycard UK (Egg Credit Card UK, Goldfish Credit Card, Barclay Card)E T Mr David Chan, Managing Director (Bio)www  T   TCS   EPress Office   TPR  
Barclays BankE T Mr Lawrence Dickinson, Company Secretarywww    M  
Barclays BankE T Mr Ashok Vaswani, CEO of UK Retail & Business Banking (Bio)www    T  M  
Minicom: 0845 60 60 567

Jobs website  
Barclays BankE Mr Michael Roemer, Head of Compliancewww  M  
Barclays BankMr Steve Weston, Managing Director, Retail Lendingwww  M  
Barclays Bank (Barclay's Bank, Barcalys, Barcly)E T Mr Antony Jenkins, Outgoing Group Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M  
Minicom: 0845 60 60 567

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
01026167 (Active)
Barclays Investment Bank (Barclays Capital)E Mr Rich Ricci, Chief Executive
Barclays Mortgages (Woolwich Mortgages)E T Mr Andy Gray, Managing Directorwww    T   TCS  
Barclays Mortgages (Woolwich Mortgages)E T Ms Karen Connell, Head of Mortgage Operations
Barclays Partner Finance (Clydesdale Financial Services)E Mr Ronnie Denholm, Managing Directorwww  
Barclays Wealth ManagementE Mr Akshaya Bhargava, Chief Executivewww  T  
Barefoot Days (Barefoot Promotions)E T Ms Lisa Bradshaw, OwnerM  
Bargain Booze (Bargin Booze, Conviviality Retail)E Ms Diana Hunter, Chief Executivewww  T  Owned by ECI Partners
Bargate HomesE T Mr Angus Cook, Managing Director
Barker and Lowe Legal RecoveriesFake name used by Wonga
Barker and Stonehouse (Barker and Stone House)E T Mr James Barker, Managing Directorwww  M  00937498 (Active)
Barnaby Stewart LimitedE T Mr Ian Robertson, Directorwww  M   EBarnaby Stewart Limited Customer Service  04501710 (Active)
Barnes FrankE Mr Gareth Oakley, Managing Directorwww  T  F  M   TCS   EBarnes Frank Customer Service  
Barnsley Building SocietyE T Mr Chris Pilling, Chief Executive (Bio)www  Part of Yorkshire Building Society
Barr (A.G. Barr, Irn Bru)E T Mr Roger A. White, Chief Executive (Bio)www  BAG (FTSE250)
Barratt Developments (Barratt Homes, Barratts, David Wilson Homes, Ward Homes, Wilson Bowden PLC)E T Mr Mark Clare, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO   EHR  BDEV (FTSE100)
00604574 (Active)
Barratts Priceless (Barratts Shoes, Priceless)T Mr John Hood, Managing Directorwww  M  In Administration
07895160 (In Administration)
Barrecore LimitedE Niki Rein, CEOwww  T  M  07673881 (Active)
Barrhead TravelE Ms Sharon Munro, Chief ExecutiveT  M  
Barry M. Cosmetics Ltd.E Ms Maxine Mero, Directorwww  T  M  02520696 (Active)
Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH)E T Mr Nigel Bogle, ChairmanM  Part of Publicis Groupe
01622226 (Active)
Barton Partnership (The Barton Partnership)T M   EBarton Partnership Customer Service  06264908 (Active)
Basingstoke GazetteT  
Bath Rugbywww   EPress Office  
Bathstore (Bath Store)E T Mr Gary Favell, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EBathstore Customer Service  02240475 (Active)
Battersea BargeE T Mr Nithin Rai, Ownerwww  T  F  
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (Battersea Dogs Home)E T Ms Claire Horton, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  
Bauer Media (Bauer Consumer Media)E Mr Paul Keenan, Chief Executivewww  T  
Bauer RadioE Ms Dee Ford, Managing Directorwww  
Baumatic UKE Mr Gianluca Bianchi, Managing Directorwww  
Baxi UK (Baxi Commercial, Potterton, Heatrae Sadia, Baxi Potterton Myson)E Mr David Pinder, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  Owned by BDR Thermea
Baxters FoodE T Ms Audrey Baxter, Executive Chairmanwww  M   TCS   EBaxters Food Customer Service   EHR  

Jobs website  
SC023572 (Active)
BaxterStorey (Baxter Storey)E Mr John Bennett, CEOwww   EHR  
Bayer UK (Bayer Cropscience UK, Bayer Healthcare UK)E Dr Alexander Moscho, CEO
Bayliss and Harding
bb's coffee and muffinsE Mr Patrick McCarthy, CEO (Bio)www   Ebb's coffee and muffins Customer Service   EHR  
BBA AviationBBA (FTSE250)
BBCE T Mr Tony Hall, Director General and Editor in Chief (Bio)www   EFOI   EHR  
BBCE Mr Gordon Corera, Security CorrespondentT  
BBCE Ms Zarin Patel, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (Bio)www  
BBCMr Norman Smith, Chief Political CorrespondentT  
BBCMr , Chief Technology Officer
BBCE Mr Howard Stringer, Directorwww  
BBCE Mr Ben Stephenson, Controller - Drama Commissioning
BBC BBC1Ms Charlotte Moore, Controller
BBC Breakfastwww   EBBC Breakfast Customer Service  
BBC CBBCE Ms Cheryl Taylor, Controller
BBC CBeebiesE Ms Kay Benbow, ControllerM  
BBC ComedyE Mr Shane Allen, Controller, Comedy CommissioningM  
BBC Cornwall
BBC Daytime and Early PeakE T Mr Damian Kavanagh, Controller
BBC EastendersE Mr Dominic Treadwell-Collins, Executive Producer
BBC Echo ChambersE Mr Anthony Zurcher, Editor
BBC English RegionsE Mr David Holdsworth, Controller (Bio)www  
BBC Film 2015Claudia Winkleman, Presenter
BBC Fire ProtectionMr Nick Copeman, Operations Directorwww  T   EHR  
BBC Flog It! EBBC Flog It! Customer Service  
BBC Future Media (BBC iPlayer)E Mr Ralph Rivera, Director (Bio)
BBC HardtalkE Mr Stephen Sackur, PresenterT  
BBC Have Your Say EBBC Have Your Say Customer Service  
BBC Look NorthE T Mr Tim Smith, EditorT  
BBC MagazineT  
BBC Music MagazineT  Immediate Media Company
BBC Music TelevisionE T Mr Mark Cooper, Head of Music Televisionwww  
BBC NewsE Mr Robert Peston, Economics Editorwww  T  
BBC NewsE Ms Laura Kuenssberg, Political Editorwww  T  
BBC NewsMr James Harding, Director of News & Current Affairs (Bio)T  
BBC NewsE Mr Kamal Ahmed, Business Editorwww  
BBC NewsE Mr Peter Hunt, Royal Correspondent
BBC NewsE Mr Roger Harrabin, Environment and Energy Analyst
BBC News ChannelMr Sam Taylor, ControllerT  
BBC News WebsiteE Mr Steve Herrmann, Editorwww  T  
BBC NewsnightE T Mr Ian Katz, Editorwww  T  
BBC NewsnightE Mr Jeremy Paxman, Former presenterwww  
BBC NewsnightE Ms Laura Kuenssberg, Presenterwww  
BBC NewsnightE Ms Emily Maitlis, Presenterwww  T  
BBC NewsnightE Mr Evan Davis, Presenterwww  
BBC North AmericaE Mr Paul Danahar, Bureau Chief
BBC One Show (BBC OneShow)E T Mr Seb Illis, Producerwww   EBBC One Show Customer Service  
BBC PanoramaE Mr Ceri Thomas, Editor EBBC Panorama Customer Service  
BBC ParisE Mr Hugh Schofield, Correspondent
BBC Question TimeE Mr Nicolai Gentchev, Editor
BBC RadioE Ms Helen Boaden, Director (Bio)www  
BBC Radio 1T Mr Ben Cooper, Controllerwww  T  M   TCS  
BBC Radio 2E Mr Bob Shennan, Controllerwww  M  
BBC Radio 3E Mr Roger Wright, Controllerwww  T  M  
BBC Radio 4E Ms Gwyneth Williams, Controllerwww  T  M  
BBC Radio 5 LiveMr Jonathan Wall, Controllerwww  T   EBBC Radio 5 Live Customer Service  
BBC Radio ManchesterE Ms Kate Squire, Managing Editor
BBC Red ButtonE Louise Burrluck, Producer
BBC Rip Off BritainE Emailwww  Rip Off Britain, PO BOX 4360, Manchester, M61 0DY
BBC RomeE Mr Alan Johnston, Correspondent
BBC ScotlandMr Ken MacQuarrie, Director
BBC South WestT M  
BBC SportT  
BBC Spotlight (BBC Plymouth)T
BBC Stargazing LiveE Mr Alan Holland, Series Producer
BBC Strategy and DigitalE Mr James Purnell, Director (Bio)
BBC TechnologyE Leo Kelion, Technology News Editor
BBC Television (BBC TV, BBCTV)E Mr Danny Cohen, Director (Bio)
BBC The Daily PoliticsE Mr Andrew Neil, Presenter
BBC This Week
BBC Today ProgramE Emailwww  T  
BBC Top GearE T Mr Andy Wilman, Former Executive Producer
BBC Top GearE Mr Oisin Tymon, Producer
BBC Top GearE Mr Chris Evans, Presenter
BBC Top Gear MagazineE T EditorY  
BBC TrustE Rona Fairhead, Chair (Bio)www  M   EBBC Trust Customer Service  
BBC Victoria DerbyshireE Ms Victoria Derbyshire, Presenter
BBC WatchdogE Ms Joanne Vaughan-Jones, Series Producerwww  T   EBBC Watchdog Customer Service  
BBC Wimbledon 2DayE Ms Gabrille Cook, Editor
BBC WorldwideMr Tim Davie, CEO (Bio)Y  
BBCS (Busy Bee Cleaning Services)E T Mr Gary Stevens, Managing Director (Bio)www   EBBCS Customer Service  
BC PartnersT
BDO LLPE T Mr Mark Bomer, Senior Partner
www  T  M  OC305127 (Active)
BE Broadband (BE There, Bethere)Mr www  Part of BSkyB
Be Group Holdings (uk) LimitedT www  M   EBe Group Holdings Customer Service  04347049 (Active)
Be Wiser Insurance Services (BeWiser Insurance, Be Wise Insurance)E T Mr Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairmanwww  M  06097813 (Active)
Beacon Parking Services www  
Beaconsfield Shoes (Hotter Shoes, T Mr Stewart Houlgrave, Chief Executivewww  T  M  00641365 (Active)
BealesE T Mr Michael Hitchcock, Managing Directorwww  T  F  P  
BeatBullying (Beat Bullying)E T Ms Liz Watson, CEOwww    T   EBeatBullying Customer Service  
Beauty Express (Skintruth, Sally Beauty UK)E T Mr Richard Hull, Managing Directorwww    T  M   EBeauty Express Customer Service  Part of Sally Salon Services
01060763 (Active)
Beaverbrooks the JewellersE Mr Mark Adlestone, Chairmanwww  T  M   TCS   EBeaverbrooks the Jewellers Customer Service  
Beazley GroupBEZ (FTSE250)
Bed Centre UK (Bedcentre UK)E T Mr Laurie Goldsmith, Ownerwww  T  M   EBed Centre UK Customer Service  
Bedford Insurance Group (W E Bedford Insurance Services)E T Mr Mark Hare, Managing Director  
BedstarT  F  M (Bedworld (north) Limited)E Mr Nigel Cairns, Ownerwww  M Customer Service  03145929 (Liquidation)
Bee HealthE T Mr Steven Ryan, Managing Directorwww  M   EBee Health Customer Service  06653237 (Active)
Beefeater Grillwww   TCS  Part of Whitbread
Beer Mergers
Beggars GroupE T Mr Martin Mills, Chief Executivewww  
Behavioural Insights (Nudge Unit)E T Dr David Halpern, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  08567792 (Active)
Beiersdorf UK (Nivea)E Mr Paul Price, Country Manager (Bio)www  M   TCS  
Beko UKE T Ms Teresa Arbuckle, Managing Directorwww  M   EBeko UK Customer Service  Part of KOC Group
02415578 (Active)
Belkin UK
Bell Pottinger GroupE T Mr David Wilson, Managing Directorwww  
Bell Pottinger PRE Mr Tim Bell, Chief Executivewww  
Bellamie Hair & Beauty LtdE T Jennifer Crowley, Owner (Bio)www  T  M  08038748 (Active)
Bellway HomesE T Mr Ted Ayres, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M  BWY (FTSE250)
01372603 (Active)
Belvoir Lettings PlcE Mr Dorian Gonsalves, CEOM   EChairman  07848163 (Active)
Ben & Jerry's UK (Ben and Jerries, Ben and Jerry's)www  T  Part of Unilever
Ben Bailey HomesE T Mr Mark Mitchell, Managing Director
Ben Sherman (BenSherman)E Mr Mark Maidment, CEO EHR  
Benfield Motor GroupE Mr Nigel McMinn, Chief Executivewww  T  
Bensons for BedsE Mr Alan Williams, Managing Directorwww  T   EBensons for Beds Customer Service  
Bensons for BedsE Mr Jonathan Saward, Customer Services Manager
Bentley Motors (Bentley UK)E T Mr Wolfgang Schreiber, CEOwww  T  M   TCS  00992897 (Active)
BerendsenT Mr Peter Ventress, CEOwww    M  BRSN (FTSE250)
01480047 (Active)
Berens & Company LimitedE T Mr Simon Walton, Managing Directorwww    T  M   EBerens & Company Limited Customer Service  Berens & Company
00354466 (Active)
Berghaus UKT www  M  00871405 (Active)
Berkeley Group (Berkeley Homes)E T Mr Rob Perrins, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M   EPress Office   EChairman  BKG (FTSE250)
01454064 (Active)
Berketex Brides (Bridal Fashions, Berkertex)T Ms Helen McMurdo, Directorwww  T  M  03287579 (Active)
Bernard MatthewsE Mr Rob Burnett, CEOwww  
Berneslai HomesE T Ms Helen Jaggar, CEO
Bertie Shoeswww  T  Part of Dune Group
BES Utilities LLPE Mr Ben Jones, CEO (Bio)M   EBES Utilities LLP Customer Service  OC349424 (Active)
Besso Insurance Group LimitedT Mr Howard Green, CEOwww  M  02918893 (Active)
Best 4 Loans (Best4Loans)E T Mr Mark Bowker, Managing DirectorT  M   TCS  Payday lender
Best at Travel (BestAtTravel)E Ms Rita Sharma, Chief Executivewww  
Best Buy UK ( T Mr Andrew Harrison, Chief Executivewww  
Best Direct UKE Mr Paul Marks, CEOM   EBest Direct UK Customer Service  02714232 (Dissolved 10/04/2011)
Best Western Hotels UKE T Mr Rob Payne, CEOwww  T  M   EBest Western Hotels UK Customer Service  
Bestway Group UK (Co-operative Pharmacy)E Zameer M. Choudrey, CEOwww  
Bet AngelE Mr Peter Webb, Directorwww  
Bet365 (Bet 365)E Ms Denise Coates, CEOT  M   TCS   EBet365 Customer Service  
Betclearer (Bet Butler, BetButler)www  M   TCS   EBetclearer Customer Service  07467005 (Liquidation)
Betfair (Bet Fair, Mr Breon Corcoran, Chief ExecutiveM  BET (FTSE250)
05140986 (Active)
Betfred (Betfred Sport)E T Mr Fred Done, Chief Executivewww  M   TCS   EBetfred Customer Service  04815730 (Active)
Bett HomesE T Mr Warren Thompson, Managing Directorwww    T  M   EBett Homes Customer Service  
Betta Living (Dean House, BettaLiving)E T Mr Noel Dean, Ownerwww  M  01756859 (Active)
Better BathroomsE Mr Colin Stevens, Managing Directorwww  T   TCS   EBetter Bathrooms Customer Service  
Better CapitalE T Mr Mark Aldridge, CEO   EChairman  
Better LivingM  00987269 (Active)
Betterware UKE T Mr Rob Way, Managing DirectorT  M   TCS   EBetterware UK Customer Service   EPress Office  07962214 (Active)
Betway Group (The Betway Group, Mr Richard Akitt, CEO (Bio)www  M   EBetway Group Customer Service  
CSR website  
05661485 (Dissolved 24/08/2010)
BG GroupE T Mr Andrew Gould, Executive Chairman (Bio)www    

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
BGL Group (ACM ULR, Advanced Claims Management, Bennetts, BISL, Budget, Compare the Market,, Dial Direct, frontline, Fusion, ibuyeco, Junction, minsterlaw, Minster Law, Minister Yes Insurance, Zenith Insurance)E T Mr Peter Winslow, Executive Chairmanwww  M   EPress Office   TPR   ECFO  
CSR website  
02593690 (Active)
BGO Entertainment (BGO.COM)E Ohad Narkis, CEO EBGO Entertainment Customer Service  
BH Global $BHGU (FTSE250)
BH Global £BHGG (FTSE250)
BH MacroBHMG (FTSE250)
BHP BillitonE T Mr Andrew Mackenzie, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
03196209 (Active)
Bibby DistributionE T Mr Iain Speak, Chief Executive (Bio)www    M   EBibby Distribution Customer Service  03805401 (Active)
Biffa GroupE T Mr Ian Wakelin, CEOwww  
Big Bathroom Shop
Big IssueE T Mr John Bird, Editor in Chiefwww  T   EBig Issue Customer Service  
Big IssueE T Mr Stephen Robertson, CEOwww  T   EBig Issue Customer Service  
Big Society Network (Nexters, Spring, Get In)
Big Yellow Group (Big Yellow Self Storage, BigYellow)E T Mr James Gibson, CEOwww    M   TCS   EBig Yellow Group Customer Service  
CSR website  
03625199 (Active)
Binatone UKT  
Bio Products Laboratory
Birds Eye (Iglo, Birdseye)E T Mr Elio Leoni Sceti, Chief Executivewww  T   TCS   EBirds Eye Customer Service   TPR  
Birmingham AirportE T Mr Paul Kehoe, Chief Executivewww  M  

Jobs website  
03312673 (Active)
BissellE Mr Alistair Roberts, Chief Executive
Biwater Holdings
BizantraE Mr Bradley Starr, Chief Executivewww  T  
BJSSE T Mr Glynn Robinson, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M  02777575 (Active)
Black Horse Finance (Black Horse Leasing)E Mr Chris Sutton, Managing Directorwww  
Blackball Media (Car Dealer Magazine)E T Mr James Batchelor, Editor
BlackBerry UK (RIM UK)E T Ms Alexandra Zagury, Managing Directorwww    T  M  
Blackcircles.comE T Mr Michael Welch, Managing Director (Bio)www    T  M   TCS Customer Service   EPress Office   EHR  Part of Michelin
SC224310 (Active)
Blackpool Airport
Blackpool Pleasure BeachE Ms Amanda Thompson, Director EBlackpool Pleasure Beach Customer Service  
Blackpool Transport Services LimitedE T Ms Jane Cole, Managing Directorwww    T  M   TCS   EBlackpool Transport Services Limited Customer Service  02003020 (Active)
BlackRock World Mining TrustBRWM (FTSE250)
Blade Group (Blade Motor Group)E Mr Mike Flanagan, Managing Directorwww  T  
Blemain Finance (Cheshire Mortgage Corporation)E Mr Gary Jennison, CEO
Blenheim Palace
Blind Makers (Midlands) Limited (English Blinds, EnglishBlinds)T Mr John Moss, Directorwww  M   EBlind Makers Customer Service  04826936 (Active)
Blinds 2 Go LimitedE Mr Mark Bramley, OwnerM  03954180 (Active)
BlinkboxE Mr Adrian Letts, Managing DirectorOwned by TalkTalk
Blockbuster UK (Blockbusters UK, TS Operations)E T Mr Gary Warren, Managing Directorwww  T  F  Y  M  In Administration
02111417 (Liquidation)
Bloor Holdings (Bloor Homes, Triumph Motorcycles)E Mr John Bloor, CEO

Jobs website  
Blucora (Infospace, Monoprice, TaxACT)E Mr William Ruckelshaus, CEOwww   EIR  
Blue ArrowE Mr Mark Manaton, Managing Director
www  T  Part of the Impellam Group
Blue Cloud EuropeT  
Blue Diamond Garden CentresE T Mr Alan Roper, Managing Directorwww    
Blue Islands Airline (BlueIslands)E Mr Rob Veron, Managing Directorwww  M   EBlue Islands Airline Customer Service   EHR  
Blue Rainbow ApartmentsT  
Bluebird CareE T Mr Paul Tarsey, Chairmanwww  T  F   EBluebird Care Customer Service  

Jobs website  
Bluecrest Allblue FundBABS (FTSE250)
Bluefin InsuranceE T Mr Stuart Reid, Chief Executivewww    
Blufire MediaE T Mr Nick Williamson, Owner
EBlufire Media Customer Service  
BM Contract (BM Furniture)E Mr Bill Margerison, Managing Director
BMI (BMIBaby, BMI Baby, FlyBMI)www  Now part of BA
BMI Healthcare (General Healthcare Group)E T Mr Stephen Collier, Chief Executivewww  M   TCS  Part of General Healthcare Group
02164270 (Active)
BMW UK (Mini UK, BMW Finance UK)E T Mr Graeme Grieve, Managing Director
www  T  M   TCS   EBMW UK Customer Service  

Jobs website  
01378137 (Active)
BOC GroupE Mr Mike Huggon, Managing Directorwww  
BodenE Mr Julian Granville, Chief Executivewww   TCS   EPress Office   EHR  
Bodleian LibraryE Mr Richard Ovenden, Librarianwww  
Body Massco (Allbody Nutra, Starmass, Testocore, Testomaxx, Mr Marat Golub, Ownerwww  M   EBody Massco Customer Service  08581812 (Active)
Body Shop (Bodyshop, The Body Shop)E T Mr Jeremy Schwartz, Chief Executivewww    T  M   TCS  Part of L'Oreal
01284170 (Active)
Body Shop UK (Bodyshop, The Body Shop UK)E Mr Michel Brousset, Country Manager (Bio)T  
Bodycare (Gr & Mm Blackledge)T Graham Blackledge, Managing Director
Bodycote PlcT www  M  BOY (FTSE250)
00519057 (Active)
Bokomo FoodsAlk Brand, Chief Executive
Bond Aviation GroupE Mr Richard Mintern, CEOwww  
Bondara (Nagook)E Christopher Simms, OwnerT  F  M   TCS   EBondara Customer Service  06009758 (Active)
BonhamsE T Mr Matthew Girling, CEOwww  T   TCS   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  
BonmarcheE T Ms Beth Butterwick, Chief Executivewww  T  M  07909526 (Active)
Bonusbond Limited (Bonus Bond)M  Part of Grass Roots Group
01498416 (Active) (Boo Hoo, BooHoo)E Ms Carol Kane, Ownerwww  T  F  M   TCS Customer Service   ECFO  

Jobs website  
Trading name of Wasabi Frog Limited
05723154 (Active)
Book Depository UK (The Book Depository UK)E T Mr Christopher McKee, Managing Directorwww  M  05124926 (Active)
Bookable Holidays ( Mr Jason Dwyer, Managing DirectorM  05206469 (Liquidation)
Booker DirectE Mr Mark Aylwin, Managing Director (Bio)www  
Booker GroupE T Mr Charles Wilson, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   EBooker Group Customer Service  

Jobs website  
05145685 (Active)
Booker WholesaleE Mr Guy Farrant, Managing Director (Bio)www  
Bookseller (The Bookseller)T  
Boot King (The Boot King)
BoothsE Mr Edwin Booth, Executive Chairmanwww  T   EPress Office   TPR  

Jobs website  
Boots OpticiansE Mr Ben Fletcher, Managing Directorwww  
Boots the Chemist (Alliance Boots, Walgreens Boots Alliance)E T Mr Stefano Pessina, Executive Chairman (Bio)www  M   TPR  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
Registered office in Switzerland
Boots UK (Boots the Chemist UK)E T Mr Simon Roberts, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EBoots UK Customer Service  00928555 (Active)
Boro TaxisE Ms Christine Bell, Company Secretary

Jobs website  
Boro TyresE Adam Beston, DirectorM  01388246 (Active)
Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group (BSH Home Appliances, Neff)E Dr Andreas Meier, Chief Executivewww  
Bosch UKE Dr Steffen Hoffmann, President (Bio)www  
Bose UKE Mr Philip Carpenter, Managing Directorwww  
Bought By ManyE Mr Steven Mendel, CEOwww  T  F  M   EBought By Many Customer Service  07886430 (Active)
BoultingT Mike Groarke, CEOwww  M   EBoulting Customer Service   EHR  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
02950900 (Active)
BouncepadMr Solon Sasson, Managing Directorwww  T  F   EBouncepad Customer Service  
BountyE T Mr Ian Beswetherick, CEOwww    T  F  M   EPress Office   TPR  Part of Treehouse Group
00631367 (Active)
Bounty UKE T Ms Clare Goodrham, UK General Managerwww    M  
Bourne Leisure Group (Butlins, Haven Holiday Parks, Owners Exclusive, Warner Leisure Hotels, Warner Hotels, Warner Holidays)E Mr John Dunford, Chief Executivewww  
Bournemouth Water Limitedwww  M  Owned by Pennon Group
05598451 (Active)
BovaleE T Mr Michael Bailey, Directorwww    M  02594369 (Active)
Bovis Homes Group PlcE T Mr David Ritchie, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TPR  BVS (FTSE250)
00306718 (Active)
Bowlplex (Bowl Plex)E Mr Mark Sergeant, CEOwww  
Bowood LambT M  
Box Limited ( T Mr Mark Jordan, Managing Directorwww  T  F  Y  M   EBox Limited Customer Service  03224094 (Active)
Boxclever (Box clever, Radio Rentals)Mr Geoffrey Curzon-Berners, Managing DirectorM   EBoxclever Customer Service   EHR  
BoxNation (Box Nation, Box Channel Media)E Mr Jim McMunn, General Manager
www   TCS   EBoxNation Customer Service  
Boycott Workfarewww  T  
BP Oil UKT M  
BP P.l.c. (British Petroleum)E T Mr Bob Dudley, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   EBP P.l.c. Customer Service   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
BP. (FTSE100)
00102498 (Active)
Brabantia EHR  

Jobs website  
Bradford & Bingley Mortgage ExpressE Mr Richard Banks, Managing Directorwww  
Bradford Community Payroll And Accounts Ltd (Bradford CPA)T www  M   EBradford Community Payroll And Accounts Ltd Customer Service  03036613 (Active)
Bradford Council for Mosques
Bradford Group (Bradford Exchange)E Mr Nigel Kendrick, Managing Director EBradford Group Customer Service  
Brakes Group (Brake Group, Brake's Group)E T Mr Ken McMeikan, Chief Executivewww  T  M   TCS  00706764 (Active)
Bramdean Asset ManagementE Mr Nicola Horlick, Chief Executivewww  
Brand EmbassyE Mr Vit Horky, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   EBrand Embassy Customer Service  07814317 (Active)
Brand Republic (Campaign, Marketing, PRWeek, PR Week)E T Mr Danny Rogers, Editor-in-Chief (Bio)www  T  M  
BrandAlley (Brand Alley)E T Mr Rob Feldmann, CEO
www  T  M   TCS  Part owned by News International
03885013 (Active)
Branded Garden Products LimitedE T Mr Paul Hansord, Managing Directorwww  T  F  Y  M   TCS   EBranded Garden Products Limited Customer Service   EPress Office  

Jobs website  
part of Branded Garden Products Ltd
00358372 (Active)
BrandHandlingT Ms Marcia Kilgore, CEO
Brantano (UK) LimitedE T Mr David Short, Managing Directorwww  M  03472784 (Active)
Brasserie Bar CoE T Mr John Lederer, Managing Directorwww  M   EHR  
BravissimoE T Ms Sarah Tremellen, CEOwww  T  M  
Bray Leino
BRE GroupDr Peter Bonfield, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
Breakfree Holidays LimitedE Mr Peter Allport, Managing DirectorM   EBreakfree Holidays Limited Customer Service  05753643 (Active)
Brecon BrewingE T Mr Buster Grant, Ownerwww  T   EBrecon Brewing Customer Service  
BreezemountE T Mr Aaron Shields, Managing Directorwww  M   EHR  
Breezeplus+ Legal Solutions (Breeze & Wyles Solicitors)E Mr Murray Fraser, Director (Bio)www  M  08482738 (Active)
Brend HotelsE T Mr James Brend, CEOwww  T  M   EBrend Hotels Customer Service  00955450 (Active)
Brent Housing Partnership Limited (BHP)E Mr Tom Bremner, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EBrent Housing Partnership Limited Customer Service  04533752 (Active)
Brevan HowardE T Mr Alan Howard, Chief Executive  M  
Brewers Fayrewww   TCS  Part of Whitbread
Brewin Dolphin HoldingsT www  M  BRW (FTSE250)
02135876 (Active)
Bridal House
Bridge Security (CCTV) trading as Bridge Property Asset Management
Bridgepoint CapitalE T Mr William Jackson, Managing Partner (Bio)www  
Bridgfords Estate AgentsE T Mr Mark Alcroft, Managing Directorwww    M  
Bright BlueE Mr Ryan Shorthouse, CEO
Brighthouse (Bright House)E T Mr Leo McKee, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
06250176 (Active)
BrightLife UK (Bright Life UK, JDM Marketing, Dima, Dima-Service)E Mr Ruedi Buholzer, Director
Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach CompanyE Mr Martin Harris, Managing Directorwww   TCS   EBrighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company Customer Service  
Brightside Group LimitedE T Mr Andrew Wallin, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  05941335 (Active)
Brightsolid Online Publishing (BSOP, Findmypast, Friends Reunited, Genes Reunited, GenesReunited, Bright Solid Online Publishing, TC Thomson Family History)E T Mr Annelise van den Belt, CEO (Bio)
www  T  M  SC274983 (Active)
Brightsolid Online Technology (BSOT, Bright Solid Online Technology)E Richard Higgs, CEO
Brindex (Association of British Independent Oil Exploration Companies)T
Brinkley's Restaurants (Brinkleys)Mr John Brinkley, Directorwww  
Brintons CarpetsM  07749331 (Active)
Bristan GroupE Mr Jeremy Ling, Chief Executivewww  T   TCS   EBristan Group Customer Service   EPress Office  
Bristol AirportE T Mr Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive (Bio)
www  T  M  

Jobs website  
Owned by Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund
02078692 (Active)
Bristol and WestT www    
Bristol Ticket ShopT
Bristol WaterE T Mr Luis Garcia, Chief Executivewww  M  Owned by Agbar (part of Suez)
02662226 (Active)
Bristow Sutor (Bristow and Sutor, Bristow & Sutor)E T Mr Simon Sutor, Managing Director (Bio)www  M  01431688 (Active)
Brit InsuranceE Mr Nick Prettejohn, Chairmanwww  T  
Britannia Hotels (including Pontins)E T Ms Eileen Downey, Directorwww    T  M  01343600 (Active)
Britannia LivingE Mr Philip Oatley, Chief ExecutiveT   EBritannia Living Customer Service  
Britannia ParkingE T Mr Graham Stuart, Managing Directorwww  M   EBritannia Parking Customer Service  02389707 (In Administration)
Britannia Parking Group www  
Britannia Refined Metals LimitedT Mr Florian von Steinkeller, Executive General Managerwww  M  00252455 (Active)
Britannia Windows (uk) LimitedE T Mr Hayden Rushton, Ownerwww  M  01641907 (Active)
BritannicE Mr Paul Thompson, Chief Executivewww  
Britannic Technologies (BTL)E T Mr Richard Dendle, Managing Directorwww  M   TCS   EBritannic Technologies Customer Service  02097097 (Active)
BritaxE Mr Karl Kahofer, CEOwww  T  
British Air Transport Association (BATA)Nathan Stower, Chief Executive
British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA)
British Airways (BA)E T Mr Keith Williams, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  M   TCS   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
01777777 (Active)
British Airways Executive Club (BA Executive Club)E Mr James Hillier, Managerwww  M   TCS  
British American Tobacco (BAT)E T Mr Nicandro Durante, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
03407696 (Active)
British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA)E T Mr Chris Hayes, Managing Director (Bio)www   EBritish and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association Customer Service  
British Association of Removers (BAR)E T Mr Paul Swindon, Company Secretarywww    M   EBritish Association of Removers Customer Service  00133531 (Active)
British Bankers Association (BBA)E Mr Anthony Browne, Chief Executivewww  T  
British Business BankT Mr Ron Emerson, Chairmanwww  M  
British Car Auctions (BCA Holdings)E Mr Andrew Hulme, Managing Directorwww   EHR  
British Chambers of CommerceE T Mr John Longworth, Chief Executivewww    T  
British Colleges SportChair
British Corner ShopE Mr Mark Callaghan, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EBritish Corner Shop Customer Service  05085811 (Active)
British Deaf Association (BDA)E T Mr David Buxton, CEO (Bio)www  
British Dental Assocation (BDA)
British Empire Securities and General TrustBTEM (FTSE250)
British EnergyE Mr Bill Coley, Chief Executivewww  Part of EDF Energy
British Fashion Council
British Gas (BG Group, BritishGas)E T Mr Ian Peters, Managing Directorwww  T  M  
Minicom: 0845 60 08 500
TCS   EBritish Gas Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR   ECFO   ELegal   EHR  

Jobs website  
Part of Centrica
BG. (FTSE100)
06723244 (Active)
British Gas - BusinessE Mr Stuart Rolland, Managing DirectorT  
Minicom: 0845 60 08 500
EPress Office   TPR  

Jobs website  
Part of Centrica
British Gas - Energy ResidentialE T Mr Stephen Beynon, Managing Directorwww  T  M  
Minicom: 0845 60 08 500
EBritish Gas - Energy Residential Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  

Jobs website  
Part of Centrica
British Gas - ServicesE T Mr Matthew Bateman, Managing Directorwww  T  M  
Minicom: 0845 60 08 500
EPress Office   TPR  

Jobs website  
Part of Centrica
03141243 (Active)
British Geological Survey (BGS)
British Home Stores (BHS, BHS Direct, BHS Furniture)
British Hops Association
British Horseracing Authority (BHA)E T Mr Paul Bittar, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EBritish Horseracing Authority Customer Service   TPR   EHR  02813358 (Active)
British Humanist AssociationE T Mr Andrew Copson, Chief Executive (Bio)
www  T  F  M  00228781 (Active)
British Institute of InnkeepersT   M  
British Land CompanyE T Mr Chris Grigg, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   ECFO  

Jobs website  
00621920 (Active)
British LibraryE T Dame Lynne Brindley, Chief Executivewww    T  M   TCS   EPress Office   EHR  Department for Culture, Media and Sport
British Medical AssociationE T Mr Tony Bourne, Chief Executivewww  T  F  Y  M  00008848 (Active)
British Medical Journal (BMJ)E Ms Fiona Godlee, Editor (Bio)www  Owned by British Medical Association (BMA)
British Mountaineering Council (BMC) EPress Office   TPR  
British Olympic Association (BOA)E T Mr Andy Hunt, Chief Executivewww  
British Orthodontic Society (BOS)E Mr Les Joffe, CEOwww  
British Paralympic AssociationMr Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive
British Parking AssociationT Mr Patrick Troy, Chief Executivewww    T  F  M   EBritish Parking Association Customer Service  00979689 (Active)
British Pipeline Agency (BPA)
British Polling CouncilE T Professor John Curtice, President
British Retail ConsortiumE T Ms Helen Dickinson, Director General (Bio)www    T  Y   EBritish Retail Consortium Customer Service  
British School of Motoring (BSM)Part of the AA Group
British Solar (Green Energy Alternatives PV)E Mr Robert Jackson, Directorwww  M   TCS   EBritish Solar Customer Service  
British Standards Institution (BSI, British Standards Institute)
British Sugar PlcT Mr Mark Carr, Chief Executivewww  M   EPress Office  
CSR website  
00315158 (Active)
British Veterinary AssociationMr Robin Hargreaves, President
British Weather ServicesT Mr
British-Irish Council
Brittain Marketing Services LimitedM   TCS   EBrittain Marketing Services Limited Customer Service  03574363 (Active)
Brittany Ferries UK (Britanny Ferries, Brittanny Ferries)E T Mr Mike Bevens, CEOwww  T  M   TCS  01080495 (Active)
Britvic Soft Drinks LimitedE T Mr Simon Litherland, Chief Executivewww  T  M   TCS  BVIC (FTSE250)
00517211 (Active)
Broad Oak ToiletriesE Mr Philip Marsh, Managing Director
Broadcasting Audience Research Board (BARB)E T Mr Justin Sampson, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EBroadcasting Audience Research Board Customer Service  
Broadland Housing AssociationE T Mr Michael Newey, Group Chief Executive (Bio)www   TCS   EBroadland Housing Association Customer Service  IP16274R (Active)
Brockway Carpets LimitedT Charles Annable, Managing Directorwww  M  00298275 (Active)
Brodie and StoneE T Mr Michael Eggerton, Chairmanwww    M   EHR  

Jobs website  
Brofeeds LimitedT M  02143402 (Active)
Bromford (Bromford Group, Bromford Homes, Bromford Housing)E Mr Mick Kent, CEOwww  
Brompton BicycleE T Mr Will Butler-Adams, Managing Directorwww    T   TCS   EBrompton Bicycle Customer Service  
BronzemillM  06110446 (Active)
Brook HotelsE Mr Ashok Ummat, CEOwww  T   EBrook Hotels Customer Service  
Brook TavernerT  F  
Brookfield Utilities UK
Brother UKE Mr Phil Jones, Managing Directorwww  T  
Brothers ServicesE Mr William Bazzani, Managing Directorwww   EHR  

Jobs website  
Brunswick GroupMs Sue Gilchrist, CEO (Bio)www  
Bruntwood EstatesE Mr Chris Oglesby, CEO (Bio)
BSG Property ServicesE T Mr Andrew Nunn, Managing Directorwww  M  
BT Business (BT Enterprises, BT Ireland)E Mr Graham Sutherland, Chief Executive
BT ConsumerE Mr John Petter, Chief Executive
BT Global ServicesE Mr Luis Alvarez, Chief Executivewww  T  
BT Group (British Telecom, Openreach, BT Retail, Openworld, BTConnect, BT plc, BTPlc, British Telecommunications, BTGroup, BT Customer Service, British Telecoms, BT Infinity, T Mr Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   TCS   EPress Office   ECFO   EChairman   EHR  

Jobs website  
BT.A (FTSE100)
04190816 (Active)
BT Retail (British Telecom)E T Ms Libby Barr, Managing Directorwww  T  M  

Jobs website  
BT TV (BT Vision, BT Sport, BTSport, BTTV, BT Television, BTVision)E T Ms Delia Bushell, CEOwww  T   TCS  
BT Wholesale (BT Wholesail)Mr Nigel Stagg, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
BuchananE T Mr Richard Oldworth, Executive Chairman
Buckinghamshire Building SocietyE T Mr Ivan Gould, Chief Executivewww  
Buckley Jewellery LimitedT Sir Eric Peacock, Chairmanwww  M  02343583 (Active)
BudgetAir.comMr André Hesselink, CEO (Bio)www   EHR  

Jobs website  
Buenos Aires RestaurantE Mr Cristian Barrionuevo, CEOwww  
Buffalo Technology Uk LimitedT www  T  M  02514456 (Active)
Builder Depot (BuilderDepot)E Mr Michael Aaronson, Managing Directorwww  T  F  M   EBuilder Depot Customer Service  

Jobs website  
04287341 (Active)
Building The Nest Egg LimitedE Mr Paul Clutterbuck, DirectorM  09357517 (Active)
BumiE T Mr Nick von Schirnding, CEO (Bio)www     EBumi Customer Service  
Bunzl Public Limited CompanyE T Mr Michael Roney, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
00358948 (Active)
BUPA HealthcareE T Mr Stuart Fletcher, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   ECFO   EChairman   EHR  03956433 (Active)
BUPA Healthcare UKE Mr Richard Bowden, Managing Director (Bio)www  M  
Burberry GroupE T Mr Christopher Bailey, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  P  M   TCS   ECFO   EChairman  

Jobs website  
IR website  
03458224 (Active)
Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ)E Mr Christo Hird, Managing Editorwww  T  M   EBureau of Investigative Journalism Customer Service   TPR   EHR  
Burger King UK (BurgerKing UK)E T Mr Bruno Lino, Managing Directorwww  M   TCS   EBurger King UK Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  

Jobs website  
05811453 (Active)
Burlington CreditDebt collector
Burn Stewart DistillersE Mr Fraser Thornton, Managing Director
Burnley Savings and Loans (Bank of Dave, David Fishwick LLP)E T Mr David Fishwick, CEOwww    T  F  M  07640762 (Active)
Burton McCallE T Mr Steve Davey, Managing Directorwww  M   TCS   EBurton McCall Customer Service  Part of Bollin Group
02168907 (Active)
Busaba EathaiE Mr Jude Sangsida, Chef
Buses ExceteraE T Mr Mark Warren, Operations Managerwww  
Business Design Centre
Business for Scotland
Business in the Community (BITC)E Mr Stephen Howard, CEO (Bio)www  T  
Business Watch Guarding www  
Butcher's Pet Care (Butchers Pet Care)E T Mr Graham Baker, Chairmanwww   EButcher's Pet Care Customer Service  
Buy As You View (BAYV, Dunraven Finance)E T Mr Graham Clarke, Chief Executivewww  T  F  P  M   TCS   EBuy As You View Customer Service  

Jobs website  
01252688 (Active)
Buy It Direct (Appliances Direct, BuyIt Direct, BuyItDirect, LaptopsDirect, Laptops Direct)E T Mr Nick Glynne, Managing Director
www  T  M  

Jobs website  
04171412 (Active)
BuyACarE Mr Austin Collins, Managing Director
BuyAGiftE T Mr Dan Mountain, Managing Directorwww  T  M   EBuyAGift Customer Service  
BuyMobiles.netE Mr Paul Sisson, CEOwww  T  
BuzzFeed UKE Ms Cate Sevilla, Managing EditorT  
BuzzimaOscar Galliers, PartnerM   EBuzzima Customer Service  09271257 (Active)
BVG Airflo (Clifford James, AHL Online, Samuel Windsor)E T Mr Iain Burgess, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  Y  P  M  

Jobs website  
ByBoxE T Mr Stuart Miller, CEOwww  
ByteBack IT SolutionsT  
C&T MatrixT Mr Simon Shenton, Managing Director (Bio)www  M  02981704 (Active)
C2CE Mr Julian Drury, Chief Executivewww  M   TCS   EC2C Customer Service  
Cabanaga CompanyE Ms Cameron Cabanaga, CEO
Cable and Wireless UK (CWC UK, Cable Wireless, NTL)E T Mr Phil Bentley, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  CWC (FTSE250)
07029206 (Active)
Cabot Credit Management (Cabot Financial, CCM, Marlin Financial Group)E T Mr Ken Stannard, Chief Executivewww  M   TCS   EPress Office   TPR   ECFO   EIR  
IR website  
05754978 (Active)
Cadbury UK (Green and Blacks, Green & Blacks, Green and Black's, Cadburys UK, Cadbury's UK)E Ms Mary Barnard, Presidentwww  T  Part of Kraft Foods
Cadogan EstatesE T Mr Hugh Seaborn, CEO (Bio)www  M  00687324 (Active)
Cafédirect E T Ms Anne MacCaig, Chief Executivewww  T  
Caffe ConcertoE T Mr Stephano Borjak, Managing Directorwww  M  01994671 (Active)
Caffe Latte EHR  

Jobs website  
Caffe Nero (Cafe Nero, Rome Pikco, Neros)E T Dr Gerry Ford, Chief Executivewww  T  M  04129005 (Active)
Caffyns Public Limited CompanyE T Mr Simon Caffyn, Chief Executivewww    T  M  00105664 (Active)
Cagey Media
Cairn EnergyE T Mr Bill Gammell, Chief Executivewww  M  CNE (FTSE250)
SC226712 (Active)
Cairngorms National Park Authoritywww   ECairngorms National Park Authority Customer Service  
CALA HomesT Alan Brown, Managing Directorwww     ECALA Homes Customer Service  
Caldmore AccordE Mr Mike Hew, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   TCS   ECaldmore Accord Customer Service  
Caledonia Investments PlcT www  M  CLDN (FTSE250)
00235481 (Active)
Caledonian MacBrayne (Cal Mac, CalMac)E T Mr Martin Dorchester, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   ECaledonian MacBrayne Customer Service  
Call Prevention Registry (CPR Global)E Mr Andrew Sandbrook, Managing Directorwww  M   ECall Prevention Registry Customer Service  07174936 (Active)
Callcredit Information Group Limited (Call credit, Noddle, Lifestyles Online)E T Mr Mike Gordon, Chief Executive (Bio)
www    T  F  M   ECFO  

Jobs website  
04968328 (Active)
CallevaE Mr Clive Griffiths, Managing Directorwww  M   ECalleva Customer Service  
CallUma (Tag’n’Traq, Tag & Track, Tag and Track, Globelink Language Solutions)E T Mr Tony Partridge, Chief Executive
Calor Gas Limited (Calorgas)E T Mr Stephen Rennie, Managing Directorwww    T  M  

Jobs website  
00303703 (Active)
Cambridge Building SocietyE T Mr Stephen Mitcham, CEOwww    T  
Cambridge Satchel CompanyE T Ms Julie Deane, Ownerwww  T  M   ECambridge Satchel Company Customer Service  
Cambridge Strategy CentreT ECambridge Strategy Centre Customer Service  
Cambridge University Press (CUP)E Mr Peter Phillips, CEO
Cambridge WaterMr Keith Marshall, Managing Director (Bio)www  M   EHR  

Jobs website  
Camelot Group (The National Lottery, National Lotto)E Ms Dianne Thompson, Chief Executivewww  T  
Cameron MackintoshMr Cameron Mackintosh
Campaign for Freedom of InformationE T Mr Maurice Frankel, Directorwww  T   ECampaign for Freedom of Information Customer Service  
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)E Dr Kate Hudson, Chair EPress Office   TPR  
Camping and Caravanning ClubE T Mr Robert Louden, Director Generalwww  T  F  Y   TCS  
Canada Life Assurance UK
Canada Life Investments UK
Canal and River TrustE T Mr Richard Parry, Chief Executivewww  T   ECanal and River Trust Customer Service  
Canals & River Trust
Canary Wharf GroupMr George Iacobescu, CEO (Bio)www  
Canbetwww  T   ECanbet Customer Service  

Jobs website  
Canburg LimitedE T Mr Leo Caplan, CEO
www  M  06841786 (Active)
Cannon ToolsE Tony Sanghera, Managing Director
Canon UKE T Mr Hasse Iwarsson, Managing Directorwww    T  M  01264300 (Active)
CanonicalE Ms Jane Silber, CEOwww  
Canopies Uk LimitedE T Mr Tim Rolfe, CEOwww  M  02472327 (Active)
CanopiusE Mr Michael Watson, CEO
Canterbury Christ Church Universitywww  
Canute Limited Liability Partnership (Canute LLP)T www  M   ECanute Limited Liability Partnership Customer Service  OC305985 (Active)
Canvas HolidaysE Mr Simon Allan, Managing Directorwww  T   ECanvas Holidays Customer Service  
CAP Gemini UK (CAPGemini UK)Ms Christine Hodgson, Executive Chairman
Capita Group (including TV License, TV Licence, TV Licensing, TV Licencing, Lancaster Insurance, ParkingEye, Parking Eye, Team24)E T Mr Andy Parker, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
02081330 (Active)
Capita Health and WellbeingE T Mr Bob Goodall, Medical Director
Capita PIP (Personal Independence Payment, Capita Health and Wellbeing)E T Dr Stephen Duckworth, CEOwww  M   TCS   ECapita PIP Customer Service  03185776 (Active)
Capita SIMSE T Mr Phil Neal, Managing Director (Bio)www    T  Y  M  
Capital & Counties PropertiesCAPC (FTSE250)
Capital Carpark Controlwww  
Capital Gardens GroupMr Colin Campbell-Preston, Managing Director
Capital MastercraftT www    M  
Capital One UK (CapitalOne UK)E T Ms Victoria Mitchell, UK Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (Bio)www  T  M  
Minicom: 0115 843 3745
03879023 (Active)
Capital ResolveT Mr Bernie Phillips, Managing Director  T  M   TCS   ECapital Resolve Customer Service  02856749 (Active)
Capital Stores Ltd (Capital Outdoors)M   TCS   ECapital Stores Ltd Customer Service  05771158 (Active)
Capital StrategiesE Mr Nigel Mason, CEOwww  
Capquest (DVSL, Data Verification Services Limited, Telogram)E T Ms Helen Ashton, CEO (Bio)www   TCS   EPress Office  Debt collector
Caprice Holdings (The Ivy, Le Caprice, 34, Daphne's, Rivington, J. Sheekey)T Mr Richard Caring, CEOwww  T  M   EPress Office   EHR  

Jobs website  
01661349 (Active)
Captive Animals Protection Society
Car Finance CompanyE T Mr Mark Smith, Managing Directorwww  M   TCS   ECar Finance Company Customer Service  06060536 (Active)
Car Giant (CarGiant)E Mr Antonio Mendes, CEOwww   ECar Giant Customer Service  
Car Park Management Services(CPMS) www  
Car Park Services www  
Car People (The Car People)E T Mr Martyn Carnell, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   ECar People Customer Service  03743283 (Active)
Car ThrottleE Mr Adnan Ebrahim, Ownerwww  
car2go UKE Mr Trevor Storey, Directorwww  M  08083960 (Active)
Caravan Club (The Caravan Club, CaravanClub)E T Mr Nick Lomas, Director Generalwww  T  M  
Carbon RiverE T Mr Dan Gipple, CEOwww  T  M  
Carcraft (Car Craft)E Mr Noel McKee, CEOwww  T  M  

Jobs website  
Card Factory (Sportswift, CardFactory)E T Mr Richard Hayes, Chief Executivewww  M   ECard Factory Customer Service  03493972 (Active)
Cardiff AirportE Debra Barber, Managing Director
Cardiff BusMs Cynthia Ogbonna, Managing Director
Cardinal HouseT Mr Graham Martin, Chairman ECardinal House Customer Service   EIR  
CARE International UKMr Geoffrey Dennis, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  Y  

Jobs website  
Care UK (CareUK)E T Mr Mike Parish, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  Y   EPress Office   TPR   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
Careco (uk) LimitedM   ECareco Customer Service  06831125 (Active)
Carefree Communications TelecomE Mr James Bradley, Managing DirectorT  M   ECarefree Communications Telecom Customer Service   EHR  08075379 (Active)
CaremarkE T Mr Kevin Lewis, CEOwww  T  M   ECaremark Customer Service  

Jobs website  
05447577 (Active)
CarewatchE T Mr Scott Christie, CEO (Bio)www  M   TCS  

Jobs website  
Owned by Lyceum Capital
02949558 (Active)
Carflow www  
CargoBoxE Mr John Davies, Managing Directorwww  
CarillionE T Mr Richard Howson, Chief Executivewww  M  CLLN (FTSE250)
03782379 (Active)
Carillion Energy Services (EAGA Insulation, Warmsure)E T Mr Nigel Taylor, Chief Executivewww  M   TCS  03858865 (Active)
Caring Homes Group (Consensus, Curate)E T Mr Paul Jeffery, Chief Executivewww  T  M   TCS  

Jobs website  
Carlton (north Wales) LtdE T Ms Rebecca Hopewell, Managing DirectorM   ECarlton Customer Service  00382988 (Active)
Carluccio's (Carluccios)E Mr Simon Kossoff, Chief Executivewww  
Carmel CoachesE T Mr Tony Hazell, Directorwww  
Carmel Education TrustMs Maura Regan, CEOM  07808732 (Active)
Carnival UKE T Mr David Noyes, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   EChairman   EHR  

Jobs website  
04039524 (Active)
Carole Nash InsuranceE Mr David Newman, Managing Director EPress Office  
CarParts4Less (, Car Parts 4 Less)Mr Robert Wagman, DirectorM   TCS   ECarParts4Less Customer Service  07596462 (Active)
Carpet World (CarpetWorld)E T Mr Peter Cox, Ownerwww  
Carpetmaster LimitedE T Mr Stephen Gubbins, Owner
www  T  M  06639881 (Active)
Carpetright (Carpet Right)E T Mr Wilf Walsh, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   ECFO  02294875 (Active)
Carphone Warehouse (CPW) (, Talk Mobile, Talkmobile, Car Phone Warehouse)T Mr Andrew Harrison, Chief Executive (Bio)
www  T  M   TCS   TPR   EIR  CPW (FTSE250)
02142673 (Active)
Carphone Warehouse UK (CPW UK) (, Talk Mobile, Talkmobile, Car Phone Warehouse)E Mr Graham Stapleton, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   TPR  
Cartier UKE Mr Laurent Feniou, Managing Director
Cartridge SaveE T Mr Ian Cowley, Managing Directorwww  T  M  04983326 (Active)
CarVal Investors UKE T Mr Stuart Lammin, Managing Directorwww    M  

Jobs website  
Carworld SupermarketE T Mr Mahmood Fazal, Directorwww  
Cascade CarsE Mrs Iram Jamal Khan, CEOwww  M   ECascade Cars Customer Service  07458274 (Active)
Cascade Financial (National Parking Control)www  
Cash BobE Mr Robert Bak, DirectorM   ECash Bob Customer Service  Payday lender - 4214% APR
Cash Converters UKE T Peter Cumins, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  M   ECash Converters UK Customer Service  03096334 (Active)
Cash Direct UK
Cash My Fone (CashMyFone)M  
Cash4Phones (C4P)E Mr Phil Henchoz, Managing Directorwww   ECash4Phones Customer Service  
Casheuronet Uk, Llc (Pounds to Pocket, QuickQuid)E Mr Alex King, Managing DirectorT  M   EPress Office  Payday lender - Part of Cash America / Enova Financial
FC027527 (Converted / Closed)
Castelan GroupE T Mr Martin Napper, Chief Executivewww  T  M   ECastelan Group Customer Service  07637133 (Active)
Castle Cover (CastleCover)E Mr Peter Corfield, Managing Directorwww  M   TCS   ECastle Cover Customer Service  05698370 (Active)
Castle Finance Direct (Uk Loans Direct, Uk Finance Direct, United Finance Direct, Apple Tree Loans,, Maurice Johnstone, CEO
Castle Metals Uk LimitedT www  M   ECastle Metals Uk Limited Customer Service   ECMO  04537901 (Active)
Castlebeck (Winterbourne View Hospital)E Mr Lee Reed, Chief Executivewww  
CastlechurchPiers Hope Collins, Director
Castledene TransportE T Mr John Amey, Managing Directorwww    T  
Castlemead DevelopmentsE Mr Philip Hammond MP, Directorwww  
Castlerock Care (Castlerock Recruitment Group, CRG)E Ian Munro, CEOT  
CastrolE Mr Paul Waterman, CEO
Catalyst HousingE T Mr Rod Cahill, Chief Executive (Bio)www    T  M   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  

Jobs website  
Cater Allen LimitedE T Mr Miguel Sard, Managing Directorwww  M  Part of Santander
00383032 (Active)
Caterham CarsMr Graham Macdonald, CEOT  
Cath KidstonE T Mr Kenny Wilson, CEOwww  T  F  M   ECath Kidston Customer Service  

Jobs website  
02808583 (Active)
Cathedral GroupMr Richard Upton, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
Catlin GroupT www  M  CGL (FTSE250)
05328622 (Active)
Cattles (Welcome Financial Services (WFS), Welcome Car Finance, Shopacheck, Bovess, Lewis Group, Welcome Finance)E T Mr Robert East, Chief Executivewww  M  00543610 (Active)
CAU RestaurantsE Mr Graham Hall, Directorwww  T  
Cavalier CarpetsNathan Lowe, Managing Director
CavendishE T Mr Howard Leigh, Senior Partner (Bio)www  
Cavendish HepburnM   ECavendish Hepburn Customer Service  07887989 (Active)
Cavity Insulation Guarantee Authority (CIGA)E T Mr Gerry Miller, CEO  
Cawdor CarsE Mr David Davies, Managing Directorwww  
Cazenove Capital ManagementMr Andrew Ross, CEO
CBI Scotland (Confederation of British Industry Scotland)E Mr Iain McMillan, Chief Executive (Bio)www   TCS   ECBI Scotland Customer Service  
CBPE Capital
CBRE UKT www  T  F  Y  M  

Jobs website  
03536032 (Active)
CDA GroupE T Mr Ian Kershaw, Managing Directorwww  M  
CDECE Ms Toni Barnett, Managing Director (Bio)
www  M  
CE Risk, Safety & Security Services www  
CEDR (IDRS, CISAS, POSTRS - Postal Redress Service)E T Dr Karl Mackie, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M   ECEDR Customer Service  Owned by CEDR
CEGA GroupT Mr Alistair Hardie, CEO (Bio)  T  F  

Jobs website  
CegedimLaurent Labrune, CEO (Bio)www  
Cello ElectronicsE Mr Brian Palmer, CEOT  M  
Celtic EnergyE T Mr Richard Walters, Managing Directorwww  M   ECeltic Energy Customer Service  02997376 (Active)
CenkosE T Mr Jim Durkin, CEO
CentaminCEY (FTSE250)
Center Parcs (Centerparcs, Centreparcs, Centre Parcs)E Mr Martin Dalby, Chief Executivewww  
Central CapitalM  
Central England Co-operative SocietyE Mr Martyn Cheatle, Chief Executive
Central TrustE Mr Robert Owen, CEOwww   TCS   ECentral Trust Customer Service  
Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)E Dr Iolo ap Gwynn, Chairmanwww  
Centre for Policy Studies (CPS)T  
CentrebusE Mr Julian Peddle, Directorwww  T  
CentrepointMr Seyi Obakin, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  Y  P  
CentreSoftT www     ECentreSoft Customer Service  
Centrica (Direct Energy, Scottish Gas, Dyno Rod, Dyno-Rod, DynoRod)E T Mr Iain Conn, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  

Jobs website  
03033654 (Active)
Century Lettings ResidentialE Mr Rehan Haq, CEOwww  M   ECentury Lettings Residential Customer Service  04455399 (Dissolved 13/08/2013)
CEO Media GroupT (, CEO email, ceomail)E T Mr Marcus Williamson, Editorwww    T  F  Owned by Connectotel
Cerberus Capital Management UKE T Mr Alan Ross, Senior Vice Presidentwww    
Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW)
Certax AccountingE Mr Keith Bradshaw, Chief Executivewww  
Certsure (ELECSA, Ascertiva Group)E Ms Emma Clancy, CEO (Bio)www  
Certus Capital PartnersE Mr Adam Sommerfeld, Managing Partner (Bio)www  
Ceva Logistics UKE T Mr Michael O'Donoghue, EVP (Bio)www    T  M   EPress Office   TPR  
IR website  
CeXE Mr Robert Dudani, Ownerwww  T  
CfBT Education TrustE T Mr Steve Munby, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECfBT Education Trust Customer Service  

Jobs website  
CFO LendingE T Mr James Keeble, CEOM   ECFO Lending Customer Service  
CH & Co Catering Limited (Apostrophe)E T Ms Robyn Jones, Ownerwww  M   ECH & Co Catering Limited Customer Service  02613820 (Active)
Chadwell Travel (A1 Travel, A1Travel)E Mr Chetan Patel, Director
Chainey, D'Amato & ShannonFake name used by Wonga
Chamonix Estateswww  M   EChamonix Estates Customer Service  

Jobs website  
ChampneysE Mr Stephen Purdew, Owner
ChandlersE T Mr Casey Waterman, CEOwww  M   EChandlers Customer Service  Bailiffs
03292455 (Active)
Chanel UKE T Mr Olivier Nicolay, Managing Directorwww    T  M  
Channel 4 (Channel4)E T Mr David Abraham, Chief Executivewww    M   EFOI  
Channel 4 (Channel4)E Mr Jon Snow, Presenter
Channel 4 Embarrassing BodiesE T Dr Pixie McKenna, PresenterT  
Channel 5 (Channel Five)E T Ms Sufia Von Bismarck, Head of Airtime Managementwww     EChannel 5 Customer Service  
Channel Offshore Bankwww  Warning: This is a fake company
Chapel House Motors (Chapel House Holdings)E Mr Nick Coen, Ownerwww  T  
Chapman Group (RelaxInnz)E T Mr Chris Chapman, Ownerwww  
CHAPSE Mr Phil Kenworthy, Managing Director
Charities Aid FoundationE Dr John Low, CEO (Bio)www   EPress Office  
Charity BankE T Mr Patrick Crawford, Chief Executivewww    T  F  M   ECharity Bank Customer Service  04330018 (Active)
CharityshareT www  M  05260609 (Active)
Charles ClinkardE Mr Charles Clinkard, Managing Directorwww  T  F   TCS   EHR  

Jobs website  
Charles Stanley & Co (Charles Stanley and Co)T Mr David Howard, Managing Director (Bio)www  M  
Charles TyrwhittE T Mr Nicholas Wheeler, CEOwww  T  M   ECharles Tyrwhitt Customer Service  OC305896 (Active)
Charlesworth Holdings
Charlie Bigham'sE Mr Charlie Bigham, CEOwww  T  M   EHR  

Jobs website  
Charlotte Reid Retail (Travel Zone, Forestgold)M   ECharlotte Reid Retail Customer Service  06978681 (Active)
Chartahouse Conveyancing ServicesE T Mr Kevin Hawkins, CEOwww    M   EChartahouse Conveyancing Services Customer Service  
Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants’E Mr Charles Tilley, CEO
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) Mr Rob Whiteman, Chief Executive
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)E T Ms Sue Rees, ChairT  M   EChartered Society of Physiotherapists Customer Service  
Chartis Insurance (Direct Travel Insurance)
Chatsworth Housewww   EHR  
Chaucer DirectE Mr Paul Baxter, Managing Directorwww  
Chaucer Insurance (Chaucer Direct, ChaucerDirect)E T Mr Robert Stuchbery, Chief Executive Officer (Bio)www     TCS   EChaucer Insurance Customer Service  

Jobs website Mr Hugo Burge, CEOwww  M  Momondo Group
03914064 (Active)
Checkatrade (Vetted)E T Mr Kevin Byrne, CEOwww  M  04285394 (Active)
checkmyfile.comE T Mr Barry Stamp and Peter Kent, Joint MDswww  
Chelmer Collections (Chelmers Collections)Part of Barclays Bank
Chelsea Building SocietyE T Mr Chris Pilling, Chief Executivewww  Part of Yorkshire Building Society
Cheltenham & Gloucester (C&G, Cheltenham and Gloucester)www   TCS  Part of TSB Bank
Chemist DirectE Mr Stuart Rowe, CEOwww  T  F   EChemist Direct Customer Service  
Chemist-4-U (Innox Trading)E T Mr Shamir Patel, Superintendent Pharmacist  M  
ChemringMr Mark Papworth, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
Cheque Centre (Cheque Centres, ChequeCentre)T www  T  M   ECheque Centre Customer Service  SC167596 (Active)
Cherry RedT Mr Adam Velasco, Managing Directorwww    M   ECherry Red Customer Service  01392729 (Active)
Chesca DirectE Ms Jacqui Green, CEOwww  M   TCS   EChesca Direct Customer Service  05174150 (Active)
Chess TelecomE Mr David Pollock, CEO (Bio)www   EChess Telecom Customer Service  
Chessington Zoo (Chessington World of Adventures)Mr Harry Snazle, Managing DirectorM  06128521 (Active)
Cheval Three QuaysE T Mr Dean Madge, General Manager
Chevrolet UKMr Andy Higgins, Managing Director TCS  
Chicco (Artsana UK)E T Mr Mitch Levene, Managing DirectorM   EChicco Customer Service  
Chicken CottageE Mr Mohammed Khalid, CEOwww  
Chief Fire Officers' AssociationT Mr Vij Randeniya, Presidentwww  M  03677186 (Active)
Child Poverty Action GroupMs Alison Garnham, CEO
Childbase PartnershipE Mr Mike Thompson, CEOwww   EHR  

Jobs website
Children's Society (The Children's Society, The Childrens Society)Mr Matthew Reed, Chief Executive
Children's Trust (The Children's Trust)
Chiltern RailwaysE Mr Rob Brighouse, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EChiltern Railways Customer Service   EPress Office   EHR  Owned by Arriva
ChimeMr Chris Satterthwaite, CEO
Chisholm HunterE Ms Tracey Brown, Managing Director
Chitter Chatter Telecom LimitedE Mr Richard Wortley, DirectorM  07261802 (Active)
Chocolates for ChocoholicsE T Mr Roger Cossey, Ownerwww  T  M  02515682 (Active)
Choice Furniture Superstore (Hansons of Leicester)T www  M   EChoice Furniture Superstore Customer Service  03648018 (Active)
Choice Hotels UK (Comfort, Quality, Sleep Inn, Clarion)E T Mr Duncan Berry, Chief Executivewww  M  01365211 (Active)
Choice Housing Estate AgentsT EChoice Housing Estate Agents Customer Service  
Choices Estate AgentsE T Mr Simon Shinerock, Chairman (Bio)www  T  M   EHR  
Cholderton and District WaterT www   ECholderton and District Water Customer Service  
Chop and WokE T Mr Aman Bhandal, Managing Directorwww  T   EChop and Wok Customer Service  
Chorley Building Society (Chorley & District Building Society)
Christa DavisT www   EChrista Davis Customer Service  
Christian Friends of Israel (CFI)M  04984515 (Active)
Christians Against PovertyMatt Barlow, Chief Executive
Christie's International Real EstateMs Bonnie Stone Sellers, CEO (Bio)www  
ChristiesE Mr Steven Murphy, CEO (Bio)www  T  
Chubb UKE Mr Simon Quillish, Managing Directorwww  
Chums (Unity Home Shopping)E T Mr Graham Rubin, Managing Directorwww  M   EChums Customer Service  01561474 (Active)
Church of England, Canterbury / Lambeth PalaceE T Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury (Bio)www  T  M   EChurch of England, Canterbury / Lambeth Palace Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  
Church of England, ChesterE T Rt Revd Peter Forster, Bishop
Church of England, DurhamE T Mr Paul Butler, Bishop
Church of England, ExeterE T Rt Revd Michael Langrish, Bishop
Church of England, LeicesterE T Rt Revd Tim Stevens, Bishop
Church of England, LiverpoolE T Rt Revd Paul Bayes, Bishop
Church of England, StockportE T Rt Revd Robert Atwell, Bishop
Church of England, WakefieldE T Rt Revd Stephen Platten, Bishop
ChurchcastleM  04301808 (Active)
Churchill Publishing (Churchill Media, Prediction Magazine)M  08033506 (Active - Proposal to Strike off)
Churchills Homecare LtdMr Craig Paterson, OwnerM  08716791 (Active)
CIA 2000 (CIA2000)E T Mr Jim Perry, Managing Director (Bio)www    F  
Cigna Insurance Services (FirstAssist Insurance Services)E T Ms Susan Stevenson, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   ECigna Insurance Services Customer Service  04617110 (Active)
Cineworld (Cinema City International (CCI), Picturehouse)E Mr Mooky Greidinger, Chief Executivewww  T   TCS  
Cinram UK (Cinram Logistics UK)T
CIPDE Mr Peter Cheese, Chief ExecutiveT  
Circle Holdings (Circle Health, Hinchingbrooke Hospital)E T Mr Steve Melton, Chief Executive (Bio)www    M   ECircle Holdings Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  
Circle Housing (Circle Homes, Circle 33, Mercian, Merton Priory, Mole Valley, Old Ford, Roddons, Russet, South Anglia, Wherry)E Mr Mark Rogers, CEOwww  T  
Cisco UK (Cisco Systems UK)Mr Phil Smith, CEOT  
CITB (Construction Industry Training Board)E Mr Adrian Belton, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  Y  M  
Citibank UK (Citi Bank UK, Citi Group UK) TCS  
Citigate Dewe RogersonT M   ECitigate Dewe Rogerson Customer Service  
Citizen Watch United Kingdom, LtdT Mr Brian Gillingham, Directorwww  M  04104163 (Active)
Citroen U.k. LimitedE T Mr Arnaud Leclerc, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   ECitroen U.k. Limited Customer Service  00191579 (Active)
City and County Healthcare Group (Aureus Care, Careline Homecare, Comfort Call, Conard Care, Custom Care, Guardian Homecare, Help at Home, ISS Healthcare, London Care, Quality Care Services, Sagecare)E T Mr Craig Rushton, Chief Executive (Bio)www    M   ECity and County Healthcare Group Customer Service  

Jobs website  
06991398 (Active)
City and Guilds (City & Guilds)E T Mr Chris Jones, CEO (Bio)www  

Jobs website  
City BedsT M   TCS   ECity Beds Customer Service  
City Link (Citylink, Initial City Link, Initial CityLink)E T Mr David Smith, Managing Directorwww  T  M  

Jobs website  
01080872 (In Administration)
City Nites (Travel Nites)E T Mr Daniel Bolger, Managing Directorwww  T  M   ECity Nites Customer Service  08431524 (Active)
City of London Investment TrustCTY (FTSE250)
City South Manchester Housing TrustE T Mr Dave Power, CEO (Bio)www  T  F  Y   TCS   ECity South Manchester Housing Trust Customer Service  

Jobs website  
City SprintE Mr Patrick Gallagher, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  
Citybond Holdings (Flexicover, Citybond Suretravel)E Mr Mansukh Ganatra, Managing Directorwww   ECitybond Holdings Customer Service  

Jobs website  
CityFibre (City Fibre)E Mr Greg Mesch, CEOwww   EIR   EHR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CityforumE Mr Marc Lee, Chairman
CityFox BristolE Mr Rhys George, CEOwww  
Citygate Volkswagen (Citygate Automotive)E T Mr Jonathan Smith, Managing Director  
Civica UKT www  M  01628868 (Active)
Civil Enforcement (Starpark & Creative Car Park & Parksolve & Versatile Parking)www  
Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC)E T Mr Simon Lee, Chief Executivewww  T  M  
CivitasT ECivitas Customer Service  
Civitatis International (Pax Civitatis, PaxCivitatis)E Mr Jan Mortier, Executive Chairman
T  M   ECivitatis International Customer Service  05834123 (Dissolved 05/05/2009)
Claimline LegalM  
Claims Advisory Group (CAG)E T Mr Jamie Alaise, Managing Director
www  M   EClaims Advisory Group Customer Service  06238948 (Active)
Claims Direct (Slater & Gordon, Slater and Gordon, Slater Gordon)E T Ms Cath Evans, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  Y  M  

Jobs website  
OC371153 (Active)
Claims FinancialE Mr Brad Askew, Chief ExecutiveT  M  Part of Everything Legal (Owned by DAS Group)
06205456 (Active)
Claire's Accessories UK (Claires Accessories)E Ms Beatrice Lafon, Presidentwww  T  
Clancy Docwra (clancydocwra, Clancy Group)E Mr Dermot Clancy, Chairman (Bio)www  T   EHR  

Jobs website  
ClaranetE Mr Charles Nasser, Chief Executive (Bio)www   TCS  
Clarian UKM  05435493 (Active)
Clarice House (Clarice Leisure)E T Mr Stuart King, Managing Director
www  T  M  

Jobs website  
03351750 (Active)
Claridge's Hotel LimitedE T Mr Thomas Kochs, General Managerwww  M   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  00029022 (Active)
Clarins UKE Ms Debbie Lewis, Managing Directorwww  T  
Clarke Power Products UK (Clarke International)E T Mr John Clarke, Managing DirectorM   EClarke Power Products UK Customer Service  00972660 (Active)
Clarks ShoesE T Ms Melissa Potter, Chief Executivewww  T  F  M   TCS  
Classic Air Forcewww  
Clear Channel UKE Mr Andrew Morley, CEO
Clear-flow LimitedE T Mr James Hustler, Managing Directorwww    M   TCS   EClear-flow Limited Customer Service  04594915 (Active)
Clearcastwww   EClearcast Customer Service  
Clement Clarke Communications LimitedT M  09377876 (Active)
Clever Digit Media (Forces War Records, Forces Reunited)E Mr Dominic Hayhoe, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  04381547 (Active)
Click LaboratoriesM  08659202 (Active)
Clifford ChanceE T Mr David Childs, Managing Partner
Clinicenta (Lister Surgicentre)E Dr Mark O’Flynn, DirectorM   EPress Office  Part of Carillion
Clintons (Clinton Cards)www  
Close Brothers GroupE T Mr Preben Prebensen, CEO (Bio)www  M  CBG (FTSE250)
00520241 (Active)
Close Unit Protection Services (CUP)www  
ClosedquestionsT M  08029112 (Active)
Clouds Memory Foam (Bodini, Wild Media Ltd)E Mr James Moorein, Chief Executive
Cluley Associates LimitedE Mr Graham Cluley, Owner (Bio)www  M  08896223 (Active)
Clyde Blowers Capital
Clydesdale BankE T Mr David Duffy, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  SC001111 (Active)
CMC MarketsE Mr Peter Cruddas, Executive Chairman
CME Medical
CMGRP UKT www  M  02442501 (Active)
CN Payment Services (CyberNeedle)
CNN UK (CNN London)E Mr Thomas Evans, Senior Director of Coveragewww  
Co-Gaming Limited (ComeOn, Mr Hans Martin Nakkim, CEO
Co-operative Energy (Coop Energy, Cooperative Energy, Co-Op Energy)E Mr Peter Westall, Chief Executive
www  T  F   TCS   ECo-operative Energy Customer Service  

Jobs website  
Co-operative Financial Services (Co-op Bank, Britannia Building Society, Coop Bank, Coop Banking, Brittania, Cooperative Bank, Co-operative Banking Group, Co Op Bank, Smile, T Mr Niall Booker, Chief Executivewww   EChairman  
Co-operative FoodE Mr Steve Murrells, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
Co-operative Group (Co-op, Coop, Co Op)E T Mr Richard Pennycook, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   TCS   ECo-operative Group Customer Service   EHR  

Jobs website  
Co-operative Insurance (CIS)E Mr Mark Summerfield, Managing Directorwww  
Co-operative Retail (Co-op, Coop, Co Op)E Mr Steve Murrells, Chief Executive, Retail
Coast StoresE T Ms Kate Bostock, Managing Directorwww  T  
Coastal Oil And Gas LimitedMr Gerwyn Williams, OwnerM  03440732 (Active)
Coats PlcE T Mr Paul Forman, Group Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   ECFO  04620973 (Active)
Cobalt Housing
Cobalt Telephone Technologies Limited (RingGo)E T Mr Peter O’Driscoll, Directorwww  M   ECobalt Telephone Technologies Limited Customer Service  03151938 (Active)
Cobham PlcE T Mr Bob Murphy, Chief Executivewww  T  M  COB (FTSE250)
00030470 (Active)
Cobra Beer
Coca-Cola Enterprises UK (Coke)E T Mr Simon Baldry, Managing Director (Bio)www   EPress Office   TPR   ECFO   EHR  

Jobs website  
Coca-Cola EuropeJames Quincey, President
Coca-Cola Great Britain (Coke)E T Mr Jon Woods, General Managerwww  T  M   TCS  
Cogent ElliottT Mr Mike Phillipson, CEO ECogent Elliott Customer Service   EHR  

Jobs website  
Cognita (University and Buckingham)E T Mr Chris Woodhead, CEOwww  T   ECognita Customer Service  
Cohen Davis LimitedT Mr Yair Cohen, Ownerwww  M   ECohen Davis Limited Customer Service  08009327 (Active)
ColasE Mr Lee Rushbrooke, CEOwww  
Colgate-Palmolive UK (Colgate Palmolive UK)www   TCS  
Collect Plus Limited (Collect+)E T Mr Neil Ashworth, CEOwww  M  08543179 (Active)
Collect ServicesDebt collector
Collect+ (Collect Plus, CollectPlus)E Mr Neil Ashworth, Chief Executivewww  T  
Collectica (Philips Collection Services)E T Mr Simon Marshall, Managing Directorwww  M  Part of Serco
03517395 (Active)
College Group (College Hill)E Mr Richard Nichols, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EHR  

Jobs website  
Colleyswww   TCS   EColleys Customer Service  Part of HBOS/Lloyds Banking Group
Collinson Insurance Group (Club Direct, Preferential, Travel Insurance Web, Insure For All)E Mr David Evans, Chief ExecutiveM   ECollinson Insurance Group Customer Service  06312711 (Active)
Colour SuppliesE T Mr Alan Harding, Co-Ownerwww  M  02152345 (Active)
Colt GroupT Mr Rakesh Bhasin, CEOwww  M   EColt Group Customer Service   EIR   TIR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
00905918 (Active)
Columbus Direct (Columbus Insurance)E T Mr David Evans, Managing Directorwww  T  M  02642155 (Active)
Combe International (Vagisil)M   ECombe International Customer Service  
Comet Group (Comet Stores, Laskys,, Triptych Insurance) (Bio)www  T  F  M  Ceased Trading - Part of OpCapita
Commercial Collection Services www  
Commercial Estates Group (CEG)E T Mr James Scott, Managing Directorwww  M  
CommunicateE T Mr Tony Snaith, Managing Directorwww  T   ECommunicate Customer Service  
Communication Workers Union (CWU)Mr Billy Hayes, General Secretary (Bio)www  
CommunisisE T Mr Andy Blundell, CEO (Bio)www  M  02916113 (Active)
Company Check (Companycheck)E Mr Alastair Campbell, Directorwww  T  M   TCS  04905417 (Active)
Company Pictures (CompanyPictures)E T Mr John Yorke, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  F   ECompany Pictures Customer Service  
Companybook (Europe) Limitedwww  M  08514647 (Active)
Compare The MarketPaul Calligan, CEO
Compass GroupE Mr Richard Cousins, Chief ExecutiveT   EChairman  
Compass Group UKE T Mr Richard Cousins, Group Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   EHR  

Jobs website  
04083914 (Active)
Compello Group (Raven Recoveries)E Ms Sarah Lambert, CEOwww  M   ECompello Group Customer Service  Debt collector
08045559 (Active)
Competition Line (u.k.) Limited (Lifestyle Fitness)E T Mr Gordon Hall, CEOwww  M   ECompetition Line Customer Service  01635867 (Active)
Complaining Cow (The Complaining Cow)E Ms Helen Dewdneywww  
Complete LeasingE T Mr Joe Lloyd, Chief Executive  M  03502957 (Active)
Compliant PhonesMr Curtis Nash, CEO (Bio)www  
Comptoir des CotonniersE Ms Nancy Pedot, CEO
Comptoir LibanaisT  
Compton and Woodhouse (Compton & Woodhouse, Owen & Williamson)E Mr Simon Windsor, DirectorM   ECompton and Woodhouse Customer Service  07421341 (Active)
Computacenter (Computacentre)E T Mr Mike Norris, Chief Executive Officer (Bio)www  T  M   EPress Office   ECFO   ELegal   EHR  

Jobs website  
01584718 (Active)
Computer Aid InternationalMr Keith Sonnet, CEO
Computer Cab (ComputerCab, ComCab, Com Cab)T www  M   EComputer Cab Customer Service  01214640 (Active)
Computer WeeklyE T Mr Bryan Glick, Editor-in-Chief (Bio)www  T  M  
Confederation of British Industry (CBI)E T Ms John Cridland, Director General (Bio)www    T  M   TCS   EConfederation of British Industry Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  
Confused.comE Martin Coriat, Managing DirectorM  03881924 (Active)
Connect Distribution Services (RepairCare, BuySpares, Buy Spares)E T Mr David Holden, Managing Directorwww  M  03004798 (Active)
Connect FM (ConnectFM)E T Mr Mark Jeeves, Managing Directorwww  T  F   EConnect FM Customer Service  
Connect Plus (M25) (Dartford River Crossing, Dartford Crossing)E T Mr Tim Jones, Chief Executive  M   EConnect Plus Customer Service  01918519 (Active)
Connected TVE Ms Ilse Howling, Managing Director
ConnectotelE T Mr Marcus Williamson, Chief Executivewww  M   EConnectotel Customer Service  03188992 (Active)
Connells ResidentialE T Mr Stuart Flavell, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  01489613 (Active)
Conran Shop (The Conran Shop)T  
ConroydsM  07362093 (Active)
Consensio Holidays
Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI)
Conservative PartyE T Mr Grant Shapps, ChairmanM  Also known as 'Michael Green' and 'Sebastian Fox'
Conservative PartyE Mr David Cameron
Console DoctorE Mr Michael Maughan, DirectorT  M   EConsole Doctor Customer Service  
Consortium "island"M  09353850 (Active)
Constantine Stores Limited (Drink Finder)T www  M  00444452 (Active)
Construction Skills Certification Scheme Limited (CSCS)E T Mr Graham Wren, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   EConstruction Skills Certification Scheme Limited Customer Service  03024675 (Active)
ConsultCRMMr Richard Sawney, CEOwww  T  
Consumer Action Group (CAG, Reclaim the Right)M  05783665 (Active)
Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA)Mr Greg Stevens, Chief Executive
Consumer Finance AssociationE T Mr Russell Hamblin-Boone, Chief Executive
www  T  M  06731978 (Active)
Consumer Lifestyles LimitedMr Adrian Williams, OwnerM  07048232 (Active)
Consumers InternationalE Ms Amanda Long, Director Generalwww  F  Y  
Contego Security UKE Mr Mike Tandeano, Managing Directorwww  T  F  M   EContego Security UK Customer Service  07914473 (Active)
Continental Tyres UK & Ireland (Continental, Uniroyal, Semperit)E Mr David Smith, Managing Directorwww  
ConversocialE T Mr Joshua March, CEOwww  T  F  M  

Jobs website  
07445564 (Active)
Convex CapitalMr Neil Worsley, Managing Partnerwww  T  
Cookson Group
Coopers of StortfordE Ms Tracey Rees, Managing Directorwww    T  M   TCS   ECoopers of Stortford Customer Service   EHR  
Copart Europe LimitedE Mr Nigel Paget, CEOM  06200876 (Active)
CoralE Mr Andy Hornby, Chief Executivewww  T  
Cordant Group (Advance Security, Dynamiq Cleaning, Abacus, Premiere People, Prime Time Recruitment, PMP Recruitment, Judy Fisher Associates, Grosvenor Boston)E T Mr Phillip Ullmann, CEOwww     ECordant Group Customer Service  
Core Hardware (SimplyDoorHandles)T Mr James Gumersell, Managing Directorwww   ECore Hardware Customer Service  
Coreco MortgagesMr Matt Lowndes, Managing Director
CoreixE Mr Imran Boota, Chief Executivewww  T  
CORGI HomePlanE Mr Mark Leslie, Managing DirectorM   TCS  SC358475 (Active)
Cornerdrop LimitedT Mr Andrew Lasota, CEOT  F  M   ECornerdrop Limited Customer Service  08822345 (Active)
Cornish Crisp Companywww  
Cornish Horizons LtdE T Mr Peter Osborne, Director  M   ECornish Horizons Ltd Customer Service  04709085 (Active)
Cornish K9 Ltdwww  M   TCS   ECornish K9 Ltd Customer Service  09595915 (Active)
Cornish Sea Salt ECornish Sea Salt Customer Service  
CornishmanE T Ms Jacqui Walls, Editor
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise PartnershipMr Chris Pomfret, Chairman
Cornwall Community Stadium (CCSL)M  07862967 (Active)
Cornwall TodayE T Ms Kirstie Newton, Editorwww  T  M  
Corporate AdvancesT www  M  03710066 (Liquidation)
Corporate Services (Hereford) (Corporate Services (Parking Management))www  
Corral Petroleum Holdings AktiebolagMr Mohammed Al Amoudi, OwnerM  FC029523 (Active)
Corven ConsultingE Mr Crispin Ellison, Director
Cory EnvironmentalE T Mr Peter Gerstrom, Chief Executivewww  
CosattoE Mr Andrew Kluge, CEOwww  T  
Cosmic Recruitment Limitedwww  M  07871179 (Active)
Cosmopolitan UKE Ms Louise Court, EditorT  Hearst
Costa CoffeeE T Mr Christopher Rogers, Managing Director (Bio)www    T  M   ECosta Coffee Customer Service   EHR  Part of Whitbread
01270695 (Active)
CostainE T Mr Andrew Wyllie, Chief Executive (Bio)www     EPress Office   TPR  
Costco UKE T Mr Steve Pappas, Managing Directorwww    M   TCS   ECostco UK Customer Service  Costco Online UK Limited
08055444 (Active)
Costcutter (Kwiksave, Mace, Rhythm & Booze, Cost Cutter)E T Mr Darcy Willson-Rymer, Chief Executivewww  T  M  02059678 (Active)
Côte Restaurants (Cote Restaurants, Cote Brasserie)E Mr Alex Scrimgeour, Managing Director (Bio)www   EHR  

Jobs website  
Cotswold CompanyE Mr James Birtwhistle, Chief ExecutiveT   EPress Office  
Cotswold OutdoorE T Mr Hans Falkenburg, CEOwww   TCS   ECotswold Outdoor Customer Service  
Cotton TradersE Mr Fran Cotton, Executive Chairmanwww  
Coty Uk LimitedE T Mr Brian Riddick, Managing Directorwww  M  00298483 (Active)
Coulby ConductE Mr Richard Coulby, Managing Directorwww  T  
CouncilPlease see UK Council Chief Executives section
Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML)E Mr Paul Smee, Director Generalwww  
CountdownT www   TCS  
Countryside Properties PlcT www  M  05555391 (Active)
Countrywide (Country Wide)E Mr Grenville Turner, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  
Countrywide Estate AgentsE T Mr Grenville Turner, Group Chief Executivewww  M  CWD (FTSE250)
00789476 (Active)
Countrywide Estate Agents (Alder King, Bairstow Eves, Frank Innes, Fulfords, Gascoigne-Pees, Hamptons International, Mann Countrywide, Miller Countrywide, Stratton Creber, Taylors)E Mr Robert Scarff, Managing Director (Bio)www  
Countrywide FarmersE T Mr John Hardman, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   ECountrywide Farmers Customer Service  03776711 (Active)
Countrywide Residential Lettings (Countrywide Lettings)E Mr John Hards, Managing Directorwww  
County Care Independent LivingE Mr Grant Wadge, Director
County Furniture StoresT Paul Briant, Directorwww  M   ECounty Furniture Stores Customer Service  08315668 (In Administration)
County Parking Enforcement Agency www  
Courtauld Brands (Pretty Polly)
Courtesy Shoes (Wynsors World of Shoes)E T Mr Mark Richardson, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS  00567238 (Active)
CouttsE Mr Michael Morley, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  
CSR website  
Covea Insurance UKE T Mr James Reader, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   TCS  

Jobs website  
00613259 (Active)
Coventry Building SocietyE Mr Mark Parsons, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EPress Office  
Coverwise LimitedE T Mr Mark Shaw, CEOM  04297020 (Active)
CovpressE Mr Kit Halliday, Chief Executive
Cowdel ClarkeE T Mr Andrew Clarke, Managing DirectorT  
CP Plus E T Ellis Green, CEO (Bio)www  M   EPress Office   TPR  02595379 (Active)
CPCE Mr Chris Howarth, CEO
CPL Distribution (Coals2U, Creative Garden Ideas and Logs2U)E T Mr Tim Minett, Chief Executivewww  M   TCS  00544782 (Active)
CPM InternationalE T Ms Karen Jackson, Managing Director (Bio)www  M   TCS   ECPM International Customer Service  01757157 (Active)
CPP (Card Protection Plan, CPPDirect, CPPGroup, CPP Group, Airport Angel)E T Mr Brent Escott, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   EPress Office   TPR   TIR  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
07151159 (Active)
CPP Redress Scheme (CPP Compensation Scheme, CPP refund, CPP Scheme of Arrangement, Scheme Processing Services)E T Mr Brent Escott, Chief Executivewww  T   TCS  
CPS (Midlands) www  
CPS Enforcement (Northern) www  
CQS ManagementE Mr Michael Hintze, Chief Executive
CranswickE T Mr Adam Couch, CEOwww  M  CWK (FTSE250)
01074383 (Active)
Crawford and Company UKE T Mr Greg Gladwell, CEO (Bio)
www   TCS   ECrawford and Company UK Customer Service  
Crazy Jack Organic
CrealyMr Chris Down, Managing Director
Cream CornwallE Ms Rebecca Heane, Director
Creative Parking Solutions (Creative Carpark)E Mr Gary Wayne, Chief ExecutiveT  M  06854331 (Active)
Credit Resolution Services (CRS)M  Debt collector
Credit Suisse Private Banking UKE T Mr Phil Cutts, Chief Executivewww  
Credit Suisse UKE Mr James Leigh-Pemberton, Chief Executivewww (Credit Confidential,,,,, high street max, Adaptive Affinity)E Mr Andrew Millet, Managing DirectorOperated by Adaptive Affinity Ltd
Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions (C.A.R.S. , CARS)E T Mr Peter Copperwheat, Managing Directorwww  M  Debt collector - Part of Jefferson Capital International
04296927 (Active)
Creditsafe Group (Credit Safe)E T Mr Cato Syversen, CEOwww    T  M   ECreditsafe Group Customer Service  Part of Safe Information Group NV
03836192 (Active)
Cressex Insurance Services LimitedT www  M  06848093 (Active)
Crest Nicholson Holdings PlcE T Mr Stephen Stone, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECrest Nicholson Holdings Plc Customer Service  CRST (FTSE250)
06800600 (Active)
Crew Clothing
CRHE Mr Albert Manifold, CEO (Bio)www   ECFO  

Jobs website  
IR website  
CSR website  
CRI (Sova)E Mr David Biddle, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
Crieff HydroE T Mr John Jennett, Managing Director
T  F  Y  M   ECrieff Hydro Customer Service   EPress Office  

Jobs website  
CrimestoppersE T Mr Mark Hallas, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  Y  M   TCS   EPress Office   TPR  05382856 (Active)
Criminal Records AgencyPart of Nestor Healthcare
Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)
Criterion Asset Management (Wellington Pub Company)E T Mr Andrew Bradshaw, CFOwww    M   TCS   ECriterion Asset Management Customer Service  Part of Reuben Brothers Group
03382237 (Active)
Critical ResourceDaniel Litvin, Managing Director (Bio)www  
Croda International Public Limited CompanyE T Mr Steve Foots, Chief Executive (Bio)www    M  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
00206132 (Active)
Crosby Textor LimitedMr Lynton Crosby, OwnerM  05522161 (Active)
CrossCountry Trains (Cross Country Trains, XC Trains)E Mr Andy Cooper, Chief Executivewww  T  Part of Arriva (owned by Deutsche Bahn)
Crossrail (Cross Rail)E Mr Andrew Wolstenholme, CEO (Bio)www  T  M  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
04212657 (Active)
Croudace HomesE T Mr Russell Denness, Group Chief Executive (Bio)www   ECroudace Homes Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  
CrowdityE Mr Robert Berrisford, Chief Executivewww  T   ECrowdity Customer Service  
Crown Corporation (Fridgemaster Corporation)T
Crown Mortgage Management / Mortgage Title ResolutionsE T Mr Eric Stoclet, Chief Executivewww  
Crown PaintsE T Mr Joe Devitt, Managing Directorwww    T  M  Part of Hempel
06624576 (Active)
Crown Pet Foods UK (Royal Canin UK)E Mr Andy Reed, Managing Director
Crown Talent & Media GroupE T Mr Marc Marot, Chairmanwww    T   ECrown Talent & Media Group Customer Service  
CrownWorldE T Mr Paul Halsall, Director
Croydon Village OutletE Mr Marco Cash, Chief Executive EHR  
Cruden Holdings LimitedE T Mr Ian Woolrich, CEOwww    M  SC339123 (Active)
Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV)E T Mr Chris Coates, CEOwww  M   ECruise & Maritime Voyages Customer Service  07665897 (Active)
Cruise FashionT  F ( T Mr Seamus Conlon, Managing Directorwww  M  01827977 (Active)
Cruse Bereavement CareE Ms Debbie Kerslake, Chief Executivewww  
Crystal Home Improvements (Crystal Windows and Doors)E T Mr John Oddi, Managing Directorwww  M   TCS   ECrystal Home Improvements Customer Service  03086714 (Active)
Crystal Legal Services LimitedM  06837474 (Active)
CSC Media Group (POP, Tiny Pop, Kix!, PopGirl)E T Mr Remy Minute, Managing Director (Bio)www  M   ECSC Media Group Customer Service  
CSM Abrasives PlusE Mr Martin Watkins, Managing Directorwww  
CSRT www  M  CSR (FTSE250)
04187346 (Active)
Cuadrilla Resources (Cuadrilla Bowland, Caudrilla, Quadrilla)E T Mr Francis Egan, Chief Executivewww    T  M   TPR  

Jobs website  
06472493 (Active)
Cube (188BET, 188 BET)E T Mr Nigel Singer, CEOT  M  
CuddleCo (Kiddu, SimpleParenting, GreenTom, Cuddle Co)E T Mr Sammy Klyne, Managing Directorwww  T  
CulpittE T Mr Tom Wylie, Managing Directorwww  Part of Decopac (USA)
CundallE T Mr Tomas Neeson, Managing Partner (Bio)www  
Cunningham Lindsey United KingdomE T Mr Phil McNeilage, CEO
www  M  00159031 (Active)
Cupid (,,, Mr Phil Gripton, CEO (Bio)www  T  F   EPress Office   ECFO  
IR website  
Curo HousingE T Mr Victor da Cunha, Chief Executive (Bio)www   ECuro Housing Customer Service  
Currencies DirectE T Mr Keith Hatton, CEOwww  M   ECurrencies Direct Customer Service  

Jobs website  
CSR website  
03041197 (Active)
Currency InvestorE T Mr William Essex, Editor
Currie Scaffolding LtdE Mr Steven Currie, OwnerM  SC504084 (Active)
CVC Capital PartnersT Mr   M  
CVS (UK)E T Mr Simon Innes, Chief Executive (Bio)www  
CybercandyE Mr Allan Goacher, Managing DirectorT  M   ECybercandy Customer Service  03842787 (Active)
D A S Legal Expenses Insurance Company LimitedE T Mr Paul Asplin, Chief Executivewww  M  00103274 (Active)
D&D LondonE T Des Gunewardena, CEO (Bio)www  T  M   ED&D London Customer Service  

Jobs website  
D-Link UK (DLink UK)T  
D.M Keith (Skoda)E Mr Angus Keith, Managing Director (Dabs)E T Ms Helen Slinger, Chief ExecutiveT  M  Part of BT Group
02621728 (Active)
Daejan Holdings PlcT www  M  DJAN (FTSE250)
00305105 (Active)
Daewoo Electronics UK E T Mr Simon Drought, Director EDaewoo Electronics UK Customer Service  
Daily Dot (The Daily Dot, The Kernel)E Mr Austin Powell, Managing EditorT  
Daily Express (The Express)E Mr Hugh Whittow, Editorwww  T  Part of Northern and Shell
Daily MailE Mr Neil Sears, Senior Reporter
Daily MailE Mr Quentin Letts, Columnist
Daily Mail (DailyMail, DMGT)E T Mr Paul Dacre, Editorwww  T  
Daily Mail (DailyMail, DMGT)E T Mr Richard Littlejohn, Columnistwww  
Daily Mirror (DailyMirror)E T Mr Lloyd Embley, Editorwww    T  M   EDaily Mirror Customer Service  
Daily RecordE T Mr Murray Foote, Editorwww  M  
Daily StarE Ms Dawn Neesom, Editorwww  
Daily TelegraphE T Mr Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor
Daily TelegraphE T Mr Richard Fletcher, City EditorT  
Daily TelegraphT Mr Benedict Brogan, Deputy Editor
Daily TelegraphE Mr Harry de Quetteville, Obituaries Editorwww  
Daily Telegraph (The Telegraph)E T Mr Chris Evans, Editorwww  
Dairy Crest GroupE T Mr Mark Allen, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   ECFO  

Jobs website  
03162897 (Active)
Daisy Group / Daisy CommunicationsE Mr Matthew Riley, Chief Executivewww   EPress Office   TPR   EIR  
Daisy Street (Virtual Insanity Ltd)www  T  F  Y  M  07642721 (Active)
Daligas UK (Daligas Limited)E T Dr Phaedon Hadjisavvas, CEOwww  M   EDaligas UK Customer Service  07908584 (Active)
Dalmatian WindowsMr Craig Sandland, Managing DirectorM  SC286908 (Active)
Damartex UK (Damart UK)E T Mr Andy Hill, Chief Executivewww  T  F  M   EDamartex UK Customer Service   EHR  00852773 (Active)
Danbury Mint (MBI UK)E Mr Peter Maglathlin, CEOM   EDanbury Mint Customer Service  
Danesdale Land LimitedM  02454132 (Active)
Daniel FootwearE T Mr Daniel Buck, Managing Directorwww  M   TCS   EDaniel Footwear Customer Service  03428185 (Active)
Daniel Thwaites BreweryE Mr Richard Bailey, CEO
Danone Baby Nutrition UK (Aptamil, Cow & Gate)E Mr James Mayer, Managing Directorwww  T  
Danone UK (Actimel, Activia, Oykos, Shape, Aqua, Badoit, Evian, Volvic)
Danone Waters (uk & Ireland) LimitedE T Mr James Pearson, Managing Directorwww  M  01522581 (Active)
Dartington CrystalMr Richard Halliday, Marketing Directorwww  
Dartington Hall TrustMr Vaughan Lindsay, Chief Executivewww  T  F  
Daryl Prince ProductionsMr EDaryl Prince Productions Customer Service  
DAS Films UKE Mr Mark Collins, Director
Data Clarity (Clarity365)M   EData Clarity Customer Service  07481466 (Active)
Data HQT www    M   EData HQ Customer Service  04193862 (Active)
Databroker LtdE T Mr John Keating, Managing DirectorM   EDatabroker Ltd Customer Service  06903431 (Active)
Datatonomy LimitedE Mr Stuart Murgatroyd, Owner
M  08953320 (Active)
Davanwood Limited (Omniwash UK)E Mr David Woodhead, DirectorM  05817899 (Active)
David Linley HoldingsE T Mr Jamie Edmiston, Chief Executivewww    T  M  01908943 (Active)
David Lloyd Leisure (David Lloyd Gyms)E T Mr Scott Lloyd, Chief Executivewww  T  M   TCS   EDavid Lloyd Leisure Customer Service  
David Ormerod Hearing Centreswww  

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Owned by Sonova Holding AG and Boots
David Salisbury Joinery (David Salisbury Conservatories)E T Mr David Salisbury, Ownerwww  M  03045350 (Active)
Davidson Holdings (Cistermiser, Keraflo)E T Mr Geoffrey Gestetner, Managing Directorwww  M  01455630 (Active)
Davies Group (Davies, Garwyn)E Mr Dan Saulter, CEO (Bio)
www  T  
Dawn CapitalE Mr Adrian Beecroft, Chairmanwww  
Dawn CapitalE Mr Norman Fiore, Managing Partner (Bio)www  
Dawsons MusicE Mr Mark Taylor, Managing Director
Daxbourne International (Hothair, Hot Hair)E Mr Richard Lipton, Managing Directorwww   EDaxbourne International Customer Service  
Day Lewis Pharmacy (Day Lewis Chemist, ABC)E T Mr Kirit Patel, CEOwww  T  F  Y  M   EDay Lewis Pharmacy Customer Service  

Jobs website  
IR website  
01202866 (Active)
DB Apparel (Wonderbra, Dim, Playtex, Shock Absorber)
DB Schenker Rail (UK)E Mr Geoff Spencer, Chief Executive
DC LeisureE T Mr Steve Philpott, Chief Executivewww  M   EDC Leisure Customer Service  02585598 (Active)
DC Thomson Magazine Publishing LimitedE Mr Ellis Watson, CEOwww  M  SC442311 (Active)
DCC (Boilerjuice, GB Oils, Emo, Scottish Fuels, Brogan Fuels, CPL Petroleum, Bayford, F Peart, Total Butler)E Mr Tommy Breen, Chief Executivewww  M  DCC (FTSE250)
02836380 (Active)
DCH Group (Devon and Cornwall Housing Group)E T Mr Paul Crawford, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M   TCS   EPress Office  
De Agostini Uk Limited (DeAgostini UK)M   TCS   EDe Agostini Uk Limited Customer Service  00966900 (Active)
De La Rue (DeLaRue)T www  M  DLAR (FTSE250)
03834125 (Active)
De'Longhi UK (DeLonghi UK, De Longhi UK)T  
Dean Clough www  
Debello Law LimitedE Mr Dean Dunham, DirectorM  07236891 (Active)
DebenhamsE T Mr Michael Sharp, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   ECFO  

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Debenhams Store Locator

05448421 (Active)
Debenhams Oxford StreetE Mr Tim Mattison, Store Manager
Debt ManagersE T Mr Craig Hunter, Directorwww  M   TCS  SC219618 (Dissolved 07/10/2014)
Debt Maze Solutions (Hatters Grove Associates, M  06022146 (Active)
Debt Plan Direct
Debt Recovery Plus (Parking Collection Services)www  
Debt Recovery Plus (Zenith Collections, Parking Collection Services)E Mr Gary Brierley, DirectorM   EDebt Recovery Plus Customer Service  06774150 (Active)
Decathlon UKE Mr Steve Dykes, Managing Directorwww  T   EDecathlon UK Customer Service  
Decca ClassicsE Mr Paul Moseley
Dechra Pharmaceuticals (Dechra Veterinary Products)E T Mr Ian Page, Chief Executive (Bio)www  M  DPH (FTSE250)
03369634 (Active)
Decision Logic Ltd (Chillblast)E Mr Ben Miles, DirectorM   EDecision Logic Ltd Customer Service  07450324 (Active)
Deckers UK (UGG Boots, Teva, Sanuk, MOZO, Ahnu, Tsubo)www  
Decleor, Carita and Shiseido Group UKMs Carolyn Taylor, Managing Director
Decopompoms LtdM   EDecopompoms Ltd Customer Service  08003831 (Active)
Dedman Contract Services LimitedT www  M  04489900 (Active)
Deeply DiamondsE T Mr Malcolm Cooper, CEOwww  M  08802397 (Active)
Defence Systems (Park Watch)www  
Deichmann UKE Mr Olaf Ihde, Managing Director
Delfont Mackintosh Theatres (Ambassadors Theatre, Gielgud Theatre, Noel Coward Theatre, Prince Edward Theatre, Prince of Wales Theatre, Queen's Theatre, Victoria Palace Theatre, Wyndham's Theatre)E T Mr Richard Johnston, CEOwww   EDelfont Mackintosh Theatres Customer Service  
Delice de FranceE Mr Thierry Cacaly, CEOwww  
Delicious CoutureE Ms Nicola Tappenden, Managing Directorwww  T  M   EDelicious Couture Customer Service  06401258 (Dissolved 16/02/2010)
Delight Mobile (Mundio Mobile, Vectone Mobile)E T Mr Baskaran Allirajah, CEO (Bio)www  M   TCS  04553934 (Active)
Deliveroo (Roofoods Ltd)Roy Blanga, Managing DirectorM  08167130 (Active)
Dell UKE Mr Tim Griffin, General Manager
www  T  
Deloitte UKE Mr David Sproul, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  F  Y  

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Delta Home Entertainment ( T Mr Laurence Adams, Managing Directorwww  T  M   EDelta Home Entertainment Customer Service  01632567 (Active)
Deltaform LimitedE T Mr Richard Adams, Directorwww    T  M  02743951 (Active)
DemosMs Claudia Wood, CEO
DemotixE Mr Ossie Ikeogu, CEOT  F  Y  P  
Denon UK
DenplanE T Mr Steve Gates, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M   EPress Office   EHR  

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Part of Simplyhealth Group
01981238 (Active)
DensitronE T Mr Grahame R Falconer, Chief Executive Officer (Bio)www  
Densus GroupE Mr Mark Kennedy, Consultant (aka Mark Stone) (Bio)www  aka Mark Stone
Dentwizard LimitedE T Mr Phil Newstead, Ownerwww    T  M  03403468 (Active)
Department for Social Development (Northern Ireland)
Depop LimitedE Mr Runar Reistrup, CEOM   EDepop Limited Customer Service   EPress Office   EHR  

Jobs website  
08316342 (Active)
Deposit Protection ServiceE Mr Kevin Firth, CEOwww  T  M   TCS  
Derbyshire Building Societywww   TCS   EDerbyshire Building Society Customer Service  
Derwent LondonT www  M  DLN (FTSE250)
01819699 (Active)
DES UKE Mr Chrystopher Goodburn, CEOwww  M   EDES UK Customer Service  06573994 (Active)
Desert VentureE T Ms Vanessa Anne Carlile Buxton, Director
Designer DesirablesE Ms Paula Gibbon, Ownerwww  
Desira GroupT Mr Stuart Stone, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M   EHR  02482580 (Active)
Destination Skin LimitedE T Ms Ella Tracey, CEOwww  T  M   EHR  

Jobs website  
07206982 (Active)
Destinology LimitedT www  M   TCS  04293908 (Active)
Deutsche Bank UKE Mr Colin Grassie, Chief Executivewww  
Devitt InsuranceE T Mr William Hughes, Managing Directorwww    T  F  M   TCS   EDevitt Insurance Customer Service  02438974 (Active)
Devon County Agricultural AssociationE T Mr Richard Maunder, Chief Executive
Devonport Royal Dockyard
Dews Motor Group LimitedE T Mr David Hamer, Managing Directorwww    T  M   EDews Motor Group Limited Customer Service  00401932 (Active)
Dextra Group
Dezeenwww  T  
DF Concerts (Dancefactory Concerts, T in the Park, The Edge Festival)E T Mr Geoff Ellis, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  
DF Markets LtdE T Mr Nikolai Nedkov, OwnerM   EDF Markets Ltd Customer Service  07285794 (Active)
DFS (Direct Furnishing Supplies)E T Mr Ian Filby, Chief Executivewww  M  00972107 (Active)
DHL UKE Mr Phil Couchman, Chief Executivewww  
Di Maggio's Group (Di Maggios Group, DiMaggios Group)E Mr Tony Conetta, Managing Directorwww  
Diabetes UKE T Ms Barbara Young, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EPress Office   TPR  
Diageo PLC (Baileys, Bell's, Bushmills, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Guinness, J&B, Jose Cuervo, Smirnoff, Tanqueray)E T Mr Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   ECFO   EHR  

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CSR website  
00023307 (Active)
Diamond HolidaysE Mr Kevin Riley, Managing Directorwww   EDiamond Holidays Customer Service  
Diamond Premises Control www  
Diet Chef (DietChef)E T Mr Kevin Dorren, CEOwww  T  M  SC328517 (Active)
DigetexE T Mr Roger Wills, Managing DirectorM   EDigetex Customer Service  06921143 (Liquidation)
Digisub (eGames UK)E Mr Edward Ross, Managing Directorwww  T  M  07928475 (Active)
Digital UKE Mr Jonathan Thompson, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T   EPress Office  
Dignity (Dignity Funerals)E T Mr Mike McCollum, Chief Executive (Bio)www    M  DTY (FTSE250)
04569346 (Active)
Diners Club UKMr Peter Murray
DiplomaT www  M  DPLM (FTSE250)
03899848 (Active)
Direct Assist LtdMr Darren Bullough, Director  M   EDirect Assist Ltd Customer Service  06266633 (Liquidation)
Direct Bikes (DirectBikes)E Mr Thomas Goolnik, CEOM  06746092 (Active)
Direct Chauffeur Line LimitedE T Andy Hussey, Managing Director  M  03696760 (Active)
Direct Furniture Suppliers Ltd (D Furniture Store)E T Mr Zuber Patel, Directorwww  M  07964118 (Active)
Direct Golf UKE T Mr Neil Bell, Managing Directorwww    T  M   TCS   EDirect Golf UK Customer Service  
Direct Group Property Services (Simple Landlord Insurance)E T Mr Derek Coles, CEOwww  M  06067034 (Active)
Direct Line Group (RBS Insurance, Direct Line, Directline, Direct Line Insurance, Churchill Insurance, Privilege, Green Flag, NIG, GreenFlag, DirectLineGroup)E T Mr Paul Geddes, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M  

Jobs website  
02280426 (Active)
Direct Marketing Association (DMA) / Telephone Preference Service (TPS) / Mailing Preference Service (MPS)E T Mr Mike Lordan, Directorwww  T   EPress Office  
Direct Save TelecomE Mr Stavros Tsolakis, Chief ExecutiveM   TCS  
Directly Operated RailwaysE T Mr Michael Holden, Chief Executivewww  M   EDirectly Operated Railways Customer Service  Publicly owned
Disabled People's Employment Corporation (gb) LtdE T Mr Tim Matthews, Chief Executivewww    M  00394532 (Active)
Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)Mr Saleh Saeed, Chief Executive (ASAP Discounts)E Mr Gareth Robinson, CEOT  M   TCS  06945011 (Active)
Discrete Heat (DiscreteHeat)E T Mr Martin Wadsworth, Chief ExecutiveM  
Disney Store UK (DisneyStore UK)E T Mr Graham Burridge, Managing Directorwww  T   TCS   EDisney Store UK Customer Service  
Dixons Carphone (Currys, Curry's, DSG Retail Limited, Carphone Warehouse, PC World, PCWorld)E T Mr Sebastian James, Chief Executive (Bio)www  T  M   TCS   EDixons Carphone Customer Service   ECFO   EHR  

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Dixons Carphone Store Locator

DC. (FTSE100)
00504877 (Active)
DM (DM Plc, DMPlc, DM Response, Data Locator Group, DLG, Purely Creative, Strike Lucky Games, McIntyre & Dodd Marketing, The Winners Club, Dodd Marketing)T Mr Adrian Williams, CEOwww  M  DMP (LON)
04020844 (Active)
Dobbies Garden CentresE Mr Andy King, Managing DirectorT  
Dochsa LtdE Mr Donovan Sampson, CEOM  08625257 (Active)
Dodadine Ltd (toucanBox, Toucan Box)E T Ms Virginie Charles-Dear, CEOwww  T  M   EDodadine Ltd Customer Service  07714634 (Active)
Dods Group (Dods Information, Dods Parliamentary Communications, Dods Monitoring)E T Mr Martin Beck, Chief Executive Officer (Bio)www  M  04267888 (Active)
Dollar Financial Group (The Money Shop UK, TMS)Mr Scott McCree, Managing Director
Dolphin Appliance CareT
Domestic and General (Domestic & General)E Mr Alex Labak, Chief Executivewww  
Dometic UK
Domino Printing SciencesT Mr Nigel Bond, Group Managing Directorwww  M  DNO (FTSE250)
01363137 (Active)
Dominos UK (Domino's UK, Dominoes Pizza, Dominos Pizza, Domino's Pizza)E T Mr David Wild, Chief Executivewww  T  M   TCS   EDominos UK Customer Service   TPR  DOM (FTSE250)
02882515 (Active)
Donmar WarehouseE T Ms Kate Pakenham, Executive Producer (Bio)www  T  
Dorel UK (Baby Art, Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, Safety 1st)E Mr Andrew Ratcliffe, Managing Director
www  M   TCS   EDorel UK Customer Service  
Dormeo UKE Mr Greg Suthern, Managing Director
M  07440398 (Active)
Doro UKE Mr Chris Millington, Managing Directorwww  
Dorothy Perkins
dotDigital Group (dotMailer)E Mr Peter Simmonds, Chief Executive (Bio)www   EIR  
IR website  
Dotty Dreamswww  M  
Doves Farm (Dove Farm)E T Mr Michael Marriage, Owner  
Dow Chemical Company, UKE Mr Keith Wiggins, General Manager
DP9T www  
DPD / Geopost UK / Interlink ExpressE T Mr Dwain McDonald, Chief Executivewww  T  
Dr MartensE T Mr Steve Murray, Chief Executivewww    M  Owned by Permira
Dragon Carp Direct TCS   EDragon Carp Direct Customer Service  
Draper ToolsE T Mr John Draper, CEOwww  T  M  00570630 (Active)
Drax GroupE T Ms Dorothy Thompson, Chief Executivewww  M   ECFO   EChairman  DRX (FTSE250)
05562053 (Active)
Drayton GroupMr Keith Caddick, Group Director EDrayton Group Customer Service  
Drayton Manor Park LimitedE T Mr Colin Bryan, Managing Directorwww  T  M   EDrayton Manor Park Limited Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR  00477404 (Active)
Drayton Motors LimitedMr Ken Forbes, ChairmanM  04926737 (Active)
Dreamland (Imetec, Dreamland UK)E Mr Francesco Sammartini, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EDreamland Customer Service  
Dreams BedsE Mr Mike Logue, CEOwww  T  M   TCS  08428347 (Active)
Dreamsolar LtdM   EDreamsolar Ltd Customer Service  09504282 (Active)
Drew Smith Group (Drew Smith Homes)Mr Stuart Monro, Group Managing Director (Bio)www   EDrew Smith Group Customer Service   EHR  
Dreyfuss & Co (Dreyfuss and Co, Dreyfuss Group)T M   EDreyfuss & Co Customer Service  01226212 (Active) (Barmans)
DromE T Kicki Carlsson-Boyd, Managing Directorwww  M  04490317 (Active)
DrugScopeMr Marcus Roberts, CEO
DrugsDirectE Ms Alona Courtney, DirectorM  03744459 (Active)
Drumond ParkE T Ms Claire McCool, Directorwww  T  F  
DS SmithMiles Roberts, CEOSMDS (FTSE250)
Dual Energy (DualEnergy)E T Mr Ben Giddings, Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EDual Energy Customer Service   EHR  

Jobs website  
06468946 (Active)
DuchampMarc Psarolis, CEO
Duchy OriginalsMr Michael Jary, Chairman
DuedilE T Mr Damian Kimmelman, CEOwww  T  F  M   EDuedil Customer Service   EPress Office   TPR   EHR  

Jobs website  
06999618 (Active)
Dun & Bradstreet UK (Dun and Bradstreet UK)E T Mr Roger Hodson, Managing Director (Bio)www  T  M   EHR  

Jobs website  
IR website  
Duncan ContractsE T Mr Karl Duncan, Owner
www  M  
Dune Group (Dune, Bertie, Pied a Terre, Shoe Studio, Chelsea Cobbler)E T Mr John Egan, Chief Executivewww  M  02127866 (Active)
Dunelm Mill (Dunelm Group, Dunelm Mills, Dunhelm, Dunelms, Dunhelms)E T Mr Will Adderley, Chief Executivewww  T  M   EIR   TIR  
IR website  
CSR website  
04708277 (Active)
Dungeness B nuclear power station (EDF)E T Mr Martin Pearson, Directorwww  
Dunlop Aircraft TyresMr
Dunnhumby (Tesco Clubcard, Sociomantic, BzzAgent)T www  M  02388853 (Active)
Dunwoody GroupE T Mr Richard Spencer  
Duo MenswearE T Mr Gary Lever, DirectorT   EDuo Menswear Customer Service  
Dupont UKT www  M  04556216 (Active)
Dutch Party Trips Ltdwww  M   EDutch Party Trips Ltd Customer Service  SC506181 (Active)
Duvet and Pillow Warehouse (DAPW)E Mr Charles Hunt, CEO
www   EDuvet and Pillow Warehouse Customer Service  
DW Sports Fitness (JJB Sports Fitness Clubs, Dave Whelan Sports, DWSports)E T Mr Dave Whelan, Ownerwww  T  M   TCS   EDW Sports Fitness Customer Service   EHR  06846128 (Active)
DW Sports Fitness (JJB Sports Fitness Clubs, Dave Whelan Sports, DWSports)E Mr Barry Dunn, Director
DwellE Mr Aamir Ahmad, Chief Executivewww   TCS  
DX (The DX, TheDX, DXFreight, DX Freight)E T Mr Petar Cvetkovic, Chief Executive Officer (Bio)www  M   TCS   EDX Customer Service   ECFO   EHR  05026914 (Active)
DysonE T Mr Max Conze, Chief Executivewww  T  M   TCS   EDyson Customer Service   EChairman   EHR  
Dyson UKE T Mr Steve Wichary, Managing Directorwww  T  M   TCS   EDyson UK Customer Service  
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